There’s no need for you to fear, dear

As ever I have much to share, how much of it is relevant is anyone’s guess. I have had so many ideas on what to write, I just haven’t completed any one of them. Therefore: I am back! I am going with the proverbial flow, and this is what I came up with………….

Today when I was walking down the street, I looked up at the beautiful almost-quarter moon. As I wandered down that street, the very friend I was thinking of happened to contact me. A few weeks back, I had a dream about my kitchen and a lot of water on the floor. Oh yes. Yes, my dream came true. I am honestly running out of places to record my most amazing journey that it seems that online, I just let it all hang out. A little place to empty my mind, so to speak. Oh, come on, You know I can’t divulge everything that occurs, I’m sure I need some material for a book I once decided to write. I’ve not been able to concentrate recently due to what I had attributed to solar flare energies on the planet, however I believe I may have that one sorted 😉

All this talk of ascension, what does it really mean? Who really knows what is going on? For me, I’ve been ascending since I landed on the planet. I mean, when I was early teens I almost had an energetic meltdown and that was before I was ever really truly aware of just what ‘energy’ was. A nice little coincidence (read: planned lesson) met me to my next challenge (and for him too! huge apologies with love) an energy engineer. The renewable sort, too! Hydro he was really interested in. Hah! The synchronicities were spilling out over the top back then, but it’s only through this rear view mirror I am being exceptionally gifted to see them. Wowzers, is all I can say. Always a game of join the dots, more often a game of join up the gigantic jigsaw. Bring it!

Instant manifestation has been part of my reality for the best part of this year, but it’s easy to get drawn into the fear aspects. That is why it’s really important to focus on only what you do have, what you can accomplish and certainly do not limit yourself by saying such words as ‘can’t, never, won’t’ etc. Whilst in the presence of a most amazing angel therapy practitioner, she shared the story of being ‘guided’ to a health professional. When she got there, the health person asked her just ‘how’ exactly she came to find her. The ATP responded that she was ‘guided,’ as she didn’t want to say straight away that her angels guided her. You might recall my very own hands up to the universe in complete surrender for assistance with my own health issues. Oh, this was a biggie (for me I mean). Before I had found out that the trauma I was experiencing was a part of a) me bringing in ‘stuff’ from a previous life and b)my own choosing which served a purpose to find out just exactly what I was made of……..I surrendered my whole ‘thing’ to the angels, and to my creator. I literally had cried enough, felt miserable enough, made others lives completely miserable (who didn’t quite understand the immensity of what I was dealing with, and who also didn’t have the faintest on how to help me) and didn’t know how on earth anyone was going to help me get out of the state I was in. Truly. I needed help from those wise ones off planet. I gave it up to the angels, I said ‘right’ I’ve totally had enough, I really need your help. I handed it over to them. I really did.

As I released this (letting go……….breathing, ahhhhh) it no longer became the focus of me. I realised that I had been wallowing in a state of consistently telling myself I was not able to be better. I was not able to do x,y,z. I was limiting myself. I was driving myself completely crazy. I saw no hope for an improvement in my condition and I saw no hope for myself. Ever. Oh grim. Even those brothers knew how to tell a story. I was like the princess with the most giantest pea ever. I know that some people haven’t quite reached this stage of realisation yet – but what to do? Conventional doctors offered no short or long term real life soul-ution 😉 Despite seeing a physio for one year after giving birth I was still not so much together as my old running 7 miles me used to be. Oh man. I took it really hard. Just as well really, as it forced me to surrender. Anyhows. There I am on my knees (no, not really, I couldn’t bend!!!) you get the picture, I see. Enlisting the help of a local charity for Pelvic Instability, I was offered a list of practitioners who had previously assisted women with my condition. Going with my intuition on this one, I decided that if any of those names jumped out at me, I’d follow. I scanned the list. None jumped out. Boooo. Now I might be going all out fearsome here, and I’m certainly only pointing my trip out for a pure and simple learning exercise – but just to share a little of what I had encountered during my pregnancy, scene setting, if you will; (grab cakes and tea, warning: you might need them)

June 2009 very early pregnant and numb legs. My right leg felt like it was in a permanent state of dislocation from my body. Yuk. Unable to lie on my side, due to pelvic clicks, pain and swelling. Severe back pain, leg pain and numbness, rendering me unable to lie or sit or even walk at all. I needed a lot of help to do the most basic of tasks. Most basic. Weeks 18-42 I spent mostly in a sitting position, using crutches to walk at home very very short distances. I had to be signed off work as I wasn’t able to drive, or walk and I was miserable. I saw a chiropractor during my pregnancy who helped relieve some of my pains for a short time. I had the biggest ever swollen joints and body with lots of fluid retention. My hands were numb. I won’t go on. I’d put on 5 stone in weight due to my immobility. I found my strength in being online and being able to assist other women who found themselves in the same situation. No where to turn, and no one to understand. I wished to be of service during my dark trials. I really found this helped, and I was able to help from a place of knowing. Feb 2010 my beautiful baby boy was born. My father passed the next week. Double whammy on the root chakra shake-up. In January 2011 I’d undergone a year of physio and I was (just about to go back to work part time and severely freaking out at how on earth I’d manage) still not a great deal better strength wise. I still couldn’t lift my legs to get dressed, I still had to sit down. Driving and stairs were still extra tough for me, and worsened my pain. Lifting my child was a major effort. I was still sleeping in an upright position with around 8 pillows to secure me in position since my mid pregnancy. I was, in truth, really really struggling. It was though, becoming a way of life for me. I had to think about my every move. My every single move. You will never know the lessons (and amazing insight for the rest of your life) you have to learn until you learn them from being there by yourself.

Oh my Lord, it’s tough – but I knew I’d been through some ‘stuff’ before. This stuff was of a different kind. My beloved and beautiful physio discharged me and was unsure what else she could do, other than refer me to an Orthopaedic Surgeon. He said to come back in another year and if things were not back to normal, then I’d to come and get nuts and bolts in to hold my body together. Oh. I was trying to apply for a disabled badge. I felt robbed of my maternity leave, I wasn’t able to participate the way other mothers did. I was mostly housebound. So, there we have it. My experience. I do not hold up the pity party banner, I am honestly holding up the ‘I am a better person for having had this experience’ flag. I wave my flag around to let you know, I know what it might be like for some of you out there. Mentally, physically and emotionally.

So, back to the whole angels help me out, won’t ya? Whilst I was continually browsing the web for some answers – a page opened up quite literally of its own accord. I encountered it, I looked briefly and since there was no mention of specific help my very condition, I decided to close it down. This website contained the name ‘ARC’. I was telling myself  ‘Oh, I am thinking that my angels just opened up a web page for me.’ And the counter melody to that little phrase was ‘Oh, freak out. I am just telling myself that angels can open up web pages…….I really have lost it.’ Yeahhh. Bearing in mind now, that I had been having the most amazing psychic intuitive experiences of my life during this period. So, it made it a little easier to believe 😉

I decided to go with the more open mindedness of my thoughts, and I asked my angels (I speak to angels, but couldn’t believe that they opened web pages for me? Doh……..) to give me another sign if this was the path I had to choose. Later that week as I was driving the most beautiful rainbow (one might say an arc?) appeared in the sky. Aha! Lightbulb moment. Ok I get the message. Obviously my angels had arranged all aspects of this for me, as financial assistance came in the form of an unexpected suggestion from a very dear loved one 🙂 I contacted the physical practitioner from the ‘arc’ group and it was the best move I could have made. Amazing. In March 2011 after my first session I had such pain relief that I was able to sleep on my side that night. Pain free. Something I was not able to do for almost 2 years. In May 2011 I climbed up 15 flights of stairs, something I hadn’t been able to do for a very very long time. I was and still am truly overjoyed 😉

As I write this, I recall being passed on some wisdom from a friend. Whilst receiving a reflexology from my dear friend,  I was told of her seeing a vision of me kicking a football with a small blonde boy. My angels since revealed to me that this was a crucial indicator of things to come, but they pointed out to me that I’d chosen to forget being given such an important message. I think this is a very important point to note. We are given so many nuggets from friends or strangers and it does bear meaning, but sometimes we can’t discern this when we are rooted to the spot in fear. My child is a blonde boy, and I have been kicking footballs with him ♥

It’s not really in my nature online to be so open about my personal challenges. I am actually a very very private person, no matter what people may see in me. Maybe I had to put this out there. In fact, yes, I did. I was advised to share my trials with others to allow them to know of my own experiences. I’m not happy all the time, I just choose to attempt to be happy. Sometimes its a ‘fake it til you make it gig’. I choose not to complain (sometimes……..) when I know it will lower my vibrational essence and pull towards me more of the same. Maybe I needed to write this up here for myself as well as show and share just how amazing help can be when you surrender yourself. All I mean is not to go into fear about something. Honestly, it’s so easy easy peasy to do, but it really does set you back.

Did I mention that I outed myself to my ARC lady? That I just had to tell her that I found her via my own angels who showed me rainbows?? Well, not straight away, but nearly straight away. This amazing technique that I had lavished on my body is called Structural Integration. I tell anyone I can about it. It saved my life. My ARC lady saved my life. I love her, and am so in awe inspired that she followed her own intuitions into this path, and she does it so very very well.

When you are feeling a little like nothing else can help, I want you to remember that you DO have angels around you, who will respond to your needs just as soon as you ask. You might not receive the answers in the mechanism that you ‘think’ you will get them, but you will get them. Take your human action steps to achieve your own desires. My human action steps were to browse the web for help, and when I did – I received a little nudge. You get me? You shouldn’t just sit back and say. ‘Dang you angels, come down from thee heavenly space and put my stuff in order. Right now, darling beloved ones’ and just swan about complaining about just how ‘Your angels always seem to help you, and mine don’t even do ANYTHING.’ No, girls and boys, it just doesn’t work like that (in my reality). Get on it, please my beautiful angels (enter the problematic area of one’s life in here for effect and description- remembering not to tell them HOW to do anything for you), and then simply listen to your HEART, listen to your THOUGHTS, listen to your INNER KNOWINGS. I had to put those words in capitals as some folks still don’t know how to do this. I feel like doing a nice wee piece on this laters. Do some stuff that you would do to help yourself, and be open to whatever guidance comes your way. I have found that even in times of deepest darkest distress that I can speak openly to my angels. They always listen. They really really do. You might hear them speaking back, and sometimes I hear them in my mind, sometimes they want to type messages or write messages through me, and sometimes they just nurture me with their powerful auras and hug me to sleep as I cry all my tears out in a gesture of releasing energies from my own body, and into the ethers for transmutation into love.

Let’s have a nice wee gratitude going out across the planet and know when you see this in your mind, or feel it or intend it – it does actually happen (believe me):

Dear angels and guardians of planet earth, thank you for supporting human anchors to assist in your service by allowing energies to be brought down into earthly bodies to increase the planetary and cosmic light grids and to raise the planet in vibrational qualities. Thank you for sharing your light and love at this time, and for carrying the thoughts of others and prayers to the creator, and beyond. Thank you for sending Jesus as a powerful operator from the heart centred Christ Consciousness in which we presently and simultaneously reside. Thank you for sending significant signs and synchronicities which keep my path alive, and which warm my heart to know that you are right by my side, at all times. Angels, thank you for helping me to know that my loved ones in heaven space, are not in a different place – they are still right here, and for allowing a rainbow bridge to be created in our minds which draw together all dimensional awareness. Thank you angels for keeping my thoughts centred in divine love only, as in truth this is all that is real. Thank you angels for bringing into my life, those who would assist me on my path, and whom I may assist on theirs. Thank you for allowing me to share my gifts and power with others, and to know no shame in the name of selflessness, and spirited actions; as we all have our own gifts and talents to share, rendering us unique and love filled.

Wishing you starlight in your soul, and dreams bigger than you might imagine you’d ever achieve……

Right now, the veil seems thinner, but I do believe it’s because more of us are accessing the different energies, and for the galactic alignment: I believe I’ve seen it in my dream where we have two moons. Actually, it might’ve been two suns. Allow me to check back on my dream journal as I am sure it had a colour too. I happen to believe this is a dimensional frequency vision – therefore just like other things in this density: some people can see things that others can’t. It’s not a case of being special, it’s just minor differences, is all. We are all one, we are all the same bright shiny shiny shiny discoball lights.

I love you; Energies shifting and flowing, growing and merging, dancing and lifting. Shimmying up my sleep patterns, body temperature and instant manifestation. Some days my thought streams are so many and rapid that my rational centre cannot process or convey in the usual way. My multidimensional me’s are busy anchoring and portalling, sending me back some feedback and connecting me with super frequencies.  Yo yo yo! Sparkle friends, lets truly own our heart centres and provide the discoballs with which we each shine to each other. For, in doing so, we each provide a vital mirror and creation thread to be the changes we desire in our own lifetimes, and for that of our children, and beyond. Starlight n moonbeams ♥

I love you, my moon and stars xxx


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