My truth: You know there’s no stoppin it :D Part I

My reality is different from yours. That’s a good thing, don’tcha think? My perception of my reality will therefore (in my own perceptive way) be different from your perception of my reality? Nes pas?

In my reality last week I was faced with a life threatening situation, sorry about the drama here peops – but it was actually scary scary moments in my life. Split seconds if you will, but I observe that this is how people transition to the energetic realms, in the middle of one second. It wasn’t my time. I am not ready to transition now, I still have work to do šŸ˜€

There I was, making my way home from my friends house and it had been snowing. There was a freshly laid out bed of snow on the motorway on which I was driving. No other vehicles anywhere on my side of the world. Then, the snow began to fall thick and fast. Really heavy. So heavy in fact that at 20mph, I couldn’t see the road on which I was driving. It was just all – well, white. Really white. No light sources other than my headlights. Then, as if by a really badly planned plan, I was actually driving towards a giant motorway cut off sign, coupled with the side V shaped safety barriers. Like the central reservation only at the side. Hmmm. I hadn’t seen them from this vantage point before. I don’t want to again.

In an instant my foot touched the brakes and the back end swung out and there I was, free wheeling (read slip sliding) and I immediately released the brakes (ooooh somewhere in a synapse was a flash of ‘roadcraft’ that I’d stored away) but, in all reality the car wasn’t in control, and I wasn’t in control of it either. Freaky freakers. I honestly didn’t know how I was going to stop. This was a scary moment. But, then – as if by magic I actually remembered my angels. I bet you there were like ‘oh comeonnnnn, you ask for parking spaces but you forgot we could actually stop time?’ So out of my mouth came the words ‘angels, angels, angels, angels, angels, angels’ I know they actually heard me the first time, but for my own satisfaction (and to see if my heart stopped beating so fast), I kept on saying it.
Now, you know how you have read about these people who have had an angelic experience, and you think ‘oh, that’s nice dear’ and forget it? Well, you are reading another one. Make no mistake about this, my angels saved my life.

One week prior
I was waking up from a little afternoon snoozle. I awoke with a jolt. I was being given the vision of an impact involving my car. It was my car (but I had been driving my partner’s car for weeks now and he had been driving mine – yes the indigo one) I wondered if this was a fore-warning of something. I decided to tell him just to alert him to my vision. Anyways, I reckoned this vision message wasn’t for me per se, as I wasn’t ever in that car anyway. So.

So. There I am holding on to my steering wheel in my wonderful indigo car in which I am rarely in these days for dear life and wondering all at the same time, but maybe in this order
1. How the freak am I going to stop this car and get out alive? I love people, how will they know? freak freak freakout
2. How the freak am I going to stop this car?
3. I’ve still got stuff to do, this can’t be it!! dammnnit.
4. I still have things to tell people, comeonn to freak, how the freak am I getting out of this one?Ā 

Admittedly, I think I still was thinking these things even while I was calling my angels in. This amazing thing happened. My car was back-ending spun out on a long sweeping bend, which at one side had a ravine and at the bottom came to a large roundabout surrounded by fields. I felt like something just happened, and in record time, time stood still (not the best explanation, but if it ever happens to you, you will know the sensation that I attempt to describe) and my car just seemed to slow right down and come to a stop safely before I reached the road end.

Now this is the thing. Angels can’t help you unless you ask. I asked, and I received. Someone has since asked me why I was helped and others aren’t? I can honestly say that I don’t know for sure the answer, but it must be because it wasn’t my time to go yet.

I had to sit in my car and take stock of what had just happened. Amazingly there is no way I could have actually stopped the car by myself, even from my driving skills (thanks Dad) I just don’t think it was going to happen. Then the enormity of the situation hit me. I believe and talk to angels everyday, I almost forgot to ask them to help me. Let me just say that thankfully I have never had to ask them to intervene with my life in this way. As I write this, I have just received a huge flash of purple light to my left hand side from Archangel Michael. He is giving me some strength this week, and oh boy, have I needed it. I felt so gracious to have received this assistance when I needed it, it is still such a huge experience for me. When I got home, I posted onto my facebook to tell people to try this if they ever needed help. It’s worth a shot, is it not? I know this is difficult for some people to imagine or believe or even accept – but as I say – my reality and all.

I continued to ask my angels for safety and assistance on the rest of my journey home and at times during my drive I felt the coolness of angelic presence surrounding my hands at some moments. I’ve since discovered that was actually my Dad, holding and guiding me – I was, afterall (and as I regularly do) praising him for teaching me his driving skills, and saying – comeonnnn Dad, I need your help. Hey – he heard as he always does.

What prompted me to drive my indigo car that night?Why did it snow so heavy? Why did I slide off the main road and almost into a barrier? I tell you one thing, it was all happening in the blink of a heartbeat, that’s how fast it was. What have I learned from this experience? What have you learned?

There are certainly many things that we can’t explain, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Look, I know how sometimes it all sounds a little bit woo etc, but so so so so real in my reality. I say it everyday, and I say it again. I love you angels xxx



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