Multiple embracement for a multi-threader – the one about the thoughts n stuff

You’ve heard of string theory, right? A theory. Here’s mine.
If thoughts were strands of infinite silk, and each thought connected to the web of your energy, then you would be forever bound or forever caught up with that thought. It would travel with you everywhere you go. Everywhere. Never leaving. Imagine how sticky you’d get? Every time you thought something not very nice, or sad. Every time you thought a judging comment of another, when you don’t *really* have any right to comment on anyone else, in any way. If you could see your thoughts surround you from when you even began to think, what would this look like? How would it feel? If you could then add to that every single time you felt angry. Every angry feeling you have ever experienced. Like a little flame of pure firey, stinging, stab of anger. Carrying around with you in your energy field. Add to that some love, every moment of love that you think you have experienced. Every jealous twinge. Every pang of guilt or hurt, just hanging in your atmosphere, stuck with you forever and ever and ever. So here you are wondering around with all of this ‘gunky’ energy floating or attached around in your own force field. Now, although we have the thoughts and emotions – what about the people we experienced this stuff with too? So – maybe I had a fleeting thought approximately 20 years ago, that when my schoolfriend shunned me for another – I felt sad. So there you have the sad thread of silk, but you also have the person I related it to, all those moons ago, Jeezoh – how big is this thread-field thing?? Is yours touching mine when we meet? Heck, does it touch everyone elses in a 12 mile radius even though they are not near me? Are the lights off, John boy??

So. Could it all still be attached to my force field? Am I really carrying around unwittingly thoughts and threads and emotions and all of that stuff in my energy field? Well, I am a physical being, so why am I bothering about energetics? The thoughts and emotions are the parts that are invisible to the naked eye. (But not the third eye – hear me cry!) It doesn’t mean it isn’t there is all. Could this have an effect on my physical body? Gasp. If I keep repeating thoughts to myself, do these silky threads become chunkier and massive enough to choke me? Or build a bridge around my body of a belt type idea that is squashing my free-flowing thought forms?? thus rendering me ‘a little bit under the weather’?
Hmmm, Eh?

Don’t you think that a thought form is an energy? Cleverly masquerading as an electrical (woop woop energy) synaptical response. Energy can never die, it can only change. I learned that in science many moons ago, and even then it totally resonated with me. Mr Young would be proud, I loved him, and at least I was listening Sir 🙂

So. It could be possible then. That I am covered (or wading through) in an invisible web of ‘stuff’ in which my emotional encounters, emotional fantasies, thoughts, fears, dreams, spoken words and stuff I read et al are all sticking around and in that they have a tie with the person I thought about at that time. In which my physical body memories attribute feelings and senses to certain people. Now then, as part of this web weaving I cast a net out to anyone I encounter in my daily life. What if, a little hook is sent outbound with these infinite silk threads and that means I am always connected with every thought I have about you = you receive a hook in your thread-field, and hence we are tied together with delicate strands for eternity? But what if we don’t like each other?????? Arrggggh. But, what if we do? then what? Do these woven silken threadles grow?

What about that then?
What about the happy thoughts n stuff then?

Please ponder on this, as I do every moment. I will return with a little bit more of what I think, bet you can’t wait. xxx


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