digital numbers 10.10, 11.11, 23.23, 22.22 and others

and there is 08.08, 09.09, 12.12, and virtually all 24 hour clock numbers in complete and daily repetition.

For a few months now, I have been repeatedly seeing these number patterns. At first I thought ‘Yip, I do seem to check the clock on my PC an awful lot lately’, but alas, the numbers are appearing to me in other ways too.

Sometimes I pick up my mobile phone to find the time is 17.17. Other times I check the length of a vocal I recorded and find the duration to be 1.11, or 3.33. You get the idea.

More recently I have been seeing 14.44, and 15.55.

When I realised this was not a coincidence as such, (yes you think I would know by now) I purchased Doreen Virtues ‘ Angel Numbers’ book. This has helped me get a grasp on what the numbers mean, but there are so many of them every day – it seems I am surrounded by Angels, Ascended Masters and I have to concentrate on my divine life purpose. I trust I am being guided even now as I type.

I have asked for further clarity on this one.

Update Jan 2008: Found out by sheer chance that another person who did the reconnective healing seminar with me has been having the exact same experiences with these numbers!
Still unsure of the message though……

Updated provided in December 2014 post here 


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