Hi, my name is Mhairi and I am an indigo starseed travelling through the universe, I provide energy sessionwork in order to support you reach your highest integration level through the ascension timeline this lifetime. As an ascension guide I can support your on your own spiritual consciousness expansion and integration by being able to see into your multi-dimensional energy blueprint, assist you to repair, build and heal your lightbody architecture and to support you on your spiritual (aka lifepath and mission!) emotional, mental and physical body path to self sovereignty and self sustaining energy this lifetime.

Do you have a pattern of behaviour that you cannot shake? Are you deeply unhappy in your body this lifetime? Have you had a crazy spiritual experience that cannot be spoken about? Are you losing your mind because you are now aware of different forces?

My mission statement: In service to others I offer support to all spiritual truthseekers to obtain their own inner knowledge, and to align organically (individually and collectively) with the unity consciousness fields of creation. To regain connectivity to the soul, heart awakenings to the monad and the avatar and beyond. To be the will to do good, and to provide a safe, nurturing space which is non-judgemental and completely compassionately neutral.  Full Mission Statement here

Here you will find blog articles & services offered; including Group Work, Ascension Classes, remote global distance and in person energy session work (Lanarkshire, Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland) and information for your own personal discernment.

Thank you for being on the planet again!