Communicating with [gasp]………the other side!

Well, you know. It took me a long time to disclose some details to those around me on what was happening in my life. I still don’t even tell everyone everything, but slowly I *am* sharing. Slowly. I’ve fully accepted the compliments of ‘oh, she’s crazy/zany/fill in the blanks, blahblahblahblahblah’. Go on, tell me more, I love it!   Here’s a little look at how I do it…..

Communication with ‘the other side (other dimensions, astral planes, etc etc)’ is not what I thought it was. Not how I thought it happened. Nothing like I imagined. It’s much more, and it’s well, nicer. It’s waaaay better. It has humour, personality and so far there have been no spooky spookers in my wardrobe (that I know of…..yet!). Except there was that one time with the alien but that was a while back. This one was grey and small and he appeared to me during my meditation. I (obviously) thought I’d imagined it all. He said, ‘We are helping you with your flying issues.’ Guess what? He did. That year I jumped on a plane to London, then to Florida the very next week. Greetings earthlings 😀

There is so much more going on than we can see around us, it’s amazing to ever think that it couldn’t be noticed. This isn’t what defines me, but is a tiny part of what makes me me. Whatever this is, doesn’t have a name yet. It’s all a bit wonderful and natural, so I say – why not explore this and see how I can help. I’ve actually been tuned in for such a long time, but just didn’t realise it. Hmmmm.

So, what is it like then? Well, it’s like this: I hear peoples voices and their energetic vibration, just as if there were right next to me. I hear this inside my head and I converse, just as I converse with anyone in my life. Sometimes the person can feel far away, sometimes close. I can also see people, or get an idea or imprinting of who or what they look like, and feel the relationship they have to the person/s who are alive. I also perceive images in my minds eye, as if having a dream. I sometimes see sparkle lights in my mind, or out in the real world, in front of me. I also just ‘know’ stuff. It all started happening the most obviously is around 6 or 7 years ago. I will have to check back to see what else was occuring in my life at that time. People had died, and I was seeing them in my mind speaking to me, before I actually knew they had passed. It was just like hearing them speak to me when they were alive. I thought I had an over active imagination. Turns out I do, and I’m glad – it comes in real handy 😀 I thought I might be outta touch with reality. I am outta touch- it’s ok, I’m as fine as you are.

If it is an angel I am speaking to then this feels slightly different. It’s a more ‘heady, powerful’ sensation. A little like being drunk if I’m honest, head spinning and 3rd eye buzzing, but pleasant of course.

That’s the first course finished, time for my main xxx


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