But you ARE a disco ball bay-beeee

I am indigo, hear me roar.

Dealing with the passion of our emotions and all of those life long feelings that keep us up, keep us down, keep us in the expected life patterns of get up, go to work, come home, eat, play (but only for a little while, as I have to get to bed you know) and then sleep, and then do it all tomorrow again. It isn’t really all there is to life is it? I mean, if I actually quit work for 3 days a week to make room for something that I truly LOVE to do, instead of sitting stuck in an office listening to everyone else’s bad day or laughter, does this make me a bad person? Who cares. If it makes you happy, then that is all that matters, surely?

Does it really pay to work 11 hours a day and leave nothing left for your family but draining moans and requestful cries of solitude to assist your comedown after bathing in the seemingly negative energy of those who are unhappy in their lives but won’t take the steps to make the changes? I mean, if I could change this to make me happy, then wouldn’t the knock on effect be so so worth it? Do I really need to pay for extra TV channels and a home phone line, when I already don’t watch TV and have a mobile? Do I really need to work that other day, if not doing so gave me time to live the life I really wanted to live? Pondering…..for everyone concerned. In my last moments here on earth I will be glad to have carried out the things I wanted to, when I felt it was right to do so, and not have lived a life of expectation – just because modern society says you should work, you should blah blah blah fill in the blanks and take back your own power.

So now I have the big general point out of the way, let’s focus on the positives. Why do you think you here on earth? Are you enjoying your time here? Is there anything you wish you could do, but you haven’t done it yet? If not, why not?

Guidance from those in the invisible realms these past few weeks have been very much self-focus. For example: take time out, listen, quieten your mind, focus on your passion.

Why do you think we receive such guidance if it were not imperative to restore our very mind-heart-love ability? OK, I better rephrase that one. Why do you think your heart strings are tugging at you constantly? and by that I mean, you can’t miss it can you? You can’t deny it can you? You can only stuff down your feelings so long until it surfaces for you to face up to again.

Only just this week I was speaking to a man who voiced his opinion on following what your heart tells you. He was the last person I would have thought might say these words to me, but he did. It was a chance meeting afterall. (Or not!! cackle my beautiful angels over my shoulder….) Imagine them throwing a covert S.N.A.G in front of me!!!! Perhaps the angels were re-enforcing their messages to me (and to you too) from the last few weeks, and he said “that’s why I think people are so unhappy these days, as they don’t follow their hearts.” I actually love hearing people say this. Especially from those who you wouldn’t think might say the words, but they do and then you think, wow, how lovely. So in that moment I felt blessed to be receiving such guidance from such unexpected places. How wonderful. And so I pass on these words to you.

It all goes back to that ‘listening to your body cos it’s a giant radar’ (and the only thing you came to earth with?) and it loves you, it guides you, but sometimes you just wanna block it all out because Mrs such and such said that ‘people who blah blah blah, are blah blah blah.’ Or, you heard a voice in your head telling you that there was ‘no way you could travel to blah blah blah in this day and age!’.  So you let the fear creep in (you know, the false evidence appearing real) and it stopped you in your tracks, so you forgot to honour your heart’s guidance. Again. But you know what – it doesn’t stop.  Nooooo, it doesn’t stop. Don’t get me started on the patterns. I will blog on that next time (bet you can’t wait).

Really following your heart’s guidance is a lesson in just how happy you could actually be. Quite often we are stuck in fear-based decisions that may have the power to affect the ‘rest of our lives’, when really, the only time that is ever real is right now in the present moment. That’s the decision you should potentially decide make, what makes you happy for this moment? I know I love a lovely big piece of chocolate some moments, and these moments last for longer than the present one – but then, they are all the present moments 🙂 and, this is following my heart happiness quota too you know.

So to conclude, I urge you to feel what your body says about your thoughts and decisions. Take steps to honour your own inner guidance channel, and see if you can become more aware of the shifts and changes in your life for the better when you do take time out to listen and focus in on your passions, regardless of how others might judge you. It’s all about you remember, not how you envisage someone might react. Just remember how nice and infectious it is to see someone smiling, or hearing laughter, or appreciating a moment with someone. It’s all good.

So, to that end, may I say this ‘You ARE a discoball, let your light shine. Together we will be reflecting the shine of each other’s heart-happiness, and oh boy! what a wonderful world it is that we live in when we can truly hand on heart do what makes us most happy in each moment’ Shine with me people, let’s shine’ 😀

And, just for you covert snag’s out there – Ah hear ya!!!

and to you my angels, as always I love you guys xxx


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