What we have, is oh so real

I do sometimes sit back in complete and true awe of my life. I wonder if you do too? I don’t just mean life has been so easy, it really hasn’t. Often the most troubling of times have been the most enlightening. Has the course changed dependant on my decision making lack? Am I developing an ever-dependant relationship on invisible essences, whom I tell all – are angels? (and of course you, you unicorns). Do the intense subtle energy resonances that flounce themselves over and through my very being, actually exist? Could it all be a dream? Did I really plan that I would write about my own experiences in the face of so much drama, and disbelief? Did I?

You know what? It doesn’t really matter if any of it is real. What is real anyway? Allow me share a recent example of realness. Undebatable OK? I can’t prove my reality any more than you should have to prove yours. To anyone.

You see, I’ve recently been exposed to a more finer level of synchronicities. These ones are sooooo far reaching back the way (if time were real) and despite my life being a giant jigsaw with so much humour and quirk, there is no way I can alter the reality that these occurences present to me. I am in so much awe, that I can’t even talk about it. To anyone. Except, of course those you can call upon in the dead of night, when the lights are low, when noone else can hear your thoughts. Yes. My angels. My loved ones, my guides, my whole spiritual hierarchy – who are just waiting there to be thought about so they can link in with the energetic thought-call, and come to my side to chat about the what ifs and the what the freakoutmanns. I mean, who better to chat to that those who completely understand. Yet, quite often they do speak in riddles. Everything is disclosed when the time is right. I see the fun- from their point of view, in humouring me – just so, that when the penny (feather, number, breeze, scent, person) finally drops, and they see the look of glee on my mind, they can smile and send some lovebeams my way in recognition of what is unfolding. Just the way it should.

OK. Let’s get some real life angelic talk happening again. So, my best friend is not an angel, he is a soul essence that is eternal and he lives on in energetic realms. Well, he was and still is my Dad. I love him so much, that I continue to be blessed enough to receive his wisdom from where he is. He just can’t text from there though, so he uses other means of communications. If you catch my drift…? So, there I was, requesting his presence and counsel on changing my car. If he was really here, I’d just phone him, so I now have to use my mind to do it. And I do. It goes like this, “Daaaaddddd. Can you help me? I need one. Yeah, under budget. Cool. Yip, OK, get on it please. Kisses and hugs. Thank you.”

Request complete. Then, I stop stressing about it, and leave it to him. Oh. Yes. I. Do. A few days later, I take the required human action steps to accomplish my task. I look for a car. You didn’t think one was just going to drop from the sky did you? No, me neither.

I get on it. When I find an appropriate contender, I go to see it. When I get there, it’s gone. OK. Cool. Cue next conversation with my Dad. “Hi Dad, can you help? Thank you, I love you Dad.”

A few short days later, I am presented with the urge to surf the web and find another car. I had already set my criteria intention during the thought conversation with my Dad. As it happens, I just happen across a car which meets my criteria that very morning. It’s the very same colour, price, mileage etc as the one that was gone. Insecurity reared its ugly and I phoned the Garage and asked if the car was still there (It seemed too good to be true, you see). The energetic male I spoke to advised that he could touch it, therefore so could I, if I got my skates on. Whoop Whoop! He asked if I knew where the garage was located in thewrongtownname. I said, ‘What? you are not in the wrongtownname, you are in the correcttownname’ He answered advising that just because he was from ‘mychildhoodtown’, he was a bit offkey that day. Hah! This guy was from my very own childhoodtown. Angel shivers all round, peops. Yip. I made my way to meet him.

The long and short of this story is this. I found my car that day. I was, unbeknowns to me the icing customer on the car cake. The guys had made good their sales quota for the month, and I, seemingly had been offered their best deal of the day. It was exactly what I had hoped it would be, with less miles and was completely under budget. As a direct correlation from my request to my Dad. He helped me. I know this is real. This is so so so so real. Shhhhh. In my reality. DON’T burst my bubble ok? It’s unburstable anyway.  On my way home, I made sure to thank my Dad and any other helpers in the midst.

Ok, only the ever flow of more. When I received my car, the first trip out in it was with my son. As I was being thankful for all that is mine, and all the help I receive – I looked at the dash and was presented with my number 1 angel number 1444 😀 Oooooh you guys. Just melt my heart away. I love you angels. This was the start of a very very synchronistic day where those number sequences were just running so much on full power, it’s almost unreal. Except, it just isn’t.

Is it the case that just because you believe something is real, that makes it real? What happens when things happen that you didn’t know could even exist, are they real? What is real?

I am stopping analysing everything that I think is real, and just accepting it as being part of my reality. No matter what that means. I mean, let’s face it: I speak to ascended masters, I speak to loved ones, I see lights flashing, I took a trip with my fingertips and started outing myself as an angel lover! and I see in my minds eye more things that I ever knew even existed. I smell scents from spirit and I know. Does it really matter? I just know. I know you know too.

I know it in my heart to be true, and that is enough. Heart time people. Heart time.

Wishing you Starlight in your soul, so that you may recognise your greatest dreams when they come walking in to be with you 🙂


One thought on “What we have, is oh so real

  1. 🙂 my heart is being tested…it always will…but I will always listen…thank you Mhairi..thank you indeed!x

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