Jump on it! Liberate and actuate. Celebrate your life. Ah Dare You.

There are times in your life when you feel like you are being tested to the max degree, and then there are the moments of clarity within those max degrees, which say – You know what? I am actually learning from this experience, even though I feel like I am suffering or not in control anymore.

One of those times for me was my pregnancy and the disability it brought me, and for a long time afterwards.  I have such an amazing and beautiful son who never ceases to amaze me every single day. I tell him just how much I truly love him every chance I get. (I do try not to dwell on any seeming negatives of this situation as I have since learned that I had chosen to experience this life lesson for a very important reason. And may I just add, it was by far the most difficult of all my life challenges so far – but it gave me SUCH a different perspective to life and compassion for others who have no choice but to cope with chronic pain and all the surrounding emotions and energies which are tied to that too.) However mentally, emotionally and physically challenged I felt – and let’s face it – for some of you (sorry guys, you know who you are) you saw an ugly time of it, and you still loved me all the way through. For this, I am so so grateful. I have also just learned that not only am I Scorpio rising, I’m Scorpio ascendant too. OK, that bit out of the way, but it’s all connected, so bear with me.

A few years ago, one of my dear cheeky-cheery face wee friends quipped about going on a skydive. I was like, Yeahhhh. No-way-jose. Although mostly looking skywards and looking behind folk when I can see the auras of their energies and angels, singing the praises to those in the invisible realm, I can still be sugar-coated in fear. Yip. It’s a toughie. Being so positive can almost have a drawback too. I am still capable of being immersed in that sticky fear based energy. It’s not such a good place, but asking your angels (Hey, Jophiel, Michael and Uriel) to clear it out and keep your vibrations high, can really make a huge difference. Let’s just say, I have limits. Or, I should say – my limits feel less now than they ever did before. I credit my painful life experiences for this freedom. Yip, I sure do. Losing loved ones, carrying pain in the body and mind, and freeing yourself from the heaviness that these things cause can really open you up to a life where you don’t want to have the fear anywhere near you anymore, and it’s all so so good. It’s about opening yourself up to receive the love and good things you deserve in life, no matter what life throws at you. In my reality, I have drawn certain experiences towards me – for the sake of learning. This isn’t always something I am conscious of at the time it happens, but often with a lot of hindsight, it all fits the jigsaw puzzle quite nicely. A beautiful rich tapestry weaves itself before your very eyes.

OK, so you get the picture I attempt to paint. I am doing a skydive tomorrow, right here in the heart of bonny Scotland. I am using this as a celebration of overcoming pain and negativity that I previously tied myself up with. I am using this as a freedom hunting expedition in which I can truly celebrate the bare naked fact that

1. I am alive
2. I have the power to make myself happy
3. If others feel happy about sharing in that – then bring it!
4. I am alive

So, my friend and I decided to be sponsored for doing this jump. We have paid our jumps from our own piggy banks and we decided to have the funds go to a local hospice centre. Personal reasons all round. We then decided to hold a fund raising evening to help us boost the cash flow. It all happened so smooth sailing, and lots of our friends and colleagues supported us, and made it an amazing success. We were so touched by the support of family and friends and everyone in between, it is so wonderful.

So, there I am, doing my ‘jolt outof my body in the middle of the night’, and my wee friend I overhear her telling me she got the same thing the other night!! So, there I am having a last minute freakout dance about the whole, omg, getting into a tiny wee plane and feeling the bumpiness of the atmosphere randomly pat my aura and make me feel real sensitive and out of control again. BUT, If you know me, you know what I do. If you read my blogs, you know that I do do this. I asked my angels for some reassurance. Hey, it’s not like it’s my time to tranform into the realm of all things non physical just yet. Is it? NOoooo. It isn’t my time yet. I’ve got loads of ‘stuff’ to do yet!

You know then that I have been completely bombarded by angel numbers this week, and they also used some props to have a playful little hello too. My friend (Can I just say how truly grateful I am that you asked me?xxxx) came over to my desk to see me, and there as if by angel-dust my flame haired angel jumped from my PC onto the desk. Yes. Just like that. Helllloooo. If you told me that story and it happened to you, you’d be daft not to know they were playing with you and saying Hi!!! We are here. Comeonnnnn. I love you angels. I love you for showing me no less than seventeen 444 number sequences between yesterday and today. I love you for knowing every thought in my mind, and answering me in ever humourous ways. You guyssssss. I know you will be with us tomorrow, I can’t wait. Can you make the sun shine? 😉

Love you xxx


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