What sparks your heart?

This last few weeks I have been receiving guidance from my invisible to the naked eye friends to follow my heart. Easy! But maybe not so easy. Filled with indecision about what should be or what shouldn’t be I drift away off to sleep allowing my mind to unwind. Sound familiar? Anything keeping you off your sleep recently? I wonder why?????

I’ve been spouting all-of this stuff for ages re you do what makes you happy, it’s in your power. You are responsible for your own happiness etc etc But then, what if you think you are already happy? Then what? What if more new happiness is like a total curve ball in amongst a garden of pea-pods? then what? Are you yearning to be happy and you just can’t figure out how to get there?

Someone shared a posting recently telling about end of life care experiences, what would be your life’s regrets? What did these people facing their last moments in physical share their advice to those with a little more time? I tell you what. I paid real attention to this, I also shared it out for my friends to see.  Hey – wisdom comes at a cost sometimes, and regret shouldn’t be the price. Look around you and think of the people who transitioned back to energetic space before you perhaps thought their hearts had been filled? Just take a breath and have a wee think to your self. Now, see? Take the time to do the things that you want to do, while you still can. I know I have been harping on about it – but come onnn, take back your power. This really hit something inside me. You guessed it – I felt it in my heart. That’s where you feel stuff, that’s why.

There is a reason. Remember I was ranting on about the do what you want to and also the thing about your body is yours and you have it for a reason, you came to earth with your amazing wonderful amazing beautiful body – and that is why you feel things with your body??? Remember? (can’t find the posting to link it! wow bet you are pleased ;])

So, I have a few things on the go myself, and in actual fact some of them have been auto-manifesting in front of my very eyes. Little effort from me sometimes. After the whole angels saved my life thing, I’ve been in a particularly tumblesome period of emotional unrest. You may also call it a catalyst.

Is it the things which provoke a teary eyed heart squeeze response which make you feel happy? but with that little wrenching feeling? Does this mean it’s a yes happiness thing? Is this your heart sparking?

I had to stop watching media on the TV because it was provoking some horrible and hard to shake responses from me, and then I realised. I feel for a reason. What do you feel? What sparks your heart?

If your heart could be the radar and your mind could be the visionary, are you paying attention to the signals your body gives you? If all the answers lived inside your heart, how would you react when you found the answers to these questions you always wondered about? Maybe you’d do a Janice: OMG! Sometimes things are so easy to figure out that there is a reason you’ve been overlooking the obvious. You just don’t know why yet? Maybe that’s the journey unfolding beautifully and at the perfect time.

Would you just sit back and let life take over?
Are you taking control of your heart-hunches?

Ok. I think I have gone on long enough. You get it don’t you?

What is your passion? What makes you cry happy tears? What, what, what, what, when?

Ok. Almost forgot to call on an Archangel for a little bit of assistance, It goes a little something like this:

Dear archangel that guides my sensory pathway in life, please assist me in knowing that I am following the plan to make myself happy and I do this with grace and love and ease. Allow me to see my truth which will assist me to feel happy without any perceived guilt or annoyance or judgement to others or myself. I ask that you clear any lower vibrational energies from my energy field and those pesky cords which may have attached themselves to me or to another person, place, feeling, emotion, building, vehicle which no longer serve my highest purpose. I acknowledge your guidance and presence in my life, thank you! xx

Here is another little method if you will: If you are dealing with some true feelings and need a little help (I know I do), if you read this and resonate, just know that some beautiful pink and platinum starlight is shining into your energy field to pick you up and help you not to stuff down your feelings, but to face them head on and clear the way 😉

Let me know how you go, I will let you know what occurs on my journey too. Think there might be an overuse of the question mark in this one. Hmmmm. Curiousity and all…….

Love you xxx


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