Spontaneous Merging Energy fields, Oh sensitive lightbeing

When I started feeling energies around me, I didn’t realise it was with my own energy field that I was feeling them. Let me explain that one. I have all the tools I need within my whole body to ensure that I am fully equipped for life. Sensing energies with my own is one of these tools. Anyways, that’s (my body, heart, mind, soul) all I arrived here with, and that’s all I will leave here with. Except you will be imprinted in my auric rays now 🙂 Thank you for being here.

If I am a bundle of electromagnetic force field faster-than-the-speed-of-love-and-light pulsations, and so are you – then when yours touches mine, mine feels it. And, so does yours 🙂 Can you feel it?

When my body dies, the force field will remain. So, if you don’t have a body right now – chances are I can still feel you around me. Oh yes I can.

In 2004 I was sitting amongst travellers on a plane to Florida, or perhaps it was returning home from Florida. I was falling asleep and I could feel the distinct feeling of someone holding onto my temples. A lightweight, cool breeze cascading over me. I had asked for angelic assistance to calm me down – for at that time I was a bit sensitive to flying. I knew the angels were grabbing me gently to get my attention, as I let the feeling absorb into my lightfield and calm me oh so down. Angels don’t have bodies, but they still exist. Hence my energy could feel their energy.

When you get the vibes in the pit of your stomach of someone you ‘just don’t like the look of’, it’s your energies touching that gives you the vibes. Sometimes called the Aura. Conversely when you feel attraction it’s the very same mechanism. It’s our energetic signatures that carry our soul energy, our light beingness, our characteristics and desires. So, intensely highly powerful if you ask me.

Just as there are feelings of attraction, there are also sensations of repelling. I don’t stay so close to these peops when I feel repelled. Or I cloak myself in light, which happens to work magic.

Just recently I was standing in close proximity to a friend (as you do). I was just enjoying the moment of companionship and I happened to be absorbing the atmosphere, so I took a deep breath. I had the most amazing feeling all ‘through’ my body!! Yes, you heard. It was like the feeling when you are kind of drunk and all happy at the same time that you feel a bit, well, tingly!!! I realised I was experiencing the feel of our energy fields merge, and it felt waaay nice. I have no idea how or why it happened. But when it did I had visions of things in my mind and it was like having all tingling butterflies in your stomach, flutter all around your whole body and beyond. It was a feeling of homeliness. Familiarity, comfort and actually love in the greater sense.

I wondered if my companion had sensed the heightened vibration shift between us? I won’t know yet, I’m not going to ask that one out loud!! Nothing but a genuinely respectful platonic relationship, but I got to thinking: Is there a reason that I am able to sense and see and feel? Another part of the growth I take it? Bring it on.

PS, If you find flying challenging, it’s because (in my experience) you are over sensitive to the energetic shifts around you. Do try a platinum light shower, with pink in there just for extra love.

Light Cloak: Deep breath: Imagine the brightest, most beautiful and sparkling platinum light source coming down from above and showering your whole being. Then see the rose pink droplets attaching on to the outside of the platinum, surrounding you fully and completely. Deep breath. You’re good to go 🙂


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