I love you, Angels!!! you rock man…….

It’s been a wee while since I shared some of my own angelic experiences, and something I never ever wish to happen is that the ‘shine’ gets taken off of what happens to me. The reason I say this is because, over the years I have literally accepted the ways of the angels and invisible realm communications – that it really has been part of my daily life for a long time now. At first every thing that dawned on me came with its own WOW label attached. I can’t say things are not the same – they are exactly still like that.

I am still in awe of all of this and I never take it for granted. Except it’s not just angels who are appearing, there are many different energetic beings doing cameos in my life and they are all shining with the same force field of love. More and more – whoever it is doing the communicating, there is such a ‘big picture’ out there that even I didn’t comprehend or understand fully until I started to experience things for myself. I am big on counting my blessings, sharing the love with the people in your life – even the tiniest little appreciation for someone who has touched your day can be so enlightening for everyone concerned. And why not? I reallly am so grateful for everyone who is playing their part in my life. Can I just say how mad it actually is? You might know……

If you are just starting out with your own angels, honestly – it is so much fun, in ways you can’t even begin to imagine yet. Actually, I am always surprised in the ways in which angels touch my life with their mega sense of humour. Allow me to share with you one of those recent events.

So. There I am asking for angelic assistance on dealing with being a Mother. Oh yes. I should put my angels to task on this one, I do need some help. I ask kindly and I choose Archangel Gabriel to nudge me on the right path. I tell Archangel Gabriel what I require assistance with, and I let my thoughts go with love into the universe. I tell Gabriel I will just leave this in his hands, and I leave my doubts and worries to him. I certainly don’t wish to be burdening my over active mind with any more thought patterns of this nature. The doing the best for your child nature/self torture. I say thank you for listening to me, and off I go on a merry day into work.

So. This might have been over a week ago. I am not mentioning the time as a complaint, because I know you know I ramble on about this point all the time – everything happens in divine and perfect timing. I would like to throw in at this point that I had actually forgotten about my request until I received the answer today. Bing! A lightbulb flashed before my very eyes. Well, no. Not literally. But, mentally. Here is how the answer appeared:

In true dream sequence styleee: Archangel Gabriel decided to appear via a hyperspace-starjump to stand in front of me, shine his happy light and spread those giant toy wings in front of my face. Whilst doing a dance that was akin to the time warp. Meanwhile, I rolled my eyes, sighed deeply and said “Gabriel – are you trying to be a member of the Scissor Sisters? Last week you were personifying a fairy!!!”  

In true awesomeness real life styleeee: As I picked up my son from nursery today, I was thinking about the very thing that I had asked Archangel Gabriel to help me with. Hmm, I wonder why that would be? As I entered the room and my son ran up to me, the nursery teacher advised me that if my son kept saying the name ‘Gabe’, it was because of a young lad named, (ooooh yes – and people, this is exactly HOW it works – so simple as this) ‘Gabriel.’ Gabriel was my son’s new friend at nursery. [Cue me asking if this was a new invisible friend…….Eeeek!] I jest dear friends, as you know I keep it fairly tame whence in the company of those who do not know what’s going on in my world…..

At that precise moment she told me this, I had an overwhelming smile and answering thought to my parenting need. Archangel Gabriel was pointing to me what the issue was, and how to resolve it – in the thoughts in my head at that very moment. Now, I know there are many of you sitting there thinking how delusional I should really feel – How can she possibly be attributing this random un-associated happening to an angel? Hmmmph? The reason is quite simple. I just know it. Everything is a dot, and can be joined. This was a join the dots but made plain to me. Also, this was AA Gabriel giving me a nice wee validation that he was helping me, and nicely timed too – given that it’s nursery, my son, answers to my question and a nice new friend for my son all at the same time. Nicely done.

Ok, anyone up for hearing another one? This time I must be more discreet, as I did have a dedicated reader asking if they were actually being written about on my blog? Not yet, said I. I’m all about keeping it real, therefore the real life experiences extend into my online life. It depends what way the wind blows and how I am feeling about disclosing on any given day. Thank you to all my readers, who, without you there would be no sharing. No passing on of knowledge. No reading blogs on your phone in the middle of the night, wondering – just how many pages are these postings going to re-paginate to? 

So, another little example is the people in your life. Ever wander and spend time wondering if you were actually meant to meet the people in your life? By this, I mean – OK, before I go on, I’d like to give the philosophical approach to this. As always, I have gleaned some more life experiences that have led me to believe that we ‘plan’ to meet each other here on earth, at this time, to help one another out on our missions, but let’s discuss that one later shall we? 

There I am, asking for someone to help me with xyz. I always purport that being a Scorpio I can’t stand change – I am theee ultimate creature of habit. However, I actually love being the recipient of new tides, especially when they seem so unexpected and bring with them amazing new blessings that I could not have dreamt of. Ever. Try it with me. Dear Angels. Look, you don’t even have to know their names, but you can if you want to (more at the end once I get this point across). Dear Angels, can you send me a person in my life who can ‘guide me to the path I want to be on/help me learn about that thing I want to learn/inspire me to make changes in my life they way they have made changes,’ and so on, you get the idea. Then, say thanks, and leave it to them. I did the very same thing a few weeks back. I requested not to meet a person, but to be shown something. Let’s just say that for the time being. 

Oh, I think you are going to be so enchanted by what happened to me. Well, even if you’re not – I am. I happened across a photograph of someone online. Big deal you say. Big deal to me I say. I recognised this person immediately and I know that I hadn’t set eyes on them (on this planet). So. This person happens to have a powerful effect on me. I must contact this person. I am completely compelled to contact this person. I contact this person. This person is fulfilling my kind of life quest. I am in awe, and am amazed to have just stumbled across this person. So, you say. So, I say. I love these coincidences!!! This person happens to share the very same birth date as my dear best friend. Now, I must go and tell this amazing person that I really was guided to contact them. I really was, and I totally know why. I just love it when these things happen, and I did blog about this happening to me before. (Righty here. I mean, this was such a major help in my life I cannot forget the amazingness (need to get new vocab happening) of my beautiful arc person)

All I say is – look for the assistance in your life, even when you feel there is none. You have at least one angel at every single moment by your side, and all you have to do is speak to that angel, who wants to be there to help you. All you have to do is ask. Look what I did, and I received. One more thing – a departed loved one left my earthly life in 1997. Just as I had been contemplating what had happened back then, a little while later, I found a little penny on my desk and it had this very year on it. Love is all around. Open your heart and let it in, so you can let it out, and shine shine shine people.

Phew…….7777 word essay over and out!

Pants. I forgot. Read it with me. Dear Angels, can you give me your name? If I try to quieten my mind and go with the first name that I think about, I know that will be correct. You know how I might just doubt myself a tiny wee bit? Please then follow on with the validations by allowing me to see that name, or hear it another few times just so I truly know in my heart, that this is the name you wish to be known by. Thank you angels!!! 

Now, just be open to receiving some angel names, and don’t be put off if it’s not a greek or egyptian name, and is something beautiful like Hazel. 😉

Love you xxx


One thought on “I love you, Angels!!! you rock man…….

  1. And here's me, once again just 'happening' to catch your latest scrummy wee blog post, and yes, once again – in the middle of the night- reading you off my phone in bed LOL! Ye're one in a million so ye are; & daft as s brush to boot! Thank you for sharing! Love & rainbows to ya. J x. 😉

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