Meet you on planet earth, if you’re up for it?

So, previously I was discussing Stef and how I looked into his eyes and just ‘knew him.’ Oh yes I did. Oh yes I was.

I met Stef at a curious location, in the beautiful woodlands of Glasgow, in a serene and lovely setting in an old house. We were paired together for an exercise of looking into each other’s eyes. I couldn’t help but look into his girlfriends eyes, too. She just felt so familiar to me. She has a pixieness about her. I can’t help but see her as an elemental, with wings. I told her and she laughed, she had been told that before 🙂

Anyways, back to the story in hand. I looked at him (Stef) and he looked at me, and together we could see eterniteeeee. Yeah. Coool. What is occuring here?

Stef and I, me and Stef, I saw him as an italian chef. In a previous incarnation. I saw that he had 2 children to bring up by himself as his wife had passed in a car accident and had left the restaurant and everything to him, to get on with. This information was just flooding to me, I just knew all of this information about his past life. Then, I had to hold his hand. I saw straight away that he was a Roman Soldier. All with the red metal breastplate and skirty thing on. He had arrows on his back. I was seeing Stef’s past lives.

You might not believe in it, but there is a lot of literature on all of this. Recent events in my own path have led me to believe that I am being shown visions of my previous lives here on earth. I have been able to share and validate a few moments of these with others. Incredible when you realise, someone else holds a fear relating to how I saw myself die in a previous life. Especially when you know that this person was with you in that past life. I’d have never known if I’d never shared. Therein lies the answer. Ain’t no point in keeping it all to yourself you know. Share, share share share.

The common consensus of the whole past life thing is that we are eternal souls who choose our next lives with all happy and sad, painful consequences or factors, and we decide that we will come to earth with other souls. We make a plan. We choose and we have choices. Dr Brian Weiss has written many books on regressing clients into previous lives, and even into the time ‘between lives’. Dear Dr Michael Newton has written a few books on this, truly astonishing but wonderful reading.

So, I got to thinking: Did I agree to come down here and say that I’d write a blog and pour out some of my most mundane and some of my most personal moments on the internet for anonymous readers to read? Did I? (I don’t know….) When I met Stef and had an instant familiarity, was that because I already knew him on some level? When I have moments of amaziingly huuge Deja vu is it because I am supposed to feel as if I have already lived this particular moment in time? Did Stef say he would meet me here, for a purpose? Am I remembering my plan for my life? Did Stef say he’d meet me and give me a topic for my blog?? Am I knowing that I am on the right path just because it feels familiar? Stef, Did I dream about you?? Huh?  When I spoke of the dots joining, was I really experiencing a nudge that all was well, I’m on the right frequency? That the synchronicities are far too obvious to ignore??

Heck. I don’t know. I know what I think I know, if you know what I mean. Going by my own intuitions (that’s all we have, afterall) I reckon there is something to it all.      Or, there might not be and I’d be aswell trying to psychoanalyse my TV and toss it all aside and get on with it, giving it never another thought. But, you know me. Every day’s a school, day and I say bring it on, I am enjoying every moment. Thank you for being here with me 🙂

If I am permitted I may share with you in a later posting quite how the past lifeage got me all hot and bothered and wondering what’s it all about. Again. I spend most of my days thinking about that in one way or another, but doing so leads me into the multi-threaded energy exchange and why certain relationship aspects help us or hinder us, allow us to grow or be tested or shrink back as we need to. Also, why you should never expect one person to fulfill all your needs.

Be right back.


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