Do I ever cross your mind?

This week I received 3 separate signs from the invisible world, via some Ravens. Within the space of an hour, I’d had one fly along side me, nearly run one over, and just happened to glance over and see another one. My guides and angels know that I am open to receiving just about any sign they can throw at me, and since I asked nicely for signs 3 in a row – this is what I’ve been getting 🙂
Due to the fact that I keep getting many animal messages of late, I purchased a nice little book to help me decipher just exactly what the messages mean. My guides are funny, I think they are using the animals now, just so I will actually read the book!

It’s been a few years now since my best friend left his physical form here on earth. Just this weekend was the anniversary of his passing. You know what it’s like. Every moment of every day, my heart wrenches when I realise I can’t actually physically hug him, or phone him like I want to. However, I can still speak to him and know that he hears me, and sometimes I receive telepathic talk right back from him. He does feel slightly further away now than he did previously, but I know he is still contactable. I do leave him in peace to get on with his work though – as we have work to be getting on with down here on the planet.

My Dad was the first amazing man I ever loved, and he always will be.

Many of you will know that my Dad left just a week after my son was born. This applied a double-whammy emotional rollercoaster for me at the time, and in some ways, still does. I have many a story to share of the incredible messages I have received from my Dad, and sometimes I like to share them here for you to read too.  

My Dad played the guitar since I always remember. I feel blessed growing up in a house which contained musical abilities, and this would nurture my own into being. After I was released home from hospital when my son was born, I was bed bound for many weeks. I remember feeling totally helpless to support my family, as at that time I was stuck. I’d seen my Dad since he left in dreams, and during the day he would come to me and I could speak to him. I was, however, left with friends wondering if I had truly lost the plot when I decided to tell them I could still see him. But, I could. One morning I awoke earlier than my son, around 5am. The sound which I could hear was acoustic guitar playing, downstairs – as if coming from my livingroom. It was amazing! I could hear this amazing guitar music playing. I wanted to get down those stairs and see for myself if my Dad was in my house playing guitar. I wanted that so badly, but you know – I’d be a bit freaked too!! I instantly knew that this was a sign/message, a Hello, from my Dad. I am so thankful to have received this gift from him.

I needed angelic help this morning. I’d awoke at near 6am and was having a dream which starred one of my close friends. This isn’t why I needed help though. It was the whole remembering to ask the angels when I need them thing. I asked the big guys to come and clean me right up, as I’d sunken into a semi-depression about the way things are right now for me. I do not intend to be wallowing in any self pity parties, but I am aware of my emotional loss sensations and how it can affect me negatively, and this (in my most empowered voice) won’t be happening to me any more. I called on Archangel Michael, and Razael, and Jophiel. I wanted some hugs and some love and some help to keep my thoughts positive. I only want to share this information as I know how hard it can be to deal with life and human things. Even though I try to keep it all together, sometimes there is pressure from sources you don’t expect and this can wind up feeling painful. Deep breathing and angelic clearing certainly help me. You should have a shot 😉

Anyhows, the song I heard playing that morning, was a wonderful song – it was “Do I ever cross your mind?” and I have to say YES, you always cross my mind xxx

Love you xxx


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