Passion: Use the gifts you were born with

Get your cuppa ready, this is a loooooong one. Hey! You at the back, wakey wakey……………oh, you’re surfing the web on your mobile again? How interesting…………….Read on……………..

Over the last few weeks I have encountered many messages from differing sources citing us to use our passion. I have received guidance from my own angels, from hearing the words spoken by other people, that sparked my resonance factor and allowed me know that this is more of an indication for myself to get on with it. What sparks your heart?  I know many of you will have already conjured up some images whilst pondering this point, but hear me out. The passion I speak of is the one which feeds your soul. The passion I speak of is nourishing, guiding and fulfilling. The passion I speak of is the sensation when you feel your heart fly, allowing all happiness to flow freely and direct you to the happiest place/time/person/experience you could ever imagine.

As I have announced before, I believe we come to earth with everything we could possibly need being within ourselves already. However, some of the experiences we encounter serve to bury our true feelings and knowings, society teaches us the way ‘it should’ be, and we go on seeking further items outwith ourselves to get back to a state of fulfillment and happiness. You know the score – If only I had the latest blah blah game, car, phone, TV, clothing, status symbols, blah blah blah. If only I won the lottery, I would be so so happy. All the while, we are chasing our tails – chasing something ‘outside’ ourselves, when all we simply have to do is look inside and remember, and while you’re at it- remember to allow yourself to feel what you are really feeling, instead of stuffing it all down. It pops up in other ways, believe me. Circular circles and all.

In my opinion the inner self (let’s say soul essence shall we?) is the key to all of this. I think I speak regularly about coming to earth with your body, and the body is a giant radar, and your heart is the most amazing centre of energy which allows you to feel what you feel. Some of us stuff this down, and it hurts – big time. So – let me give you an example of me choosing not to follow my inner knowings recently(who, me? Yip – all the time as it happens, huguuuuge learning curves for me though). Whilst I was learning a new skill recently, our amazing friend and teacher suggested that whilst we peruse for lunch, ask ourselves the following question ‘If my soul knew what to eat for lunch, what would it be?’ and then go with the flow on that one. So, I thanked her immediately for sharing this wisdom, as it makes complete sense to me. Off I went, trotting around looking for food.

You know me, I love food. I LOVE FOOD. There, I said it. Therefore, whilst staring the at local supermarket lunchtime sandwiches etc – I asked my soul. I patted my solar plexus and I addressed my soul and said, if you knew what you wanted to eat – what would it be?  and my soul immediately responded with a yearning for me to pick up a packet of raw vegetables. I picked them up, and I actually felt a nice sensation in my heart area. Now, in the split second of noting how my body reacted- my very own heart centre felt happy – I think you can guess what happened next. (Let me share with you now that I have been receiving guidance to go to raw food for a while and here is just one other major sign that I have been choosing to ignore), my wee voice in my head exclaimed – ‘raw vegetables!’ I don’t want to eat raw vegetables for lunch!!!! I’m on training!!! I need substantial food. Hmmh. So I immediately put the vegetables down and opted for a sandwich and a diet coke instead. And, you know what? My heart centre felt heavy and down. Like a sinking feeling. I noted this, and I still chose the sandwich. Hmmmh. So inner knowing, you tell me what is right for me, and I still ignore you. I wonder how this will manifest itself?

So, what has this got to do with heeding the inner passion call? and you know, you can interpret the word passion as almost anything you like – as long as you realise that it means something that you feel important about, and something you WANT to do. This week I went trekking in the forests of Scotland unknowing exactly where I would end up. My heart told me it wanted to do this. I had an idea where I wanted to go to, but unsure of when I could do it. Then with an unexpected offer of childcare (angelically arranged I do declare), I decided this was the perfect time to go. I wanted to do this, it met my own personal challenge quota and how free I felt out there in the rain with nature, with not another soul around. I was looking for fairies, and there I was singing to the forest where no one could hear me, except the fairies and animals of course. I followed my heart to go here, I followed my heart when I got there. Simply awesome. Complete nourishment that allowed me re-assess the important things in life, and I felt so much lighter and clearer.

Another way to use the gifts you were born with is to use the talents you have. Often I am heard stating to friends ‘Welllll, if you have a talent,’ and although I usually have my most playful facetious tone on, by this I mean – if you like doing something, if it makes you happy, if you feel better for doing it – then do it. By talents I don’t mean this, ‘Oh, I am such an amazing musician, in fact I am so much better than YOU, I love being a musician as I am so so wonderful’, now, you’d never hear me say that. But the truth is, I love being a musician. Creating music feeds my soul and my passion. It makes me feel happy in way that other experiences couldn’t even touch the sides of. I’ve always written my own music. I create my own sounds, my own melodies. Before I learned to read music, I could always listen and play. I was encouraged by my best friend, my Dad. It was his wish for me that I would just stop being so shy and get out to some piano clubs and play the night away, sharing my gift with others. I was completely unwilling to even consider that I had enough talent to do that! No way! In his lifetime he only got to see me perform other people’s music in public and not very often. I am so so grateful to him for supporting me and introducing me to some amazing musicians in my time. I am sure from where he is now, he is smiling down happy to know I actually got a kick up the bum from one of my very close friends – who called me to action. Thank you 🙂  I do it to the best of my abilities, and only recently started to share this properly with others. Getting out on stage and sharing this part of myself with other people was a big step for me, but one which I have found to be rewarding and oh so much fun (did I mention scary????) at the same time.

When a friend commented that she wished she could have heard me singing, as she didn’t realise I did it – I played it all down and said, ‘Och, you know, there will be other times, you haven’t missed that much!’  I don’t think I am an amazing singer, I just love doing it and it comes naturally. Fires up the old heart centre is all. My friend responded by saying ‘Singing gives others so much pleasure, if you can do that – you should’. That was me told 😀
 I only do it as I love doing it, not to tell everyone how wonderful I am, but to tell myself – I can do this, so I do. It’s a bit like this blog really. It’s only for myself I do it – but I realised that whilst using this as a sounding board (for myself, ramble ramble, blah blah blah) it may also help others in dealing with their own intuitive knowings. Wanna hear the story about the girl who dreams of unicorns? Here I am 😀

Although I may have gone slightly off topic, the point I make is still the same. What should you be doing? What can you share with others?

Take some time to see how you feel different when you acknowledge your inner-radar of what you want to do. See how it feels to ignore these feelings and not go with what the soul yearns for. We all have different gifts to share with each other, some of us are shy and take our time coming out the closet, some of us lead the way for others and inspire changes, some of us decide not to use our gifts and keep them hidden inside.

Some of us play down our gifts for fear of taking responsibility of how truly awesome we actually are, not wanting to stand in our own power for fear of judgements from others. Imagine those inspiring people who didn’t care what others thought of them, they knew they came here for a purpose (and hey, may aswell enjoy it while we’re here anyway?) and shared their gifts for everyone, thus having a knock-on and far reaching affect on many many lives. Wow. All because they followed their inner passion radars of the heart-kind. I am who I am because they are who they are. Every action you take affects others lives, even when you don’t see it. 

You carve the path, the one you chose, just use the gifts you were born with. Listen to yourself, and go with the flow. Journeys of unimaginable amazingness await you.

And so to the angels – my angels helped set up some experiences for me this week to allow me to go with the flow and to truly indulge myself in my own passions. I love it!

There are many different reasons we tell ourselves that we ‘couldn’t possibly’ do xyz, time, money, other people etc, these are only delaying tactics we tell ourselves that we can’t do something, when the truth is we may be scared to do something, thus we avoid it. It doesn’t equal happiness in my experience.

So. Repeat after me.
Dear angels, please help me to listen to my inner self, switching off to the electronica media centred world which can sometimes taint my energy field, even when I don’t realise it. Please help me to achieve these happinesses that are spoken of, and know that it is not selfish to fulfill my own dreams and goals in life, as I know that my time here might be limited, and I wish to achieve all that I can in the time I have here on earth. Allow me to know that as I learn, I become a teacher. I know that by following my inner guidance I can create happiness not only for myself, but for others, and in creating this, I raise the vibrational level of myself and others. I love my life, I want to make the most of it, I know you can help me on my journey. I love you angels xxxx


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