You are so magical…….Yikes! I am in Wowsers……

This one was going to be called, ‘this one’s for you…’ or, ‘inside the heart of ,’ or something like ‘here, here is my next posting.’ I changed my mind, which is one of my trademarks, I guess. I once read something which summed up the Scorpio to an amazing description. It said ‘Scorpio will ask you if you want xyz for dinner, and then present you with something completely different.’ Chuckle. It’s so true. I do it without even knowing I have done it….

So, I’ve been getting hit by those solar wave energies again. Did someone say an X? Flat on my back. Yip. Nothing else for it, but to drink an amazing amount of water, include some sea salt (helps with the cellular energies) and soak it all up, knowing this: I am an amazing lightbody and mine is reacting and accepting the energies that are incoming.

As I sit here, I am feeling good, much better that I have been of late. I’ve been transversing another void area, but I am still in a transitional energetic wave bubble of change. There’s been the theme of black birds this last few weeks. Black birds, and crows.

I know I use my own colloquial terms (terms of endearment) for what we might call ‘spirit,‘ I call them my invisible friends: They are always here, always supporting. To say I’ve experienced some of the most amazing parts of my life, in ‘another way’ is a complete understatement. And, here I am using the wrong words to begin sentences and ramble on about how much in awe everything is.

Just the other day I was pointing out to a dear friend, some of the things I had noticed along the way that morning. I was pointing out that these were, indeed, messages from the other side. I was met with the kind of response which actually and literally said ‘Do you never switch off?’ With a sigh of exclamation. ‘This is how it happens’ I said. And, this IS how it happens. YES my whole life is like this. This is how my whole life is. Once you know things, there is no switching it off. Forever, you are in the knowingness of knowing what you know.

Allow me tell a tiny tale of late, led by my supporters in the invisible lightbeams. Oh man, I just love how this all comes together. It always does. I always try to trust.

My spirit messengers started using animals as messengers to me around, well, somewhere around 6 or 7 years ago at least. In fact, it was before this, because I do recall ‘noticing’ things around animals before I truly realised that this was also a form of ‘sign’ or message. I used to be driving and birds would just literally swoop down in front of my path. This happened so frequently no matter whose car I was driving, that either they thought I was in a re-make of the birds, or they were being there for a different matter. Different matter. Full stop.

Then in my dreamstate I was gifted with an extra veil of animals in there too. One time I dreamt of a young man from my past, and in that dream I was asking him to help me dislodge the giant beetle that had lodged itself firmly into my solar plexus. Oh, the irony. Fascinating. Soooooo. Sometimes I am drawn to particular animals or insects without prior warning. For example, one day I just *have* to buy this dress that another friend looked so beautiful in, and it had some lovely Dragonflies on it. Oh, I hope I look half as good as she does in it! I buy the dress. Dragonflies……….Oh gosh, yes, I have lots of beautiful friends 😀

Interjection of a past memory from weeks ago prior: It was the end of October, I was doing my life’s love mission and also attempting the providing of some psychic messages from the invisibles, and receiving some too 🙂 During this session of exchange, I was met with a rather vivid scene, with incredible detail. The detail, and the colour and the scene were particularly interesting to me. The scene was being conveyed to me as if it were my paternal grandmother’s house. However, I was doing my best to ask my client if she could understand this scene? She couldn’t. She kept providing a ladies name for me: Isobel. I insisted that I couldn’t think of anyone in spirit to be named Isobel, therefore I just took it on board for later thoughtstreams. There I am, describing this room, this scene and ornaments and mirrors, and fireplace, and grandmother clock, and recessed shelving to the left hand side of the fireplace, still – my client couldn’t understand me. Anyhows, then I see a lady materialise in front of me, she had dark hair, and dark rimmed glasses. Petite in stance, but she was standing in this room that was inside my mind. Then I could see her with white hair. She was petitish. I was thinking that this was one of my Auntie’s trying to get through to me, but something didn’t quite fit. Anyhows. On with my life I go.

I was standing in the shower one morning when I distinctly felt the presence of a male, and a female energy around me. They were encouraging me to get in touch with their son who I had never met before. I felt like they were guiding me to purchase a gift for him for when I would visit. When I would visit? I was like – he doesn’t know me!!! I don’t let these trivialities stop me. Funny thing is though: people you’ve never met are always on a social network, and are very accessible. SO, off I trundle and I look him up on Facebook. Immediately I am presented with a beautiful dragonfly photograph. Ahhh. I see. Follow the yellow brick animal signs.

So I politely invite myself over (as one does) and happily jump into this fellow’s living room. Oh. Wowsers. Hold the boat man….I’d just walked into a scene I’d seen in my mind, only those few weeks earlier. Oh man.  Simply amazing. The colours, just exactly as I’d been shown. The ornaments and the lay out – perfect. Oh wow. This was just amazing. I couldn’t believe how real this was. The colours of the walls, the colour of the fireplace, the home-liness, the love.

After a cuppa and delicious home made scones, we started to look through some old photographs. One of the photos really grabbed my attention. It was this beautifully framed, small poised lady with tortoiseshell glasses on. I’d certainly seen her before. She really caught my eye, and I asked her name. This lady was Isa. This is another name for Isobel. Aha, it’s all dropping into place now – miniscule jigsaw pieces. I was already teary eyed when I realised (l realised before now, but I had to leave the tears til last….!). Isa was my new-man-friend’s grandmother. Woah. So happy. Then he explained to me that today would have been his Dad’s (Isa’s son’s) birthday, and that we were actually sitting in the house that Isa lived in when she was still alive.

Incredible. Coincidence? You know I don’t believe in that! Guided by loved ones 🙂 I love you Isa xxxxx

Invisible loved ones, are still right here. Pay attention dear ones xxx


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