Insular Polarities: Dancing in the Void; Part I

Hey there. How are you all? I’ve not been so readily willing to put my thoughts out into the ethers for a while. I’ve been, put simply – in a state of awareness which I have processing internally. Alongside this I’ve been experiencing more of the physical symptoms of ascension, and even to say that out loud seems slightly crazed. I’ve been dancing in a void space now, for a period of a few months. It’s all part of a cycle. I recognise this as a place I’ve been often. It’s been slightly hectic attempting to work out what my reality now consists of, but as I peek out above the clouds, I see ever so starry shiny bright lights. I know I am home. Actually, I’ve probably already been here, but just didn’t realise it.

I am able to perceive the universe/multiverse in a different way. The shifts that have occured within my thoughtstreams, and conscious waking thoughts have been gentle, but very powerful. I know that every so often when I get to this void space, after I am out of it – I feel so much more integrated, and even more renewed than before.

There was a point last year, when every other week I was ‘suffering’ from sinus pain, headaches that seemed to encompass my whole body, and all I could do was lay down. There is no other way. Whilst I am laying down, I can’t always sleep, but I know that I am somehow being rewired into a different frequency level of reality, or perception. I’ve been told by my guides that changes are occuring. I have noticed that my consumption of chocolate is on the rise again, but my weight gain is slow! There have always been the usual inner ear pitch shifting tones. These, I am used to. The third eye buzzing and the crown chakra squeezes, alongside other such energetical repsonses. These sometimes require full days of laying down, and accepting the body as it is. Instead of trying to fight whatever energies are creating and changing within the structures.

One of the things which might just have been slightly off my radar in this whole shifting process, is this: the relationships I have with people. Even though I know things deep in my heart that I sometimes don’t vocalise, or have the words to really describe: I know that there is much, much more. Living in the 3d world and having further alternate information streams than I did before, can certainly cause an imbalance in the day to day dramas of every day life.

Many years ago I was a smoker. I was using smoking as a ‘stress’ relief. Or, that’s how I perceived my actions. How stressed was I really? My smoking created a space for me to have some ‘me’ time. As I write this I can’t actually believe I abused my body in such a way. However, it’s all in the learning I guess. I’m not going to be sounding all self-righteous here, as each of us is responsible for our own actions, and our own bodies. What I will say is this: I woke up one day and decided I was never going to smoke again. I never have. This is one of the best decisions I ever made. In 2010/2011 I somehow made the (unconscious??) decision that I wouldn’t consume tap water anymore. I really don’t know how this came about, but as I see more and more about the flouride and other additives or chemicals abound, it makes me slightly sad as I realise – did I begin to realise the effect on me?

I also somehow made the decision to stop taking any pharmaceutical drugs. I have not consumed any type of medicine or drug in at least the last 6 months. I have also stopped using shampoo, and instead I have favoured the bicarbonate of soda and apple cider vinegar washing method. I then happened upon Rhassoul Clay. I’ve  been using this now since around November time to wash my body. My face doesn’t really agree with it – I am pimple city, with the spot fairy’s heavy feet dancing all around my chin!! I am just going with the flow here. What feels better for me.

So. What of all of this then? Well, my body feels clearer. By clearer I mean, easier as a conduit for energies or inner knowings to surface. I feel less cloudy in the mind. This is just a part of my journey though. I said I would write about things as they happen, and I am.

My incredible invisible support team aka angels, and anyone who resides on a different vibration than this one – are still lovingly guiding me to step forward into what I know is my mission. I was afforded the incredible opportunity via synchroniticy to have my personal akashic records read. I connected with a beautiful lady from Australia, and she worked her inner magic on me. This wasn’t quite what I had thought it was going to be. But, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t blown off my seat! I was. I have felt such a sense of inner peace since she did this reading for me. She brought through my most worked with Archangel – Michael, and she advised me on my deepest knowings so that I may address life issues with ease. If ever there was a spiritual kick up the bum, I needed it – and I received it, in the highest vibration of love. I am so grateful that she would put herself out there, to provide others with her gift. Which, for all my rantings about using your passion etc – allowed me to realise and acknowledge – I haven’t been fully stepping into my gifts, OR sharing them.

Over the years I have been blessed(?) with the ability to see medical ailments or happenings within people’s bodies. For some reason, I feel like I cannot share this gift completely with the world. Yet. I am still honing my skillset and will come forward with a way to help people, better than I do now. Very recently, in fact, this last two weeks I have been presented with the same medical issue in 4 people. I did send out the message to the universe that if I were to use this ability to assist and help, then bring me signs which I cannot deny, and let me clearly get on with this to do better. I know that the universe is supporting me to work with these people on a soul/energy level, to provide me more learning about what is going on here. I don’t feel like sharing much more on this, but I will say that when my father was still alive, I was able to see inside his energy, and his body to see, feel and know what was occuring. Whilst my father was alive and very much coherent, I was able to have conversations with his ‘higher’ soul self, and he was advising me that it was his time. This was to be one of the biggest learnings for me, with this ‘gift.’ Fast forward to a few years ago, my dear friend had been recalled to have a scan done. I was connecting with their energy and I saw straight away where a ‘lump’ was placed in the body. When my friend received the results of the scan, my visions were validated. Other signage and information from invisibles was correct, and all is well. Remember this: all is well.

So you see. I am on my very own journey, just as you are on yours. I know there are others on their journies and they might like to know a bit about mine. I have stepped up a level in my awareness, and for the blether about ‘in my own reality,’ well, it truly is. Each of us perceives our lives and realities in a different way. As I left my day job only yesterday I looked up to the sky and I thought – Jeezoh – how many people do not know what is actually out there? Why should I know?? What have I to do with this stuff???

Sometimes I feel here, and sometimes I feel there. Sometimes I feel like disconnecting from my whole life, and just ‘being’ somewhere else. Sometimes nothing feels right, and sometimes everything does. I find I am detached from judgements. I cannot seem to get into the drama when something is marked as ‘wrong’ or labelled as a certain ‘thing’. I have felt like this for a while, and I have wondered if there is something wrong with me? I sometimes struggle to put this part into words, but it is highly perceptable for me. I have moments of ‘normalness,’ and moments of complete detachment. The complete detachment feels much more peaceful. I have a further level of greater respect for individuals and their own life choices. This isn’t something that has just shifted in me, but something which has been putting itself in place for a while. I have slipped into the vibration of non-judgement, and oh my, it feels oh so good. I realise that part of my learnings for this have been the relationships I have created, the situations that I have created and the dramas I was once part of. This has certainly diminished.

So, where am I, exactly? This is the place of the void, the place of all possibilities, the place where my current understanding will merge with what has been shown and told to me. The place where all my previous learnings can assimilate into my current ‘me’ and I can understand why my creationary powers have been there. I can discern more easily what feels right, for me. I know things now on yet another ‘level.’ I have reached a level where many other humans have already attained before me. Everything is unfolding, for me, just at the right time – just as it unfolds for you at the right time. I am going with the ultimate flow. A flow, which seems bigger than it ever has done before. But, sometimes, all of this stuff really does blow my mind. I do have trouble accepting that it is real, and sometimes I feel like others would just simply label me as crazy. Well now. Please label me if that is of your requirement. I am still, dancing in the void. I am accepting what is going on. I am trusting. I am realising, and I am ‘BEing.’

As I sit here and type, I am being given a vision of the work I have been creating in the Christ Consciousness. I have been facilitating energies from the cosmos through my heart centre, and out into the Crystal Grids which surround the planet. I have lovingly named this Galactic Heart Healing under guidance from invisibles, and I am happy to say that those who have been guided towards it, have been turning up and joining in. When I started this work, I wasn’t quite sure what was going to appear, but I threw myself head first into a giant trusting trustyness. I knew deep down that this was part of why changes have been happening, and yet, doing this work would afford many changes for those who take part, and also the vibrational lightfields and Crystalline Heart centre of the planet at this time. It’s as if I’ve just been ‘switched on’ to another level, and this time, I opened up my arms to embrace it. Bring it!!

If anyone would have ever said to me that this is what I would be doing, I’d have been like ‘What? What on earth is a crystal grid?’ But, they did tell me. I used to read about them online and think – I have no idea what on earth they are talking about. But, I was told. Through channellings and through dreams and connecting with my inner self. I just don’t think my synapses were ready to accept what was really real. Oooh Wowzers, this stuff is certainly real.

I’d like to just finish with a tiny portion of a recent channeling from my old wise one Merlin. He speaks for all of us, and each of us individually, and as part of ‘the one.’ Choose to listen with your inner knowings, your heart centre, and if it resonates with you – then coool as:

Inside the millions of earth bound souls, which reside here on the planet, and in the now space – There lies a tiny undiscovered knowing beam of light, whereby these entities can switch the ledger on and off, and understand fully the consequence of doing so.

On the planet, there are some hugely powerful endoctrinated beliefs. These beliefs are old-hat, and must be broken and shifted to allow others to complete their time cycles on earth.

Forget not the other souls who come in to support you on your mission, they love you, they even pretence of hate you, they underneath drive you simply crazy with their traits, however – these souls offer you the blanket of learning which surrounds you now. All in good time for the realisation to sink in, and when it does – stand back, dear one, and admire just how you handled each moment with true love.

Note your feelings upon meeting again, but note your feelings on the life situations that all are encountering. Old energy. In an unconditional template there can be love in your heart for more than one person, and it certainly doesn’t detract from another. Of course, this is true. But in the current energetic waves which still caress the planet, those who think otherwise still put it out there, and if it’s out there, it can be manifested and attached to and energetically magnetically sought out, as what you think about, comes about. And so it is. 

Once you recognise the actual creationary power of your thoughts you would think twice about ‘thinking’ them, in the first place. Look at the place of non-judgement my dear one, and remember that you are setting an example for those who would see it. Others, can take from it what they will. It is a largest love frequency allowing others to believe and know in their own hearts what is true for them, with the love and support of others regardless of what they feel about their decisions.

Together as a collective consciousness rises from the hearts and love of those who are anchoring it onto the planet, there have been great shifts taking place. We applaud your stance, and your state of mind dear one. I AM Merlin 020213.


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