Before my very eyes, a beautiful feather took me by surprise :D

Angels how I love thee, speak to you, speaking to me šŸ˜€

So, there you are walking around the house and shazam! A light starts flickering and instantly you know who is there and who wants to talk. You just glance up from your cosy bed in the middle of the night to see a giant (or maybe small?) angel hovering above you, singing your praises from their golden harpstrings.

Or, you are laying watching home and away and a cool breeze lingers over your skin, and when you realise there is someone in the energy space – you just tune in and say hello.

Before I realised I had the tuning-in ability, I had the images in my mind from the movie Ghost, ie Whoopie Goldberg being sung to and never being able to get a minute’s peace from those wishing to chat all the time. I can only speak for myself, but I do seem to be able to control this.

The whole reason for me starting a blog about my intuitive experiences, angels et al – was to share with others who might have similar happenings but maybe weren’t quite sure of what was going on. As I travel on my journey there are many multi-facetedĀ occurrencesĀ which I now see as being completely ‘normal’ (in my reality) whereas I can appreciate onlookers thinking I’m bonkers, Hey, it’s cool. Although there are mediumship aspects to me as well as speaking with angels etc, the journey is certainly never ever boring, it is in fact a wonderous addition to my life, as well as giving me the chance to get it all out of my head and into some mad blog just for anyone who resonates.

So, so so so so. I think I should write some little pieces on the ways I have found my angels communicate with me. When I use the term ‘angels’ I mean my guardian angel, and any other invisible helpers, and also archangels and any other angels who happen to be around me. I realised the other day that whilst I was in the company of someone who was almost (and I say that term gently) scoffed when I was discussing someone who could ‘see’ angels. In that moment I wasn’t being true to myself by admitting to the scoffer that I too have angelic ties.

Let’s talk about the Feathers. “Oh, wow, a gigantic white massive white feather has just fallen from the sky onto my very path, and stopped me on my tracks – this was from my angel! no doubt!” Ā I think this is the vision that even I had when I heard about people finding feathers. I mean, don’t these people have hoovers? Ā BUT that’s not to say it hasn’t happened to anyone, those who it has – well, a moment of pure beautiful feathering going on there šŸ™‚ Mine are more subtle, but still have that high impact assurance.

When I first went to a Doreen Virtue conference (see this posting here) I purchased my first ever deck of angel oracle cards. These were ‘Archangel Oracle Cards’. Bearing in mind I’d just started with this angel-malarkey, I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I returned home that day, I found a little white feather on top of my bed, and I took this as a Hello from my angels. I promptly placed it inside the book of the oracle cards, where it resides to this day. A little reminder of how my angels said Hi. Now, If I’d been like all rational-mind at that moment, I’d have 1. perhaps not noticed the little feather, 2. dismissed it as just being there because my pillow has feathers in it, or 3. Thought about doing a quick spring clean. Or did what I did do, and welcome the little hello- right on the very day I’d visited the conference. And no, I hadn’t hoovered that day either, but it’s a good job my angels know how to place these feathers in a strategic place so I can’t miss them šŸ˜€

I think sometimes you do have to welcome the communication into your life, if you want it, that is. By communications I don’t mean instances where you put a condition on receiving a sign – such as – If the train is late today it means that (fill in the blanks will happen) or, If I see a robin red breast today it means that (something xyz) will happen. This is not the same as receiving divine angelic guidance. This practise is not advised, and can often fill our minds with a negative dependency on receiving ‘signs’. I’m not sorry to say this, but it’s not the same as angelic/spiritual guidance. Receiving angelic guidance is based in the heart and does not pertain to ego-mindsets where a limitation is applied. In truth, there are no limitations. The only limits are the ones we create for ourselves. Angels see no limits for us, and only want the best and highest vibrational good at any time for everyone.

There are many instances of friends and family situations and what seem like coincidences where I can see the situation for what it really is -A little Hello from heaven xxx

Let me relay one of those experiences where the recipient of the feather message wasn’t even aware of it. I may have spoken on this before, but hey – it’s all true, it’s all good and it’s my experience.

One day, when I was feeling particularly upset and woeful about the transition of my best friend from physical to invisible, I went outside into my back garden. As I walked up to the back, I saw in my line of vision a large black feather. I just noted this, and on I went. I mentioned this in passing to my other best friend, and she exclaimed, ‘oh, that’s funny I found a black feather the other day in my back garden.’ I had a small warm glow in my heart then. So, later on a few days later if I recall correctly – I mentioned to my other best friend about the feathers. She then said ‘oh, I found a black feather in my garden yesterday – but I thought it had to be a white one?’ The fact that we all within a few days of each other had noted this very gift is testament enough.

This is the perfect example of a powerful message from our invisibles. There are no hard and fast rules. This Hello from heaven came at a time when we all needed a little lift somehow. I know how many people will scoff at this and perhaps say ‘oh, you have a lot of blackbirds running around your garden,’ or, ‘och, don’t you think you are making this all up in your head?’ but- I can say this – Until it happens to you, you won’t know, or you won’t be able to explain it either. That is the whole point. I have to say that when I find a feather now – I pay attention to what thoughts I have going on in my mind at the time, this can be the clue. Especially if I am asking for some yes/no guidance, I put my question up there, and am open to receiving guidance in the form of any communications. And, just like my last post re the man who spoke words to me, angels can and do use lots of different methods, you just have to be slightly more aware or open to them, that’s what I have found.

I start the day (when I remember to!!!! shucks) by saying good morning to my angels, and then, I can feel a lovely warm glow in my body. It’s really nice. Then, I bless the day ahead. This can make for such a better day. When I need the big dudes in, I ask for Michael to ‘screen my telephone callers’ and Jophiel to ‘beautify my thoughts’ and this lifts my day in ways I can only begin to imagine. I think you should try this and note the differences.

Happy days sparkling feather-foragers xxxxx


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