So, One day I just asked for a sign

When something like angels and interaction with other dimensional lightbeings is your daily life, it can be difficult to remember what life was like before that all happened. It can be difficult to explain to others what really goes on. What you see, what you perceive, who you are really talking to inside your mind during a normal conversation with someone about the weather (when they are thinking- does she really just stare into space all day long??)  For example. I was in the bath a few weeks ago and a stag, (yes you read me right) a stag appeared and told me to remember to protect myself even more. I thanked it for the message and then I was like ‘hmmm, did that really just happen?’ which, I have now come to realise – Yes it did. I should have paid closer attention actually, but enough of that.

Before all of this was the norm, I gave you a little light on exactly how all my angel stuff happened see here: how it all started with Phyllis I started out with just talking to angels in my head and seeing what was happening. I used to ask for things like parking spaces. Observe – Dear angels, please may I have a parking space right at the door of Marks and Spencers please? Then I would drive right in and a parking space would be free. Yes, a free space at the door. Yippeee. They must have been listening to me. Then I’d step it up a bit: Dear angels, please help me get round this crazily busy supermarket and get to the checkout quicktime, so I can get out of here and home to make dinner. Oh Yes. It always works. At the Doreen Virtue seminar that I’d attended with Phyllis, I purchased my first ever set of angel oracle cards. These were a beautiful pink colour with many amazing paintings on each one. When I got home I found my first ever angel feather. It was waiting for me. I decided this was a positive message from my angels and I kept that feather in the inside of the booklet of the angel oracle cards, where it resides to this day and it still touches my heart.

Anyways. It was a bit of a one way street kindof thing going on, because as usual, I was doing all the talking. Or so I thought. But you know what I mean. I was ‘Yada yada yada’ to my angels in the vain attempts and hopes that they could actually hear me, and I wasn’t really hearing anything back from them. Except for the odd feather here and there – I mean- could that really be an actual validation? Even though they had laid out a nice white feather for me on the very day I purchased my first set of oracle cards, silly me, I was still doubting. Soooooo. I asked for a sign.

I think one of the most tactile sign I have received is when I asked my angels to help me out whilst on a long haul flight. I could not get comfortable and my nerves were shot. I was flying over a hurricane, and looking back – it wasn’t even that bumpy. Anyhow. I just closed my eyes and all of a sudden a really gentle but calming soothing feeling started in the pit of my stomach. Then, I could feel someone holding on to my temples, it was a really gentle but powerful sensation. My angels were calming me down. It was awesome to say the least. Another way my angels speak to me is through numbers, as you may have read in my previous posts. Now when this started to happen, I really started to wonder why I kept seeing constant repetitive number sequences everywhere I went. Now I know why- its a method of communication.

Sometimes I receive information through other people. I may have a question and I pose this in my mind, I might ask my angels to help me find out the answer, or help me think it through. Then, later on I may over hear someone speaking or they may actually be speaking directly to me. When my wee ears perk up and something that they say really resonates with me – then I know this is my angels giving me an answer.

These are just a few ways the angels can communicate, and also there is the direct speaking to you in your head method too, but more often they are just telepathically sending me thoughts through the ethers.

I urge you to try and speak to your angels and ask them for a sign that you won’t miss. Ask them to repeat the sign until it dawns on you that it is them. You must keep an open mind. If you say something like ‘Hey, angels. Look. If you are really real – make a rainbow appear in the sky in 5 minutes, then I will know for sure that you are really real’. I don’t want to disappoint you, but I reckon this is highly unlikely to work, and you will be really disappointed when you can’t see that rainbow (but, hey – who am I to say  – your angels might just make that happen for you!). I’d go with this approach, it’s worked for me in the past – ‘Hey angels, please give me a sign to let me know you hear me, turn up the volume or repeat my sign until I know it’s you and I can’t deny it’. Then, just get on with your life, and pay attention. Be careful not to put your beliefs about what can and can’t happen onto your take on things. Angels are playful creatures with very good sense of humour and they will use any means they can to get your attention. Which leads to me my next ‘sign’:

My son was unwell with a vomiting bug when he was younger and we were all suffering from huge lack of sleep, and if you know me – you know I don’t function without at least 8 hours a night! Anyhows, I was falling asleep just as my son was and I knew I had to at least feed him with the hydration solution in a few hours. I asked my angels to watch over us. I awoke a few hours later to the very strong scent of Lilies under my nose. When I awoke, I remembered almost immediately about the hydration solution. My angels had used scent to wake me up at the right time. I love these guys!!!

Angels are accessible to everyone and are here to help make us happy. As they have told me we are not bothering them, they are assigned to us – all we have to do is ask for help, and then get out of the way to let them help us. As you know, it’s nice to get a parking space when you need one, but I also ask them to slow my perception of time down, help me block out the neighbours dog so I may get a restful sleep etc etc Help me to send the best and highest healing that we can for everyone on the planet, anything I can think of, I pose it to them. Angels are made out of light frequency just as we are, but they don’t have the physical body seeming-limitations that we have. Therefore, ask ask ask, and see how you get on. Angels are totally amazing and have changed my life for the better.

More on the signs laters xx


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