Repeat after me: I am right where I need to be (and no doubters!!) 11:11

So, you know, sometimes you wish you were a few steps further ahead of where you are. Cos you think you should be somewhere else. Then you think, Well, shouldn’t I be thinner/richer/kinder (fill it in according to your ego-mind-speak).

Sometimes you just get the answers to things that you’ve always wondered about, and then chickachickachakra, they hit you in the middle of your heart. Why didn’t you see things more clearly like this before? One word – Clouded. Clouded? What me? Never. I always see stuff as it really is. Hmmmm.

The first sign I received on 11/11/11 was a 666 message! Helllooooo angels. This is an indication to me to reside more in the spiritual and less in the material. I obey angels, I take heed from your wonderful messages to me! I love you angels!! I received a cracking migraine too. You see, being so sensitive as I seem to be- I’m affected by many different energies and frequencies. This one was like being tuned into the cosmos energy and not being able to clear it. Not until I awoke this morning. I tried to ground my energies by taking a lovely walk with my beautiful son down by the riverside, ate some good food and all. Had a little wine! Hey, toasting the universe on her transitional time is a sight to behold. I was tuned to the moon even more than I usually am, and there were some amazingly strong energies passing through my system yesterday. Today it feels all calm. Somewhat.

A few things occurred to me that had actually been staring me in the face for such a long long time. I mean. I wondered how I was able to do certain things, but then realised that this actually started many years ago. I feel like sharing this example, so here goes:
Once upon a time I was listening to a radio show where the woman who was not giving her skills a name, as such i.e psychic etc was connecting with the energies of caller’s friends/family to ascertain what was ‘really’ going on in a situation. I wondered, how on earth can she do this – when those people are still alive?
I learned some years later firsthand how this is done, and I didn’t even know I was doing it. I visited a psychic development evening and was paired with a lady I didn’t know. We were to listen to the meditation and then give a ‘reading’ or message from a loved one to our partners, and then comment. Well. This lady started to describe to me that there was a young male connecting with me who had passed via a tragic accident, he was describing some situations and things. I only knew one person that this could be, but I almost dismissed the message as I wondered why he would contact me? I actually asked her more detail of what he was describing, as I wanted to narrow it down. Silly silly me. In fact, very silly me – I later found out after I had left that many of the detail that had come through, I had not been privy to before. This validated his visit to me even more. I nearly dismissed it all because one specific detail that I wanted to know wasn’t given to me. The real message here was that I was meant to pass on to someone else what I had been told. This young man had come through me to get to another. At least I didn’t miss that bit.

Anyway, more of my silliness continues. When it came my turn to give the reading to the lady, I saw a woman baking in her kitchen, lovingly enjoying baking and showing me some other scenes in my mind. I felt that this was the woman’s mother. I relayed the message to her, but I hadn’t spoken the part where I felt it was her mother who was giving me this message. The lady said she could relate these images but she had hoped she would receive a message from her mother who currently was suffering from alzheimers, and couldn’t communicate to her anymore. The woman felt she needed to know that her mum could still hear her when she visited. I had already and immediately dismissed that it could have been her mother – I mean, come onnnn, she was still alive? how could this be? I left that evening feeling really really disappointed in myself, that I hadn’t made it plainer to this woman that what I felt was that this was from her mother. I doubted the images and messages I received. I vowed not to do this again.

Well, this my friends, was to be a steep learning curve for me. Of course this was her mother, the fact that she was still alive makes no difference. I now know what I’ve always believed to be true: When we enter our physical bodies, a part of us always stays in what we call heaven. This is the part that we can communicate with. I know it’s a bit headbanging, but in all honesty – this has been my experience on several occasions. It’s just occured to me in the last few days that I have always been able to do this, I just didn’t realise that this was one of the skills that was emerging and that was many many years ago now. This is what I mean by you are right where you are meant to be at the time you are there. You have a plan, and so do I. It’s emerging beautifully and in precise timing right in front of your very eyes – all you need to do is trust. No doubters.

Enough for now, back laters sparklefriends xxx


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