Help! My friends think I am from another planet……..

Well, friends must be right? Nes Pas?

Or, they think I have completely lost the plot: and not just at this moment in time, they have felt this for a long time. Just as well I am from a place of no-time then…eh? šŸ˜€

Now, here’s the thing. We are all experiencing life in our own special ways. There is nothing to prove to another. There is no competition. If I say sparkles, you say potatoes. It’s cool. I might say I see those potatoes as beams of light, and you might say you speak to them. So, so cool. I hear you. I believe you.

So, you may be struggling to come to terms with the things that you have experienced, just as I probably am too. Right? You can’t unknow stuff. Not once you know it.

You can’t un-experience either. Oh well.

When I announced that I was having a space man experience, and that I could see, hear and feel energy stargates above my bed, and that one of these was accompanied by a tall slender dark green ET being – you ran a mile didn’t you? Yeah well. What can I do about that then? I am being honest, that’s all.

When I outed myself to say that I am a multidimensional being, and I *know* that I am….I know you were a bit freaked out. Oh well. What to do about this then? Well, I can’t unfreak you, if that’s what you’re asking. It’s all about the acceptance, and the absorbing of acceptance. It’s a cycle, in non-time, if you will. Anyway, I am trying to unfreak myself thankyouverymuch………..

When I realised I had been coded with information and symbols to assist humanity at its core, and to continue and anchor the flow of some very high frequency energies onto the earth plane: I freaked out too! Oh well, how to get back to my day job after knowing this then? Oh well. I know we are all in it together family of light beings. Each and every one of us.

It’s time we were able to drop the lenses. The lens with how we view the world is through our own selves. Once you break out of this patterning and judgement lens, something wonderful happens. Something amazing happens. Something freaky happens, and it feels just right. There may be spaces of slipping back into the view, but then it becomes an effortless shift into what ‘feels’ right for you. Yes, you are the power in your own life, you just have to realise it.

If it happens to you though: and you want to talk about that, I am right here. I am busy blending my current reality into my other selves, but I am accessing the learnings from them. I am also realising on more levels (than I understand that there really are); my awareness is constantly expanding, beyond my wildest dreams. My dreams are massively massive and intensely massive.

Take the trip to your inner self? Or, shun that for a life of TV, advertisements, brainwashing and non-love? Come onnnnn. Inner self all the way!

Indigo over and out.


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