Floating in the bubble-waves, of 3 (with me?) ;)

Ok, so, you know I am into sharing my experiences for the greater good of all don’t you? I mean, someone out there might even benefit one day. They might perhaps, fondly reminisce of my words, over coffee with a friend in 40 years time – Hey, one day I read this thing by someone who called herself Indigo, in the olden days on the internet and she was banging on about feathers and stuff, but you know what – One day she said I might just find a feather, and you know what? I did, I found one today. I remembered that girl, and I reckon she wasn’t on anything at all, just life ūüôā But heck, the feather? I was changing my duvet covers that day……….So how’s that an angel feather????

Or maybe, just maybe I’d be lucky enough to find someone unexpectedly telling me that they actually get the numbers and felt a little bit gently freaked by it, but they still decided to share it with me all the same. I smile, knowingly, and that’s the reason I am sharing. The more I share, the more people actually share with me. I love it. Also, it reminds me of how lucky I am to have the experiences that I do, and that when I come out the closet (ahemm, a while back now eh?) other people can relate, and do so.

Well, this very day I have been pondering on what to publish next. As always, I have a few many things on the go, and as ever I like to have a few to decide from when I think, ‘I wonder, what is next on the blog….’ As you know if you have read my previous ramblings, the postings can really take a turn once my fingers hit the keys. A bit like my songwriting abilities, you just never know what’s going to come out. Creative creativity. Or, just some mad lyrics with a tune behind it. Yes, my heart does sound like a baritone tiger somedays. Oh, you were referring to my singing, right I see…… One of my dear friends shared an inspirational quote on her FB wall today, and it simply said (my paraphrase) this: ‘There are two ways to view the world, one where everything is a miracle, or one where there are none.’ This touched my very heart. It’s true, you see, as I have been on both sides of that little coin. I know which one I prefer.

You see, I see it like this. Having such experiences and being able to share them freely on the internet and in person is such a blessing. I was discussing this point with a close friend today and they had said it’s not in their belief system to be open to what I talk about. That is so so fine. Everyone is here to experience their own beliefs in action. It is fine, because, I not only believe in what happens to me – I truly experience it. And therein lies the proof my friends. I need no other explanation. ¬† I am beginning to see the larger puzzle fall right into place before my very eyes. Then, I happened to be reading about people who didn’t believe in ‘supernatural’¬†occurrences, but what would be considered supernatural, when everything in your world is – does it take the shine off it?¬†‘Oh, I woke up with a fairy on my face this morning, but Hey – it’s ok, its like so so so¬†normal now. I mean, everyone has a¬†fairy nowadays. I think I’ll even start a blog about it. Hah! Blah Blahdy Blah Blahrrrr.’

So, from a week of relatively normallness in my reality-braincells, I had the¬†privilege¬†of providing a dear friend an ‘energy reading’ – aka my name for me tuning in and getting angelic vibes and loved one vibes and passing on what I see, feel, hear, smell, taste, sense and know for the person. Without giving too much away, let’s just say that one of the main messages from the angels was for the person to ‘take care of yourself’ and to take time out and look after yourself, ie you’ve been giving it up way too much to help others, and in doing so, there isn’t much left for you-time. So, I passed this information on. Not so strange you say. Well, nothing is anymore, believe me – so just keep on reading unless you’ve switched off already. Blah Blah Blah here she goes again……

I don’t usually have a deck of physical oracle cards on me at all times, but I happened to be going somewhere and decided at the last minute to take them with me – (wink wink, I wonder why?) Cue the drumroll and 3rd sign in this little episode for me¬†(Threeeee, is a magic number). So, when I got to my destination one of the people there asked if I had cards with me! Why Yes, Yes I do as a matter of fact, and I promptly whipped them into the room ready for action. At this time I had decided not to do any channelling and just keep it all real simple and use the cards. They are, afterall never ever poorly guided or poor timing, in fact the more I have used them I realise – they tell you what you need to hear, and not always what you want to hear, and they are very encouragingly positive. Love it.

So so so so so. Back to my story. Cliff notes version if you will: First person – I shuffled cards, fanned them out, person chose 3 random cards. Second person – I shuffled cards, fanned them out, person chose 3 random cards. (I think, avid readers, you know where I am going with this one? You do? Good good, keep on at it then), the second person’s random cards were the same as the first person’s cards, if I remember correctly they were all the same. I had been indulging in a few cocktails that evening, so it might even have been only 2 cards that were the same. Anyhows, I then went on to shuffle the cards for little old me, and guess what? Oh man, you guys are good. I had the same card appear (I’m sure I only had one card the same as the others, but hey! 3 is a magiccccc numbbbberrr baby). Yes. There you go, and the theme of the week was looking after yourself, time out, time away, stop doing so much for others, take a lovely long sea salt bath and cleanse it all out baybeeee.

And there you have it. My week of complete normalness, not beliefs anymore = but experiences.

I love you angels xxxxxx
and angels, PS, I am in the sea salt bath, I am digging the magic numbers, I AM taking care of me, and it feels much better. ūüôā and angels, I know you have to use any physical ‘tools’ that you can to show me you here, ie – there’s no such thing as an angel-penny either is there? Or, is there? and angels, I know that if you keep showing me the same guidance and I choose to ignore it, you will keep giving me more of the same, cos you love me so so much. I can feel it.

I really love you angels xxxx


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