GSF-TriadOnline Galactic Heart Healing – Group Meditative Medicine Every Wednesday 6.30pm GMT/10.30am PST 

GSF-Triad Hi, my name is Mhairi and I am an awakened starseed travelling through the universe, I provide energy sessionwork in order to support you reach your highest integration level through the ascension timeline this lifetime. As an ascension guide I can support your on your own spiritual consciousness expansion and integration by being able to see into your multi-dimensional energy blueprint, assist you to repair, build and heal your lightbody architecture and to support you on your spiritual (aka lifepath and mission!) emotional, mental and physical body path to self sovereignty and self sustaining energy this lifetime. Breaking down of the EGO and planetary field collective consciousness programs is primary for your embodiment process. If we are operating from emotionally controlled states or belief systems, then we are not able to hold those higher frequency levels of our own energies, soul, monad and beyond. I share tools and knowledge on your purpose (via myblog) and how you can work with your own connection to source, in your lightbody to support your personal process.

Global Healing Services: I offer support on various topics:

  • Spiritual Ascension Support
  • You have an illness or condition which you want to heal from your life, to support you in being more YOU
  • You are a therapist or healer, and you are DRAINED all of the time
  • Awakening and ascending humans who require support on lightbody and energy anatomy, functions and embodiment processes
  • Your spirit guides/angels have changed or disappeared
  • You feel you have a curse, hex or spell
  • You have repeating thought patterns and you cannot seem to shift from that program. some thoughts are as if they are not your own
  • You hear voices inside or outside the mind and your thoughts are non-positive – you feel that this is your inner self but it is causing harm and distress in you
  • You have repeated feelings of fear and fearful sensations in the body which are causing anxiety and affecting your quality of life
  • you experience pain and/or burning sensations that have an unknown cause
  • you are unhappy with your body image or do not feel comfortable in your body
  • you have addictions, compulsive lying behaviour, or destructive desires you want to stop
  • Star family, ET beings or invisible beings are coming and telling you things, sometimes telling you how you should now carry out certain tasks
  • you are aware of getting to a certain stage of spiritual development but now you are stuck
  • you have become aware of invisible etheric implants in your body and you don’t know how to remove them, or you feel blocks in your energy but cannot see them
  • Your dreams/children’s dreams are scary, or there are monsters/scary beings in your dreams.
  • you are being sexually aroused through the dreamstate and you feel drained in the daytime
  • you are experiencing sleepstate disturbance and cannot seem to stop it.
  • Your child can see things that you cannot see, and it scares you because you are uncertain on how to deal with this phenomena
  • Senses are coming online and you feel panic attacks or high stress in the body
  • Psychic Attacks, Dark Force beings, demons, Unexplained pain or intense tension in the body
  • ‘Grounding’ with white light makes you feel worse and woozy
  • You have aching in your heart, head, or shoulders, or face and you do not know the causation of this. Headaches are becoming the norm for you? and Why?
  • you are changing and you are not sure what is going on, people around you don’t understand you
  • You healing skills are changing, but you don’t know what’s real anymore
  • Ascension symptoms are holding you back in daily life

Are you an indigo or starseed, or crystal who needs support with your awakening skills, awareness or lightbody? Are you being contacted by invisible beings? Are you receiving psychic attacks, or are you using white light to ground but it isn’t having an effect? Are you having a ‘twin flame’ or psychic etheric relationship with someone that is painful and you are not sure what is going on? 

Do you have a pattern of behaviour that you cannot shake? Do you have repeating thoughts and cannot seem to move forward in life? Relationship issues? Have you experienced trauma or thoughts that are affecting you? Are you deeply unhappy in your body this lifetime? Have you had a crazy spiritual experience that cannot be spoken about? Are you losing your mind because you are now aware of different forces? Are you trying to become more spiritually aware or learn about being psychic? Are you wondering about enlightenment or ascension? Do you have physical, mental or emotional pain or illness? Do you require support for your child? 

My mission statement: In service to others I offer support to all spiritual truthseekers to obtain their own inner knowledge, and to align organically (individually and collectively) with the unity consciousness zero point fields of creation. To offer support for you own personal healing process. To regain connectivity to the soul, heart awakenings to the monad and the avatar and beyond. To be the will to do good, and to provide a safe, nurturing space which is non-judgemental and completely compassionately neutral.  Full Mission Statement here