Interconnectedness of spontaneous energy merging

Previously I have mentioned about an energy merging that occurred with someone I was standing close to. This was just over one year ago. I was just standing there, and all of a sudden I felt the life force energy of my friend totally encompass me in a major loving warm embrace. (All the while he was unaware and kept on doing what he had been doing) It was a spontaneous merging of light bodies. Amazing isn’t a strong enough word to describe just quite, how, well, amazing it actually felt. So. I realised, I get this in dreams too. Wowweee. So, If I am a soul residing in a body then when I dream and my soul flies about the all-that-is, then of course it can merge with whatever it wants to? Great. But. What is the significance of this?

When my best friend left his physical form around 2 years ago, There I was dozing in the land of nod in my bed, and I started to awake slightly – but still kindof sleepy. I was aware that something was around me. I think that’s what awoke me. I was aware of this energy completely surrounding me and washing through me with complete sparkly love and amazing grace. Although this felt like the most amazing feeling I have ever felt in my entire life, I still started to shield myself with white light. Luckily this didn’t change the sensation. I honestly wish I could bottle it to share with you. This was my Dad giving me a hug from where he now was. I can tell you – I was so lucky to be able to feel this, and recognise it for what it was. Absolutely mind awe-ing.

So, Now that I visited the heaven space  I encountered a similar sensation, of having different light filled frequencies poured through every particle that is me. I recognised the sensation, although in the heaven space, it felt slightly different – I was being ‘energy washed’. I was having love re-permeated into any particle or part of me that had been seemingly altered to not remember what love truly is. I could see several cords of energetic wave form, and threads had been attached throughout my energy field, and these were being ‘merged’ and ‘loved’ back into my energy field, as if they were being transmuted in front of my very eyes and kindof buffed back to a wholesome condition, into me. I can only describe this as me- as I am made up of sparkly light, and so are you.

I just wanted to document and share my experience with you. It has shown me that everyone is made of the same stuff, and we must honour each other as the light beings we truly are.

On a lighter (Doh!) note, my optician asked me if I see flashing lights? I had to answer truthfully and tell her, Yes, I actually do – purple, indigo, yellow and white sparkles. Then there’s the heat haze thing too. Pretty much every day. Then I had to further explain. So I used my best explanatory language that I could. She said, ‘You know what?, in my 20 years of service I have never had anyone admit this to me, except from this week – another person came in and said the same thing.’ Wow. It must be the week for it! The sphooki intuitives are out in numbers!!!


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