Your very own set of Rose-Tints, Baybeee

Your thoughts create your reality. If you believe it or not, it holds true for me. The way you see something, puts your own perspective and pre-conceptions onto it. Allow me to clarify.

If I didn’t experience the things that I have experienced –  my view on the world and reality would be much much different. Due to the experiences I have had, I am me. You are “you” due to this same factor. Therefore, your rose tints are quite the way you experience the world. Your own thoughts, feelings, nature and nurture come into play, every time you interact, respond or think. This shouldn’t be seen as a negative, but most certainly a positive. We each have our own gifts and learnings to share, and this is how we are able to do so.

I recently experienced a few life lessons in ways that I believe the universe is testing my resolve. I will say no more than that, but I am sure you can relate to the sentiment, of something just dawns on you ‘Oh here we go again…..!’ I was able to identify a situation soley because I’d been there and bought the T-Shirt in a previous life chapter. However, this time it appeared in disguise. IYKWIM. It’s all good though. A great friend of mine pointed out to me that we all have our own agendas/ideas of what it should be like etc, therefore I realised – if I am being challenged in any way, if this is through a relationship, I should honour that person even if it feels like they are doing me wrong. Therefore, I say to these folks: thank you for facilitating important life lessons with me. I sincerely mean that.

Sometimes what our rosetints do for us is allow us to stay stuck in the moment, or the same energy-space – which for some, is an essential part of growth, but for others can be a real sticking point of circular repetition – ie going nowhere fast. If you are able to identify from another perspective what is going on, it can really alter your view in terms of allowing you to see from a wider vantagepoint. C’mere Angels! If you find yourself without the answers to one of more pressing questions [read: that stuff that does your head in every time you try to think about it, but you really wish you just knew what the bleep was going on, and why…?] A good starting point is just asking in your head to your angels: Show me whats going on! Then, just leave it up to them. They come good I tell you 🙂

Whilst perusing the cyberspace that is forums, I happened upon a case of individuals deciding that they should act in a certain way to some exhibited behaviour, as they felt they needed to ‘teach’ others the way forward. Can anyone really do that? I am sure we can share who we are and allow others to decide for themselves if they are actually resonating. These individuals felt that by witnessing certain actions from others, that they would ‘pray’ for those people to see the light and the sins in their ways – and pray for them to change. Now, please don’t get me wrong – prayer is all powerful. I, however see prayer as a personal relationship with whomever you feel is listening. I personally don’t feel we can pray to change anyone. In my opinion, why would we want to? To do so would be to say that we were of a higher moral ground than someone else – and on who’s say so?? I feel we can only pray to change ourselves as that is the ONLY person we are responsible for. Rant over!!! I’m a bit of a completely non-religious gal, but I do believe in the Creator Essence. It made me ponder – Asking a higher power to change the other people in your life, isn’t really going to work is it? Just because those people were operating through their own rose-tints, does that give them the right to judge others? Are any of us really qualifed to judge anyone else’s life? Are they all not the perfect creation already? Instead, if I happen to encounter something I find challenges my own beliefs – I try not to judge (it can be difficult, we are, afterall human) and instead I ask my very own angels to show me that person’s ‘deal’ in life – or ask that my angels help show me that person from another perspective. Then I wait. Usually it dawns on me within a short space of time, and the enlightenment that shines through is enough to humble me back into the greater oneness that is our souls place on earth at this time. Please try this. It can make a seemingly negative situation appear completely different. I do believe we are all here to learn, and we do that through our interactions with others – whether you choose to believe and see and accept the lessons is up to you.

Back to the thoughts thing then. We are the creators of our own destinies. Our own outlook. Every time you think or share ‘oh, I don’t have enough time for xyz,’ you are creating the limitation on yourself that there is not enough time. Of course there is enough time, you may have to adjust your priorities a bit. If you are using this as an excuse – it means you are avoiding the real issue. What’s the real issue then? What are you avoiding? And, so onto another aspect. Let me also just refer to the fact that you have implied that there is not enough time, therefore you create your own reality that this is exactly how it must be for you – there is not enough time. Shimmy on up angels, and allow thou mind to be lest of the lesser.  Ok, so maybe you feel there isn’t enough time. Time, as the very illusion in this realm that it is, is certainly perceived as speeding up by many of us. I have certainly had that very complaint myself. I remember that day as if it were only yesterday. Munching on a pot noodle, I was falling asleep listening to the drone of my own circular thoughts. Then, I just stuck my head out of the window – looked skywards and shouted on those that can help. Hai-Karatay Angels, who can bend time to allow you to schedule your daily tasks in perfect and divine order. It really is that easy, I do think you should try it. Another belief system says that feeling like you are running out of time is a nudge to get on with your mission. But, running out of time is different from feeling that there is not enough. Funny that, when time doesn’t actually exist. Therefore, in my reality – I choose to believe that there is plenty of time, and that I will fill my time with what I want to do, and achieve what I am here to.

Isn’t it time you stopped complaining to yourself about the seeming wrongs in your life, and get on with shining your greatness upon others? Mentally telling yourself something over and over is like casting a spell on yourself. It can also be used by yourself as a distraction to what you are really here for. Ring any bells? Crikey, imagine if that guy you just met had never sang out loud in public, what then? No-one would have ever known the joy that he could spread – just by being himself. Back to the passion post then: Can you feeeeel the Passion, running through my veeyeeeaiiins, driving me insaaaaeeeanne? You remember that wee dance tune?? anyone?? Please don’t misunderstand me. I come from a place of being some places (not all) and certainly not the place of fluffy white pillows and bubbles and fairies all the time. Only sometimes. I have to kick myself into action just as much as the next person. Therefore I spread my words for you to ponder.

So, if we can see through these rose-tints (indigo-tints, anyone?), can we take em off and allow our laserbeam magical eyes to shine the reflecting light into someone else’s soul and indulge in a beautiful chain-reaction energetic situation whereby one or another has a real glimmer of heart-wide-openness with us, and we merge off into the sunset?

The only thing you can truly change is yourself. Eventually, your rose-tints become too heavy for the environment we are really living in, and you have to take em off. When you do, your soul will feel free of all the burdens that are imposed upon us. You may even feel the vastness of what we are really a part of. You may feel your heart breaking, over and over as the capacity for the love that you can really feel in your physical earthly body expands to an amount that you could never even imagine before. You will see that each and every one of us, came here for the same thing and to experience the love maybe we just have to experience the pain. To know how great the love really really is, is to surrender ourselves to know that we are all made from the exact same lovelight spark which still shines inside, yet we chose to come down in heavy spacesuits to cloak ourselves, and to learn how to remove it once more.  You are an amazing person and you deserve so much to find happiness, and allowing yourself to listen to your heart will allow you to take off those tinted visors.

Thank you for facilitating important life lessons with me. Afterall, it’s all about the love, people.

Ps, angels, I know you are here with me – and with every single person who is here at this time. Who is asking their angels this week to bring the love to them? Go on, Ah dare youuuuuu.

Love you xxx


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