Inside the Womb of the Universe

In 2006, I treated myself to another healing modality in reiki-land. Actually, it may have been longer ago than this, but this date is present in my mind. I joined like minded individuals and sat amongst the group, all eager to figure out what was going to happen. Before hand, our reiki master was receiving messages from her guides and was about to ask a question of the group, when she stopped suddenly. She said she would wait until later to share with us. Off we went into the next room as a group, and sat around a table together. Wooooo. I didn’t know what to expect. Aha – this is the beauty of receiving such wonderful gifts.

As our initiation started, we were to close our eyes and enjoy and relax. I did this. I was sitting there trying to stop my mind from talking to me. Chitter chatter, blahdy-blah. I sat there for what felt like forever thinking –  nothing is happening. I mean, what is happening I can’t feel anything…..Then, I felt a sensation of what I can only describe is ‘lifting’ up through my head, and a kind of popping sensation at my heels. Subtle, but happening none the less. I was rising up and it felt like I was travelling upwards, quickly and gently all at the same time. I was on a journey, but to where – was anyone’s guess. Then, I was in the most vivid and fluid orange place. There I was – in an orange place. Yip. It sure was orange in this place. It felt all tingly, all over my body. My face had sparkles, sparkling onto it like fizzyness. 
Erm, what exactly was this? Where am I? Then, all of a sudden, I heard my Mum’s voice, call my name. I think I almost freaked out at this point, as (you know what I’m going to say don’t you?) I was actually sitting in someone’s house and nowhere near my Mum. It was her voice, it was her vibration. It was, my Mum. I felt pretty emotional at this point. I felt like I was in a warm comfortable place. I felt like I was in my Mum’s womb. That realisation hit me right there in my heart. Wow. Here I am, sitting getting a reiki attunement, and I’ve been catapulted into my Mum’s tummy. Immense. I knew in my heart this is where I was. Amazing. Wow. 
Just as I’d thought these thoughts, I was presented with an even more orangey orange in the place where I was. I could see, and forgive me for my vocabulary just not doing any of this experience the correct descriptive format it requires- but this is what it looked like: The orangeness looked like melded molten metal, vivid, and beautiful. Then, every so often, a ‘piece’ of this would be squeezed out to create another piece of this orangey orange. I knew right there and then that I was observing the ultimate creation. I knew without any doubt in my mind that I was in the universal womb of everything. Don’t ask me how I know this – I just know. This was one of the most amazing experiences that I have had. Talk about mad. Crazy mad. I just knew I was in the womb of the entire universe, and I was seeing sparks being created. I was witnessing this with my very being. I then found myself in the colour I can only describe as deep wine colour. This was amazing.  Then I could hear my reiki master calling us to come back to this dimension, and become aware of our surroundings again. Right!!! just when I was getting into all of this and enjoying the moments, I am being summoned back to talk about it………..
So, I wondered what others had experienced. Round the table one by one my companions spoke of their own experiences. When I started to talk, my reiki master said she felt some resistance to me when we were ‘going up’ (is this why I felt like nothing was happening for ages?) then I told the group that I was in the universal womb of the universe. My reiki master smiled knowingly, and she said – “I stopped speaking before the attunements, as my guide told me one of you would visit this place. I’m so glad I didn’t set any expectations for anyone by disclosing this information – you have been able to have your own authentic experience then.”  Wow, this was amazing. I had been the one to experience this. I wonder why.
I think that this is what it’s all about you know – you have your own experiences that will help you on your journey. No one can experience anything else on your behalf, you just have to go out there, and grab your own. 
I have later learned that the orange colour place I was in was the 10th dimension. The wine colour is commonly referred to as Christ Consciousness, or 13th? dimension and has been described as a place of complete compassion and unconditional love.  Since I am able to channel this vibration for others – all I can say is, what amazing vibrations can be received there. Drop me a line if you’d like to experience the energies for yourself, I can do this remotely. 
You have to experience for yourself. Just like everything in life. No judgements of others, because you can’t possibly know how it is for them. Your own experience 🙂 How wonderful. 

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