Music is really powerful. No, really powerful. Listen up.

It sometimes amazes me that although there are only a finite amount of notes, there is an infinite amount of thoughts. Intertwining with each other’s thoughts on where to put those notes, and beats and vocals and keys and strums and hearts. Merging all these energies and vibrations together is so amazing. There is never a time where music runs out. It just doesn’t.

When I was younger I would spend hours, and I mean hours playing the piano. I couldn’t muster more than 2 on the guitar, but it didn’t come so easily to me. I would get lost in the music and just absorb the completeness of the sounds. Everything sounded amazing to me. One note makes my heart squeeze. I would listen to music by others and then just be able to sit at the piano and play it all out. I love it. It is me. I am it, I love it. You can touch a key and it sounds so soft, then hit it again and it has a fullness about it. Touch another key simultaneous and the sounds know no bounds. Awesome truly isn’t enough of a word to describe it. I am the music and the music is me, the music and me are eterniteeeeeee. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Someone once shared their belief with me that listening to rock music could make you sad. I say –  listening to no music makes you sad. Living without some kind of music in your life must be awful.

Music is completely multi-dimensional, and by that I mean our perception on this planet/lifetime/current timestream, and not only in the here and now but in the far reaching realms of the future, the past and the now all at the same time. Think of how many songs were written in another era and yet permeate the world around us still. Music never dies. The other multi-dimensional – yes, it is that too. For now let’s just discuss our current life moments. Mine may be different to yours – but it’s alright, if you are reading this, we are on the same page 😉

So let me begin by stating the obvious. Music is a vibration. Notes vibrate at different frequencies and therefore are part of all that is – and all everything is, is energy. It’s all energy.

When you listen to music it permeates your being. If you resonate with it, maybe your body moves a little. Maybe you just feel happy. Maybe you just allow the music to take control. Maybe you have been creating music for the last 3 hours, and time just slips past and you don’t even realise you haven’t eaten your dinner again for the 4th night in a row?

Music draws people together. Like attracts like. I like Andy Mckee, and so do you – we end up at the Andy McKee concert together. All the people there love him, the love permeates the room, filling the place and beyond with beautiful sparkly energy – the type that just hits your face when you walk in. There you have it, a powerhouse of love and awe and amazingness, all because someone creates music from their soul, and it touches yours. You want more, and you go and you get it. You love being surrounded by the atmosphere and you just dig the tunes. How good can it get? How good can you stand it?

Did you know that just encompassing your being with all of this high voltage tuneage allows your energy field to be protected, swept out and cobwebs cast wide to the wall? It’s refreshing and lovely and you bathe yourself in a high vibrational field such as a concert, it really is uplifting for the soul. The next time someone you know needs a bit of this – stick on your favourite record. It works, full stop. Another high vibrational energy field is where you have just one person singing and using their voice to open up the airwaves. One person can fill a room with tension, sadness, happiness, passion and a whole other range of emotions, is very powerful. Musicians have the power to clear your energy and transmute their own feelings into the atmosphere. The music hits up against your vibrational soul essence with its own, and it makes you feel whatever it makes you feel. Feel. Feel, feel.

Were you just listening to a song that your parents used to play when you were 2 and immediately you were transported back to that moment? Can you smell the perfume in the air where your Mom was getting ready to go out and your Dad just played that song all day long? This is one of the powers of music. Stuck in your memory bank of memories (yip, those ones) is the stamp of a song. Evoking deep emotions. Providing your senses with a flood of joy, or perhaps sadness for things that no longer exist. Remembering times gone by. Or who your best friend was at that time when you both used to sing broomfull of asha.

Music can evoke sadness, but it can also create happiness feelings and all sorts of bodily emotions. Yip. The birdie song makes you hyper, end of. Not to mention those binaural beats. Woop woop woop. Ok, enough for another posting, but believe me when I say “You got the music in you, you got the music in you – you got the music in youuuuuuu.”

Bon appetit musiclovers x


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