What it’s like in heaven

The invisible world is all around us, made of pure lovelight. Everything that ever was, and ever is – is still right here. Sharing the same space in a different frequency 🙂

Recently when I shared the post re the other side and my communications, I gave a bare account of what this feels like. What I didn’t say, is what it looks like. Well, that’s not quite true. I shared what it was like to connect with others energy. Well, some of it 😉 Can’t give away too much now, can I?

Allow me to share with you what I perceive in my own experience – what I say heaven is like for me. It’s pure light. And, by that, I mean – yes light. I visited fairly recently and all I can say is, wow, wow, wow, wow!

A few years back, I had a very very vivid dream visitation from my Grandmother. In the dream she was there to discuss some things with me, and to share some nuggets with me. The funny thing is (well it was back then) that I had actually asked her to come visit me in my dream before I had gone to sleep. Since she had passed over 10 years prior she had never made contact directly with me. I had a particular health question for her and I was saying ‘Gran, if you can hear me – please come and speak to me!!’ Alas, in the dream-space I was saying ‘Hey, you heard me!?’ and she was like ‘Yes! of course I can hear you.’ My grandmother also conveyed to me that she had come to me on what I understood as some kind of platform area so that we may communicate. Therefore, I hadn’t gone all the way into heaven space to speak to her. She was so real and alive, I awoke with tears in my eyes and thanked her so so much for visiting me. When I checked the clock, I had only actually been ‘sleeping’ for no more than 10 minutes. And, it felt like a really long ‘dream.’

So, when I visited heaven recently, it went a little like this: My soul lifted out through the top of my head and just started expanding. I felt lightweight and free!!! Yippeee. I also felt increasingly huge! I was moving through space/time whatever at a fast speed. I drifted upwards through a white light tunnel made of pure love light.There were different coloured tunnels alongside me, I could see them all. The whiteness was overwhelmingly white. I was made of sparkly light energy. I felt so good! I thought that part felt so good, until I got to the destination area. I felt even better! awesome. I don’t have the vocabulary necessary to convey just quite how incredible it all is, but if I could over-use the words (yer, I know how many times do I say awesome or energy a day??) awesome, energetic, sparkly, luminiscent, amazing, beautiful and very very very much made out of pure high frequency love – I would use all of these words a hundred times over. I think you know where I am coming from. I’d like to add here that at the moment my soul lifted out from my body I was immediately aware of one of my angels/guide waiting for me. I could see her plain as day. She kept to my left hand side throughout the whole journey.

So there I am, on a destination platform (yes, you guessed it – made out of light!) and I felt like I was coming home. I was in an area that I can only describe as round platformish and I could see around 50ish lightbeings waiting for me, and then I could see them showing me a glimpse of who they were in my life. I could see my grandmother, I could see my Dad. I could also see the lightbeings as people who are still alive in my life right now. I was seeing their soul energy. Awesome does not fulfill the requirement to tell you how, just how multi-sensory and fully loving being back in this space was for me. I felt happy and sad all at once, I just knew I belonged here and that this is where I came from. I was home again. I was crying as it was all so heart wrenching, and to know that what I’d always thought was real – I was seeing it was real from another perspective.

I was able to communicate directly with the soul energy of my loved ones, and it was like being plugged in to a crystal clear line. There was no struggle to know or understand anything that was communicated. I learned an awful lot from my visit. So much so that I just cannot share it all at this time. I will, when I am ready.

I am aware of how upsetting it is to lose someone that we love, and where do they go? How can their body die and that they just cease to exist? Simply, the answer is they don’t cease to exist. They simply return back home to become energised and whole again. When we choose to be born on earth, we have to dim down our soul light to come into the heavy density energy field that is earth. When we go back home again, we fully expand our light back to the level we had before. This feeling in itself is much more powerful than anything I have ever felt in my physical being.

Anyway, the point I wish to get across to you is this: Our loved ones are right here. You might not be able to see them, but trust me – they are.

Laters xxx


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