Invisible loved ones, are still right here :)

There have been a few times I have genuinely missed significant signs from the invisible realms, but afterwards I have realised my missed chances, and recognised these so that I will try to be more aware next time. One thing I try not to miss – is a chance to share my experiences to see if anyone else resonates.

Let me put it like this. My experiences and opinions: We are energetic lightbeings inside a body of dense matter. This is the way we live on planet earth, as physical beings. Planet earth energy is of a lower vibrational essence than our home, so we have to change our lightbodies a little to fit inside these slightly restrictive temporary homes. When we decide to go back home, our physical body dies, and we release our soul/energetic light-selves back to the frequency we originated from. Therefore, we can’t just lift up the phone when we transform into the non-physical realms, we have to use the gifts we have always had – the power of telepathy, the power of love, the power of humour and sparkles. These aren’t magic powers – these are natural powers. Being in physical bodies we sometimes forget that these gifts are ours, we brought them here to earth with us, and that they are always available to help us navigate the planet and the beings, situations and emotions we encounter. That’s where embracing your intuition comes into play.

There have been several times in my life that I have received these communications from loved ones who have made the transformational shift, and having the perception to realise these – has transformed my view on the physical world. I now have an awareness at a totally different perspective, and I must say, it has really confirmed for me what I believed all along. We never die. How could we?

I receive a good deal of my communications in dreamtime. This can sometimes be the best way for me to assimilate the information, by journalling and looking back. Identifying themes perhaps. Let me share with you one of those personal experiences, and how I knew another way in which my best friend (my Dad) is still cheering me on from where he is now. After he left the physical, my best friend communicated with me in very many ways. Some of these I have blogged about, some I have shared with friends, and some I still keep to myself and marvel at the amazingness that I can still speak and listen, 2 years after he left. I’ve learned important life lessons through all of this. Remember one thing, It doesn’t matter who doubts you – you know what really happened. You know in your heart the experiences that you have had. If you can’t explain them to anyone else, does it matter? They were for you. I know that some people lovingly worried about me after my Dad died, they thought I was losing it, and to a certain extent I  sometimes thought perhaps I was too. I was sharing with them some of the communications I had received. Even if I felt they were doubting me – I never doubted what I was receiving. I do know this however – these experiences have created an even stronger foundation for me to stop denying my true self.

One of the ways he visited me was in my dreams. This was a nice way to receive him, as during waking hours, I was probably too overwhelmed with grief and the joy of having a new baby. During some of the dreams, there would be spiders present. They had my Dad and spiders in them. I didn’t give it much thought, and at that time I hadn’t received many animal symbols in my communications. I was just grateful to be able to connect with a visual of him. At the time, most of my communications with him were mental, telepathy and vibrational. I could see him in my minds eye, but moreover he spoke to me and I couldn’t see him. It was still him though. That, I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever.

Anyhows, when my son started nursery he was given a little area for his bag. It had his name, and then a little picture. His picture was Spider. I was discussing my spider dreams with my family, and I then found out that my nephew was also in a ‘spider’ group at his nursery. Interesting. I still somehow didn’t put anything to this, however my other best friend felt that this might relate to my Dad, saying that he is looking over us. I knew already that he was – I just didn’t figure what it had to do with spiders.


I spoke about my pre-skydive notions here and I have to say that on the day I received an amazing amount of support from the invisible helpers brigade. Amazing. Let me just say this: I thought about my Dad a lot on that day, thinking how he would probably be so proud of me, and whaddyaknow -just as I was thinking about him, a little spider just came down and landed on my hand. I immediately thought of him. I released my little friend back onto the ground. Then, a little while later- I had another one, on my leg!!! Hello spider friends. However, my jump-buddy also had a spider on her too. So, by my counts, that was 3. And you know I asked my invisibles to give me signs in 3’s……………

I think all I want to share is this: They might not have phones up on the lightrealms, but they can connect with us in an instant, and all it takes is a single thought. You would have to be somewhat more creative then, not having a mundane telephone, but the messages still occur. It’s up to you to notice them.

Love you xxxxx

Is that a spider on your pocket??

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