Meet you on Planet Earth

There’s something familiar about this lot I’ve just met. I’ve just walked into a place that I’ve never set foot in. The faces of the people there are all so familiar to me – I’ve never ever met them before. Ever had this happen to you? I’d be surprised if you said no.
So, I’ve touched briefly on joining the dots so here is a little bit more.
Today I met a guy called Stef. Never met him before either (on this planet anyway). I looked straight into his twinkling dark eyes, and I just knew. I knew something was, well, familiar.
There was a little twinkle of knowingness, a little cheeky smile, a blending of energies dancing around each other and saying a tentative ‘hello, don’t I know you from somewhere?’ (Yes, I think we established that one already didn’t we?). Anyhows, Stef appeared in my life at this very moment to teach me a lesson. So did you. You just don’t know it yet. Ok, maybe that’s a bit harsh – you don’t know it, and you don’t even know which lesson you are helping me with. Yet.
In fact. Wait a minute. Was it just a coincidence that I met Stef? Or, did I decide to come and meet him? (even though I consciously didn’t know that I was going to meet him?) Oh. Here. She. Goes. Again.
Have to leave that thought with you for moment, whilst I reconnect my internet connection and dial again sparklefriends. Stay tuned. The show must go on.

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