Multiple embracement for the multi-threader – the one about the people in your life

Ok. Let’s get it out there. Sometimes we can close ourselves off to only be accessible to the people we love (read – wife, husband, children etc) and don’t allow our light to shine with anyone else. This would be something that we might choose to do for, for whatever reason we think is a viable one today.

Sometimes we think it’s our wives/sisters/mothers/fathers/husbands who will fulfill our every single life experience, and we can’t think of anyone else who would rather do this for us.

Cringe, who could possibly fill my life with anything worthwhile other than Sophia? How about the fact that Sophia has her own needs and you might not be able to meet them all? How about you put her so high up on a pedastal, that, when she falls – you can’t pick her up cos she just doesn’t ‘get’ you?

Sometimes we may feel that we are all that another person needs, and in doing so – we miss out on some of the best stuff. We stop that other person from experiencing their best life moments ever.With someone else. Yes. You read that correctly. I know many people who have cut themselves off from what they truly want to do (ref my previous posting) because they feel some kind of self-imposed prison-like loyalty to another. Been there, done that – didn’t make me happy – so guess what? So, far, in, the past.

Is it a bit naive to think that one person can give you everything that you should be experiencing in your life?

There are threads with this one too. Interfacing interlacing little silken hooked sparkle velcros.

Imagine you are a rubix cube. You have multiple facets (coloured cube faces) of interest/needs/wants/dislikes etc and of all these facets, you might find some one person that can experience around half of these with you. These will be the red faced squares.Yipee, perhaps you have a life partner relationship going on. You choose only to experience these red squares with that same person, it is your choice. You ask that person (or maybe you don’t even ask, you might presume) that they only experience the red squares with you too.

Someone else comes along and is attracted to your red squares. They want to connect with your red squares. But, you don’t want them to. But their indigo squares matches yours perfectly. Let’s do indigo then, for a little while.

Imagine I am a rubix cube and my yellow plugs into your yellow.Yipee. Now, I need someone to attach onto my green (this might be my rare quality of which only a few need apply). My current lifetime partner might not have a green that we can attach together with, so I find you – you have my green!! Yayy. We are green! Yayy. But, you have orange and you don’t have anyone yet that can meet your ‘orange’ facet connectionship. You are still looking. That’s what the journey is all about. By the way – your green doesn’t last as long as mine, so you’re out of the picture again, searching for another green. Maybe our coloured cube faces change tone every now and then? Where’s my turquoise?? Seafoam green? Comeonnnn.

So. It’s like a song. Life is like a song. It takes many instruments to make the song whole, richer and very beautiful. Some instruments remain silent for a few bars, then re-appear. Sometimes they play in unison with another, then perhaps counter melody with the drums!!!!

Back to the rubix cubes. If you stick yourself in a box and don’t come out, then how can you experience all that life has to offer you with as many different authors as you can? Your colours might fade. You might fade. Oh, you missed your son in the morning beaming a huge smile to you just because you didn’t want to be 2 minutes late for work? Come onnnn. You didn’t want to dance with another guy (the best salsa in the room btw) in case your man started crying? Come onnnnn. When would you get another chance?

Life, is all very fleeting if you let it be (mundane routine on backshift) and it is your choice to make the most of it, while you are here. Your choice.

You are a multi talented thought processor who must seek out everything you want to do while you are here. You owe it to yourself to be as many things to as many people as you want, and to attract the same in return. In fact, I read a lovely quote on twitter tweet this week which said, and I quote you Mr O: Hold nothing back, give yourself fully every day. And for Pete’s sake, come out of the closet, and stop hiding your light!!!!No use in living a lie.

Big kisses x

Doesn’t she say it beautifully: Sonia Choquette on Soul Mates


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