I’m addicted to you, but I don’t even want to be!! Heeeyyalp!

I’ll be talking about me, but you will be talking about you, OK? Let’s relate and see how it comes about.

Ever felt compelled to eat/do/feel/taste/touch/breath/surround something/someone? You do it, but you just don’t feel any better? You feel worse. The high only lasts probably about as long as it takes to say you didn’t need it in the first place. What is that?

I’m all for following the heart and everything, but come onnnnn – I wanted to [example scenario number one] eat all that chocolate, I needed it. It told me to eat it. I’d feel great if I ate it. I will be happy when I eat it. Then, the consequence and the guilt (or something like that) all kicks in right about the time that you think, but hey – I could eat more, it would feel soooo good. It felt sooo soo good the last time. How can something so good be so wrong? I mean, unful-filling?

There’s a person who has been in my life for ages.[example scenario number two] I have now experienced them in a different way. I can now see some traits in them that I truly admire/desire/am not sure of/they scare me and I feel……obsessed? addicted? attracted? repelled? Confused? Crazy?

Get the picture?

It could be food, it could be drink, it could be a person, it could be running, dancing, drugs, whatever. Fill in the blanks.

So, what exactly are you feeding with this addiction then? Is it your inner heart light asking to be fed? Is it to serve you as a lesson? Is it craving memories of past times which you know you can no longer get back? Is it the way that guy reminds you of your childhood sweetheart and you are re-living old memories through a different medium? What. Is. That?

I am not going to go into the inner depths of “Why something shows up in your life when it does, for a reason (maybe later),” but what I will do is to share with you the old trick of asking your higher self for help! I recently tried this, and believe me – it’s so very easy that (and I know, here we go into talking to angels again – but if you are in need – anything is worth a shot!!!) you are not going to believe how easy it is, and it is – very very effective.

Take note of your feelings and interactions with your addictive/attraction issues. I am willing to bet you will feel much more like yourself, and this energy clearing also helps you gain perspective of your true feelings.


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