Let’s talk about attachments – let me hear your body talk

I recently witnessed someone speaking to other non-physical entities that were embedded into a person’s energy field/aura. I witnessed this firsthand, and that’s all I will say about that. For now. It got me thinking. You know the one about the multi threaded energy centres all linking up through the invisible-to-the-naked-eye ethers? Well, I am about to get a close friend to channel what I see in my mind – and paint it for all to see. That’s the plan anyway.

Back to my thoughts. My thoughts are these: When we form a relationship with someone, we send out love energy from our chakras/energy centres and these lay a trail of silken cords to the other person, my heart chakra to yours etc etc. You get the picture? Or, at least you will once my channelled moonsparkle drawing goes up. Anyhows. If that person changes lifeforce (i.e leaves the planet and their body behind) then there are subtle changes in that energetic connection between your chakras and their soul-source. A kind of refining of the connection if you will.

For example. I have experienced this when my best friend left the planet. I am sure you will know what I mean when I say – my heart was wrenching. Well, one reason for this feeling might be that there is now a change in the silky threads connection between my heart chakra and my best friend’s chakras. I think that his chakras would cease to exist, but as his soul energy is all fully whole now, he doesn’t really require a chakra – not being in a physical body anymore. I am not sure if I am using the language I require to draw you a mind map piccie, but stick with me. I still feel a connection to him. Why wouldn’t I? It’s just that it’s different. Obviously he is not here in a physical sense, but I will always have him attached to my energy.

Then I realised that whilst being affected by different thoughtstreams i.e listening to the media, watching constant reports from all over the world, seeing others in distress, at war – this all affects our attached energies. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the media today, or someone that you know who always expresses a level of sadness, or even being in crowds or certain places. All of this resonates at a different frequency and can therefore make you actually feel a bit sensitive, down or even depressed. Therefore the opposite is also true. The happier things, can make you feel better. Happiness can lighten you whole mood, and your body and raise your energy levels to a higher place. When your energy levels are high then nothing can permeate to a negative level, or it is certainly harder to get you down. When you are feeling low, it’s easy for it to become, more low. Then even more low. This can lead to you feeling out of control, a bit under the weather and even ill. It is very effective to call in AA Michael to do the hoovering and it honestly can work amazing wonders. Or even just put on a really funny movie, or to spend time with someone who can make your heart sing.

Recently I have been entering into a situation of my own choice where I get a repeated pent up feeling of anxiety. Sometimes noise is too much for me and completely overwhelms me. Sometimes it’s people who are a bit agressive, I can’t handle it. Sometimes it’s the chopping and changing of decisions and power struggles between zodiac signs. Although I shield my energies to alleviate the effects of anything else entering into my field, I still get this feeling. It got me thinking. What if my shielding wasn’t enough? What if my shielding isn’t working? etc etc. Then I realised – it’s not the shielding that isn’t working – it’s the me not listening to my body. I kept thinking there was something wrong with me – when there is nothing wrong with me, it’s the place I’m in….

My body (and yours) is the best tool to let you know when things aren’t right. Or when things are 😉 It’s your home while you are here on earth, it’s the only thing that belongs to you truly and completely. You know the gut feelings letting you know. Instinctively. Intuitively. I was blatently dismissing my feelings when I should be paying attention to them. The body doesn’t lie. Therefore, I concluded – the anxiety feeling I was receiving in my heart area whilst putting myself into this situation is a signal. Helllloooo my body is telling me!!! Get out. Get out, get out. Change your ways. Change your environment. Take back your control, take back your power. Don’t put yourself in that situation again. For this particular situation, it’s not such a quick get out. Or, perhaps it should be. I have attachments and dependancies that I can’t let go until I face up to the reality of the anxiety. I have enlisted the assistance and guidance of my angels to help me get out of this one. Bring it! Actually, I’ve just found out about Archangel Nathaniel who you can call upon to envoke and clear from your life that which no longer serves your highest good. I am welcoming these changes. All you have to do is ask.

So, can you identify anywhere that you keep going to and get the heebie-jeebies, or the anxiousness, or the lovely warm sparkles-on-your-face feeling? Body Signals and attachments. Oops, I digress, and I haven’t even started talking about attachments to buildings n stuff. OK. I think I will edit this one at a later date to pass on my perceptions on those ones. It’s all in the silky cords. Etheric matter.

Funkadelica sparkle chakatakatan’s 😀


2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about attachments – let me hear your body talk

  1. Wonderful as always. Surround yourself with people who light up your life , who give you inspiration, who laugh, sing, are a joy to be around. Light workers unite. Be around like minded people to lighten the load xxx

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