Star Children, at Heart

Most people come down onto earth with one lifetime (isn’t that enough?) of experiences to muster and bring all their soul energy with them.

This means, in quite easy to understand terms – that your multi-dimensional soul being (which is made up of many omni-present parts) let’s just call it the big-soul, has temporarily altered its vibration, to allow it to bond and merge with the cellular makeup of your body. Well that sounds great, doesn’t it?

I have the idea that our souls are holographic infinitely charged particles of pure source-light: namely love. Luuurrrve. Pure and simple, and oh so very powerful.

The other day it dawned on me, that I’ve been trying to bring into focus just how the whole universe actually is, but I actually think it’s far too vast for my mind to decipher, in word terms. Also, I understand that we are currently living in what has been referred to as Christ Consciousness, ie 16 realms of lightspace, within the same resonate make-up. However, what if we were simultaneously living on each of these realms at the same time – as well as on and within other consciousnesses too? I’ve been in every one of these 16 realms, some for shorter periods than others.

I started this piece on the 6th October, but I really couldn’t come up with the words that I needed to share, right at that time. This week I’ve been encountering some down time, during a small period of probably much needed rest, and then I happened upon someone requesting help with what all this lightworker stuff was about, exactly?

I stopped reading spiritual guidance books a while back. My search went from outwards to inwards. I stopped watching TV a while back and although it seemed to take longer for me to let go one of my favourite Soaps (Home and Away!!), I just somehow let this go months previous and I don’t even miss it. I think I gave up my TV life for an online one……Hehhe. I started honouring the thoughts in my own mind, rather than allow the fear of others to intrude. It doesn’t mean I don’t read or seek out information anymore, it’s just that I feel less dependent on doing so. However, even being intuitive as you are, its sometimes challenging to go with your own guidance, and still nice to hear it from others. Sometimes you hear what you need to from others, and this just adds to your experience.

I kindof wish I had had someone round me when I was younger and feeling all the fears and feelings of others. I’m more than sure that I was picking up on all these energies and they were taking their toll on my own energy, thus causing me more down time. However, I am fully aware of choosing my own parents and the reasonings behind all aspects of our interactions. More recently I have become even more aware of the dynamics within many close relationships and how the giving and receiving of personality traits have helped shape, love and learn between each of us. Sometimes painful, but always necessary. How beautiful.

Away back last year, and far reaching back into years before last too: I happened to experience some huge energy shifts from within myself. I am not very sure of where the shifting happened or occurred, and although some of it may have been a gradual process – lots of it was instantaneous. I have received some tremendous experiences, those which I could never have forseen, and to be honest – even if I had, I wouldn’t have realised the potential for soul growth, had I known.    Also, I seemed to recover some of my own lost strengths. Through the learning experiences I do declare. I also have shifted my whole life perspective from unitary to planetary, and this just seemed to happen overnight too. Although I always had love for the planet, I don’t think I was truly embracing the power and the beauty of such an amazing place we currently live. I have found several energies harsh over the years, but wasn’t sure how or what to describe my feelings as – but now, well – as you can see, I let my heart spill out on the page, in my way of tiny gratitude that is being able to share the love. Speaking of which, I can hardly believe that I have regular readers in such far off lands as Israel, China, UK, Ukraine, Australia, Spain, Germany, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Latvia, India, France and the United States. Aloha!!! Oh my goodness, I can’t almost believe that you guys come back to read my words!! Thank you so much for your support, I love you! I am truly honoured.

Ok, so back to that old chestnut of lightworker status. What exactly is it? Although we don’t want to limit ourselves (ever) by using labels, I’d reckon it goes a little like this for us all:
I know I am here for some other reason than to work, eat, sleep, love, and work. I just feel like things have to shift. I know I am powerful, but for some reason I can’t accept this – it might make me different from others. It might make people laugh at me, or not believe me when I say I can xyz, and that I feel abc, def, and it really is real. Then, there’s the dreams. The feelings. The sensations. The voices of knowing inside my mind. The moment when I look at someone and see how they really are. The times when I want to shut myself away from the rest of the world because it’s really all too too much for me. The repetitive signs I keep cottoning onto, and I just have NO idea what is going on.

Hands up if you’ve ever felt like this before? Hey, Hey, Hey. You are not alone. There are so many of us who feel like this, and sometimes all it takes is meeting other likeminders and sharing your own stories and gaining strength from them, opening up your own spark of strength. Also, let’s discuss the whole aspect of living a double life. Something I don’t have as much trouble with anymore, but at one point I did. I couldn’t be open about my beliefs about the universe and what I felt in my soul to be true. I felt I’d be shunned or laughed at, or labelled unbalanced. Then, came a point when I could no longer deny what I felt was my truth.  In fact, oh my goodness, my heart actually does know what is real – and I surrendered partly to this.

Whilst discussing this with a dear friend, their reasoning made perfect sense: it is the constant shifting between the ‘real’ world, and the ‘energetic’ world that causes tension. Wow. I needed to hear this. This is so true.

It is the whole act of denying our inner feelings that can cause the pain we feel. However, I am choosing to go with the fact that every time your heart breaks a little – it does so in order for you to have a larger capacity to feel and share the love. I might make it sound easy, and to some extents it should be, but know that I am still always ever learning and in a gigantic circle of my own creation and in allowing myself to experience this – I become more of the real me. The happier me, the more self-aware me. The more ‘not denying who I really am’ me. I mean, really – who cares? who cares that I like angels and you like pumpkins? We are all one in the same anyway. We are all one. Once you realise that, you are well equipped to get on with your own journey and you couldn’t care less about what others really think of you. I mean this with love, and self empowerment. Be the most you that you could ever be.

So. What to do then? I think if anything would have been wise advice to a younger me – and don’t get me wrong here – of all my lifely experiences I would not choose to change one thing. My path has been mine for me and it has served to provide me with the greatest learnings I could have ever imagined. It takes a while to get to this stage through the endurance of pain, but nonetheless, I am still truly thankful for everything I have received. Oops, giant sentence alert. OK. What I would say is this: Go with the flow, stand up for yourself and your beliefs. If you feel guided to something that makes you happy – take the steps in doing so. If you have feelings to be discussed, all you have to do is talk. Back in the olden days, I didn’t have access to internet. All the supernatural world stuff was called spooky or not very often discussed. In fact, the world now is so much more open to everything and anything, all you have to do is get online and you will find more communities there than you may have ever found locally. There are no limits. If you have feelings, honour them and work through them – face up to them. This can be the ultimate healing. If you see or notice signs, ask for more. Ask for clarity. Shield yourself in some white light, or ask Archangel Michael to help you do so.

I get the feeling that the younger generations of us earthers presently here, are coming in with a quicker wakeup than some of my generation did. Also, the love and purity of their connections is easy to see.  It is truly amazing to see the effects of some people on others, for example my son. My son spreads light wherever he goes, and all he has to do is be there. I am unbelievably blessed and it is such an honour that he chose me to be his Mum.

I have a tiny part of a recent channelling from my guide Astara to share, remembering that not only is she my guide, she is yours too – just call on her as she is an omnipresent energetic force for all :

Had another path been chosen for you, you might not have faced such challenge, but – where would this have given you the opportunity to speak from such experiences? As you walk forward, know only this – dear one – from the line of fire is much heat, but from the line of the heart is such soul. 

You know this in your heart to be true, remember still, to use this is your ONLY guide. For, you are correct in your assumptions that sometimes the only test is in the letting go. 2012 energies are fast paced and movable, letting go has to be achieved to allow a whole new ushering of new energies in place, for what we are about to globally as workers in the light – achieve.
I am AsTARA, and I stand by your side. With love and peace. 13 October 2012.

PS, I kept asking my channels just WHY they kept calling me ‘dear one’ – and the answer was plain and simple (and, I felt silly for even asking….Hehhe). It’s because we are all parts of the creator (The one) and when we are addressed, we are ONE. I love you guys xxx

PPS- I had a really amazing experience with the Blue Light, and I wish to share it with you here:

Last week I jammed my whole hand in my car tailgate bending all my fingers extremely the wrong way. Whilst I swore freakin’ quietly (My son at my side) pondering what to do, my senses came back and I opened the boot with my other hand. Ouch! Blue bruises. Painful knuckles! Thank god-ness my fingers were intact.
Anyhoo the point is this: I breathed very deeply into the pain in my hand, and I imagined blue light from the planet Sirius coming down into my body, into my hand, I also imagined it was fully healed. A few hours later the black and blue bruises at the base of my fingers had just about gone. My knuckles took slightly longer to reduce in swelling, but all in all I’ve never known my body to heal this fast. Amazing. You should try it. It works.


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