Clear’n’Cloak with your astro-element

I’ll keep this short. I am a lovely water sign. I recently channeled some information from one of my female guides on grounding my energies using water. She said when I was feeling the effects of energies around me, or in situations where it might occur to me to do so that I had to imagine myself standing under a beautiful waterfall, and note the changes in my feelings/physical etc.

So with this in mind, I wondered – using your own element relating to your astrological birth sign – would this give a more effective grounding method?

I use the term grounding, and I’m going to ask my guide to come in here and explain more about this:

After your energy signature is brought down to earth in your earthly body – (you have had to dim your light so to speak, to fit you in there) it experiences a multitude of different frequencies. Some light, some dark, and some in betweens. There are energy streamers that stick to your love light, and there are thoughtforms which come into play and can affect transmissions with source. Therefore, the more sensitive amongst you will note that in certain situations you ‘feel’ different. In some cases this may be having an effect on your physical, mental and emotional. You might feel awful after spending time with someone, or you might feel hyper. You might encounter thick emotional air, or you may feel the dainty sparkles hit your face when you walk into a place, everyone perceives differently. Some don’t perceive at all, it doesn’t matter. For those of you who are sensitives and are aware of any effects, (and perhaps using energy healing methods) it is advisable to shield and or ground your energies. Just like a little spring clean to your home, afterall – your body is your main home! This is simply a matter of clearing out all that clutter that you can discern, and that which you can’t. One way to do this is to call in some light frequencies- ie lightcloaking. There are certainly many methods, it is just a matter of finding the right one for you. However, on this little page, let’s try calling in your birth signs’ astro-element. This can certainly be experienced as a powerful yet simple way to clear up anything which doesn’t serve you for your highest good, and anything which makes you feel better dear readers, is all good in my book. 
Much Love, Sarenza

Using the power of your imagination, take your birth astro-element and immerse yourself in a scene involving it.

So, for you water babies out there – Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio- How about you try and imagine yourself bathed in the ocean, under a waterfall, in the shower – anything that you fancy that involves water 🙂

And you Earthy types – Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo – Can you call in the power of the earth for your grounding visualisation? Laying in a cornfield, soaking up the atmosphere? Imagining yourself with bare feet running over some lovely soft soil?

Fire signs -Ahhha – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – Well, how about imagining some flames all around you? Or sitting by a campfire? with Marshmallows you say….?

Air signs – Libra, Aquarius, Gemini – Something to do with the air perhaps? Breathing in lots of it – flying around in it?

Please give this a try, I am sure you can imagine much more interesting visuals than the small amount I have provided. For me, I will be testing out the waterfall movement, and I will keep track of how this method works for me. Certainly I find that when I am enduring periods of noise, I tend to shield a bit more. It’s just what I feel I need for me. I am sure you know when you feel uncomfortable/tired etc, try a little clearing with your element and be sure to let me know how you get on!

Love xxx


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