Soul Mates, Huh? Date Nights of destiny (Part I)

Swoon, swoon, reality calls, I’ve met the one of my dreams,
tell him, tell him – that impossibilities seem.      Soooooooo real. And oh so very very painful.

There is this really romantic notion that soul mates are the other halves of our souls, the one who will make ‘everything right’ as well as sweeping you off your feet, they will just know your innermost thoughts and make you feel, well, whole again. From my own experiences though, soul mates are not that romantic. They could be like the most unromantic person you have ever ever met. They are, however, our greatest teachers and from what we learn from being on this planet with them (and other planets too) is to be the most ‘you’ that you can be, and you will be doing just fine in keeping with your soul level based agreement that you made with each other (pinky-promise?) before you touched down to hang in the heavy sensual spacesuits with them.

Now, anyone reading this and doesn’t already know that ‘they’ are the whole-est they could ever be, without anyone else involved – needs to know that no-one can ‘complete’ you. You are just the most completest ‘lil thing ever, standing there in your own energy field, with your own soul essence, sending out your own vibes. You are the most powerful being and you should celebrate it. Get on it!

In one of my songs, I sing these words “I’m so high, and I don’t need a guy.” Now. Often my lyrics are open to misinterpretation, but it’s because I dream one day of what a complex character I might become. In this lyric line, is the following vibrational heart centered knowingness: I am an individual in my own right, I see and respect everyone as having their own power. I do not wish to interrupt that for anyone. If I meet you – please know this about me – I am me. You are you. I honour you for being you in complete and whole beauty as you are. Hence, I sing, I’m so high, I’m so, I’m so higgggggheeee, and I don’t need a guy. Therein lies the secret of one of my lines. I tell myself in affirmation stylee – I am one. You are one. Together we make two – not half n half of each other. Bleugh.

Don’t get me wrong. I have interacted with others in my lifetime, who did know my innermost thoughts. Even if they didn’t tell me that they knew, they just blew me a kiss and winked. That was enough. I knew. I get it. I accept it. I know. You knows it.

One of my soul mates hurt me when I was younger. In fact, in some ways they all nearly have. Really emotionally challenged me. Note I use past tense as it’s all clear n dandy now, but – this person. Left a massive energetic imprint on my aura, it took me a very long long time to get clear of the emotions within that whole experience. This was one of the greatest lessons in self worth I ever learned. Soul mates do their job, and they do it so well it hurts. But, come on, they aren’t all bad. Sometimes they make it all so so worthwhile, and you wonder what you ever did without them.

I am a believer that we are a group of souls and we choose to come down to the planet with each other. I know that I have a few closer soul mates and these ones really set the challenges high. But, in doing so – they offer me the most unconditional love I have ever experienced.

Soul Mate Flash Cards
In my experience, a soul mate connection hits me in one of the following ways:
1. I get some kind of knowing feeling like I just ‘know’ them really well
2. I am very drawn/attracted to them
3. I dream about them – even those I haven’t yet met in my life
4. I experience highly noticeable (to me) synchronicities
5. Time speeds up
6. I think up stuff that we could do together
7. I get ‘flashes’ of information

Now, I know I am maybe going to be speaking of the romantic soul mate – can I just get to that later though? Let me continue on with these amazing connections, and I am so sure that you will have been experiencing so many of these yourself, it’s exciting. 

So. Picture this friends. There you are just seemingly randomly shimmying on past some strangers, and one of those strangers gives you a really quick glance. In that moment of glancing, you are transported to a dreamlike state and you get the whole body jiggle. That’s right. You get the jiggle starry sensation like tiny pins and needles all throuuuuugh the body. Yip. You do. You know what I mean, right? Oooh. Could it be, an energy link up? Could it be, an electro magnetic forcefield shifting your auras into place? It could be. I’d think it was a soul-mate-sensation. What would you think? So. Time passes in the blink of an eye, but you know that this is something more. OK then. You get on with your life.

Perhaps another little moment to trigger your thought processes. There you are, you are having a dream. A dream about someone you have never met, but yet, is there something about those eyes? Perhaps you aren’t having a dream, but one day you are just staring into space (as it’s getting quite usual for you to do so) and you start to see someone in your mind. Ok, that’s it. I know you get this. I know you get it too. Come out of the closet!! I have. But, you get on with your life.

Maybe you are lined up to meet with someone for the first time, and you lock eyes in the process. Maybe you have a ‘moment’ in that space between breathes. Slo-mo time hits in. Surrealness takes over. You get a knowingness. Heyyyyyyyy “Soul mates play-date of destiny”, and it makes you feel like you have ‘come home’. And it feels, so so so so so so nice. Nicer than the nicest thing you have ever felt up til now.

Perhaps you are surfing the web one day. You get on your facebook to feed your addictive addiction and you trawl through some links that you have been meaning to catch up with that day. You add some random friends on. One random friend stands out a bit much more than the others. Oh, wait a minute – isn’t that the person I had seen in my dream? Oh holy moly. On closer checks, it *is* the person I saw in my dream, and it’s the same freakin person I saw when I was having another daydream. It is them. Cue the amazing Egyptian flute music. Freaky Freakers. And in the words of one dear friend ‘I know we were meant to meet.’ 

So, I think, I shall leave it here for the time being. My previous posts on the soul-mate-dates are here and here. It all leads to somewhere over the rainbow, and even that leads me onto patterns – of which soul mates are so so so so good at. Stay tuned sparklefriends.

Sending lots of starlight, love and Mahalos to you.
Thanks to all my international readers, who’d have thought anyone would have ever read my words all the way out there? Love you guys, tell all your friends we are sharing the love over here and sending it your way xxxx


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