Instant Comprehension

In honour of the full moon tonight, and because I have stuff to share. Here I am. How are you fairing this changeable storm? You know I am thinking about you, right?

Whooooooooosh. The theme of today’s piece is that our minds still challenge our hearts, if we let them.

Despite being in the never ending flow of carving my own path, I still feel that pinch of duality kick in. I still feel that even listening to my own inner guidance can be somewhat challenging, although I must say – once you start, it’s a really amazing life that you open yourself up to.  But hey, that’s the reason I share with you. If anyone may benefit from one tiny little morsel of my wordage – go go go! I love it. If I hear one person stand up and say ‘you know what, I get you…’ and then feel the hugeness of the universe within themselves, I would be so happy.  I would be so happy that someone could see what I can. That someone would trust themselves enough to know what is truly real, and what is truly eternal. I’d be so happy that I played a small part in that, and feel that my mission on earth is being served, dutifully and with complete love and honour to be here in the first place. I did, afterall,  agree to be here, I’d better make it the best trip I’ve ever had yet. And ensure that I understand what it means this time, to come back, to be here and to embrace, properly. This is the best trip yet, the hurts and the happiness.

Knowing just how truly powerful you truly are, and seeing that light reflected back at you, can really go such a long way into giving insight into your true essence. Even if you are currently running away and denying the very existence of what is presently presenting itself to you. Everything is revealed at exactly the right time. Yes, I am speaking about you, my readers.

I know, you were coming to meet me. I saw you. With my own very visual cortex, hidden inside. Yeahhhh.

Along similar lines in relation to soul group members, soul mates et al; I present to you now, the piece of wisdom I received when I was questioning the universe about my own soul friends/mates/star mates/soul dates/destinous relationships. And why, it’s all just come into focus much much much clearer these past few weeks.

As I previously pertained to soul mate connections being a tad difficult – (but yet the highest learning available at this time) – I had to learn some hard lessons, and these involved letting go. I’m not always the best at this personality trait, but I do my best. Although it’s hard to believe, letting go is sometimes the whole deal of the lesson. When you are in the midst of it though, and perhaps in a deafening phase of self denial, it can be so hard to accept or even see this.  Remembering, however, that denial is not control.

Ok. So there I am busy letting go. It takes time though, you see.  If you’re me, it takes absolutely ages. When I’d finally felt that all painful aspects of the situation had allowed me to feel my whole being in balance again, I respected and blessed the universe for allowing me the experiences in the first place. There’s nothing like the sound of a soul mate gracing you with the hardest life lessons to learn. But, there you have it. Discernable in lots of circumstances. Check out your own rear view mirror, it has lots of light to shed for you.

I decided to petition my angels. Hey angels, How come it hurts sooooo bad? No answers. Come on guys, give me something. Anything. Let me know. Let me know. Let me know. There, I said it 3 times already and I don’t even know why. Heading into fear is just not how I roll. I do try to know it’s all the creation of mine, despite what anyone cares to argue. I really sounded quite desperate, I can just imagine what they were thinking: ‘oh jeez, just pick up the feather. pick. it. up.’ Well, whatever they were thinking, they must have had a little laughter in there too. Playfulness equals such joy. Angels are the best at this.

I plainly said to my angels that if I were to let something go, that I’d be honoured to receive any new energies that were already being ushered into my life. I just put it out there. Why not? In with the new eh? Bring it, I said. Soooo, they did.

It’s been one heck of a trip. Energetical blueprints coming from nowhere. Immersing my senses, saturating my thoughts. What to do when you pass your limit at the freak-out zone? Terminal velocity hardwired on a multi link-up for omni-dimensional holographical thoughtstreams and highest vibrational levels of communication incoming, on the highest frequency we can create, perceive and receive: love. So pure, so rich and so honest. So easy. So trusting. Carrying the instant comprehension of more than a million years of love into one millisecond of recognition, and a spark of complete knowingness. Wow. Wait, don’t I have my own built in radar capable of knowing these frequencies? If only I could remember that this very radar was gifted to me before commencing life in heavy density. Yeahhh. That’s what it’s there for. How cool would that be then? It’d be pretty unforgettable then, I’d say. When someone can see the full truth of who you are, there’d be no place to hide then? But. Why would you want to?

I hope that the following channeling helps someone out there. A tiny thought of resonance is all it takes to awaken a strand in our knowingness, and show us an illuminated path. Yes, I do believe if you are reading this – that you are meant to read it.

One fateful day, a few months back, I sat down and asked some questions about exactly *why* was I able to know or see aspects and visions about my relationships with others, when sometimes they didn’t work out the way I had expected? As you read this, please know that this is for all of us, the angels know that I share what I receive (it’s in my contract people), and afterall: I only asked a tiny wee innocently curious question:

In relationships, you must understand that your time together has been partly pe-planned on a soul to soul basis – the ultimate in learning and what can be achieve unconditionally.

As you rightly suspect the mirror aspect, but this contains vital love lessons for all concerned. Remembering the law of freewill and nature design, in an other time.

The point is not to know beforehand those lessons – it is to follow one’s heart and be guided by joy, for that, my dear one, can result in the most authentic learning experieince that your soul can handle.

You speak of the body being a radar, dear one, yet you often battle with wills and doubt your own heart centred guidance. Seeking your own true happiness allows others to know of theirs.

That which does not fulfill you, only serves to show you the opposite of what you CAN achieve, if you’d only open up to the possibilities that lay before you.

Too often are you caught in doubt about who will be hurt from the choices that you make – but rest assured that this only serves at a catalyst fo others to make changes for the better.

Once you make a clear set decision, we angels can home in on your intention level and allow your light to come forth.

When your heart is open all other matters of concern will cease to exist, as that which you give the power of thought to – shall surely come about. 

Remembering that relationships are your everyday interactions with every single person you come into contact with. Romantic, non-romantic, functional and dysfunctional. Every one of those interactions is based on the same premise: love. Love is the answer to everything.

Imagine that you and I had a lovely long conversation about how we could play a role in each other’s lives? Imagine we decided that when we met, I’d dream of it, or somehow know it, before it were to happen. Perhaps you might decide that when we met you would have to suss me out first (yeh, good luck!), thus you keep up the standoffish protective layer you have insulated your heart with. Perhaps I adopt a different viewpoint. I will say, “I see you. I see your wide open heart” (even though you struggle with the internal juxtapose of an intimate harmony as do I).

Just imagine that for a moment.

“How will I know you, when we get to earth?”

“We will know in our hearts that it’s true, as we will feel like we have always known.”

Take a nice deep breath. Breathe it all in. This is the beauty of it all. Allow yourself to bask in the dance of the soul mates coming towards you at faster than the speed of sparkling twinkle lights that crazy and busy themselves through the ethers. Do you see the magic?



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