Soul Mates, Yeh? Date Nights of Destiny avec tu ;D (Part II)

I know, you were coming to meet me. I saw you. With my own very visual cortex. Hidden inside. Yeh. Yerrrr. Freaky Freakers.

Imagine that you and I had a lovely long conversation about how we could play a role in each other’s lives? Imagine we decided that when we met, I’d dream of it, or somehow know it, before it were to happen. Perhaps you might decide that when we met you would have to suss me out first (yeh, good luck!), thus you keep up the standoffish protective layer you have insulated your heart with. Perhaps I adopt a different viewpoint. I will say, “I see you. I see your wide open heart” (even though you struggle with the internal juxtapose of an intimate harmony as do I).

Just imagine that for a moment.

“How will I know you, when we get to earth?”

“We will know in our hearts that it’s true, as we will feel like we have always known.”

Take a nice deep breath. Breathe it all in. This is the beauty of it all. Allow yourself to bask in the dance of the soul mates coming towards you at faster than the speed of sparkling twinkle lights that crazy and busy themselves through the ethers. Do you see the magic?

Although we may not recall having this conversation, I think we did, don’t you? I think we created a set of circumstances to allow each other to grow and to heal, to feel happy and feel sad, and most of all: to feel love. To be love. To know what love truly, madly, deeply is.

Perhaps our connection will be fleeting? Maybe you can only stay for a short while. Better get on with the arrangements then? Just by being the very much YOU that you could ever be, is certainly the most important reason to be YOU. Giving of yourself so freely, you command the gentle attention that requires someone to take notice. I notice. I get it. I see you. I am stepping forward.

Perhaps our connection will be a very long one? I will stay forever. I am enjoying the journey and I am allowing the magic of my trusting path to guide me in the correct manner, and along the way: There you are!

It might be that in our conversation prior to coming down into the sensual spacesuits, that you are going to appear in my life just when things seem like they may never ever change. Or perhaps I am feeling like the victim of too much change, outwith my control. I cast my eyes up, and there you are walking towards me. Or, it may be through a series of carefully exchanged and agreed upon finer tuned aspects and wonder of life, that I just happen to stumble over you. I fall over you. Maybe, you fall over me.

So that’s it then?

No. Not really. If you are reading my words, I am so sure you are meant to read them. The purpose of my sharing is so that you may reflect upon your own circumstances the way I tend to. I’d like you to consider what has happened as a result of you meeting X,Y,Z people in your life. These people may have been those you, 2.don’t love, 3.friends already, 4.chance meetings, 5.strangers, 6.have no clue what to make of, 7.and the list goes on…..What effect have that person’s actions had on you? Did your thoughts change, did your viewpoint change, did you make changes in your life? Then think of this: What effect do you have on those around you.

In my previous posting about 2011 ending I shared a little nugget of what I’d been shown whilst in the heaven space. This is it: Whilst I was in the heaven space I learned something else. I saw and felt it for myself. With my own heart centre, with my own visual field. It was very very touching and there is an important reason I was given this knowledge. We are all connected. We are travelling through our lives on an energy grid which extends out far beyond ourselves, but one where we are on every part of that grid and every action we take has a consequence for someone else’s life. Every single thing that you do in your life has a knock on effect in someone else’s life and sometimes you don’t see how vast it is. Maybe we are not always aware of these effects, but as we are all part of each other, we are all one. 

During 2011 I experienced some of the most profound connections with others, that I had ever experienced. This has completely enriched my experience here on earth, and my 2011 posting was a gratitude of what had been. Or, maybe it was me wakening up to the reality I am part of. Looking back I can more easily see the learnings that had to happen for me to move forward, even when I didn’t want to do so. There is a fine line between embracing all that is, and shutting yourself down to it. Recently, I have hugely opened up and accepted, initiated and welcomed new experiences, connections and energies – and there is nothing more exciting than not knowing what the day will bring, but knowing that you made plans (well, you made some and left room for surprises/free choice) before you landed. To you these are being revealed, at just the right time. When the stars and the planets are in alignment. This is where self-empowerment can truly be appreciated. Let’s leave it at that for now. You were only waiting for this moment to arrive.

Sending hugs and love to you, and all my soul connections who are out there now. Some of you might not have landed back in yet, but I know you are on your way. I get you. Xx

soul mates, huh? date nights of destiny (Part I)


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