Jibber Jabber Overload

So, you know, all this constant ‘spiritual’ guidance, and quite frankly the thousands of many many many channelled sources to contend with, are overtaking the planet. Or, maybe it’s just my facebook feed. Oh gosh, I include myself with anything I wish to share: apologies in advance for clogging up your feed!! Oh, you switched me off from that ol’ thing? That’s fine 😉 It’s quite possibly me in a state of overloadedness given the sensitive energy shifts among us. Again.

I’m not being disrespectful – it’s all about whose vibration you are resonating with, and who you will then open your heart to. Just so you know, that includes the channelled work that I too bring forth: it might resonate, and if it doesn’t that’s cool too.

Then there’s the whole woooo the sun is soo hot, these coronal mass ejections and these energies are going to welcome in the 5D world. The 5D is already present. I’ve a different perspective on these things. There are so many earth ascension theories and ‘truths’ being brought out that it’s hard to hear your heart think sometimes. I thoroughly believe that despite us all being on a slightly different vibrational frequencies from the same tone (despite being of fixed design: which, by the way, when I first ever heard that statement I did not like it one bit) that: all energies that were ever there, are still there. We just didn’t know how, or have the capacity in our heavy spacesuits to access them.

Ok, I don’t have many answers, but I have been finding (yet again) even more inner resonating truths. And, that’s in between sussing out the truths that don’t appear to resonate.

You with me? The whole ‘stuff’ that just processed its way into being in my current awareness consciousness, is still happening. Different levels, all the time. In all ‘nows’ that exist. I know you feel it too.

As I embark on yet another chapter in my perceived spiritual vs non-spiritual life (another illusion of duality drift), I am reminded of many things: The only person who can guide you, is you. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but there comes a time when you realise: others actually have their own agenda. They have an agenda for you. You may not see it. It’s not because they don’t care, no, no no, quite the opposite in fact – they care too much. That’s the portrayal act, anyhow. This allows us to create and react to choices. This provides us with choice. That’s not to say that we cannot be sparkled into action by hearing what another has to say, or guide us. I just mean that we must become more FULLY aware of our OWN power, and never give it up or away to anyone. Boundaries are walls that can also made from love.

Lightworkers need downtime too, you know.

But, I have been having very many random visuals (read: thrust back in time) what I am going to term as ‘flashbacks’. These have been coming more and more the last few weeks, and they consist of random moments from earlier on in my linear lifetime, and are often connected with random moments of my childhood. They occur as memories and feelings of times gone by. Generally, I note that when I look into these flashes, there is less ’emotional’ memory triggered within the memories. I have been wondering what’s making them show up? Memories of childhood, and scenes from learning about myself in the now. Inner child, comes back up to play.

Playfulness is certainly one of the best ways to be living your life. Too much serious Sallys out there. They think it’s the way to be. Shhhhh! How dare you laugh at serious situations? Don’t you know that having FUN can be such a downer for those around you who are not embracing any FUN at this moment  in time? How dare you challenge the equilibrium that has been set?

To that I say: Don’t keep quiet, let your inner playfulness come to the fore of your being, don’t be shy. Get it out there. Raising vibrations through the funny side. Just as well we all have different senses of humour – makes the vibrational range of funny, take on a whole new spectrum. Reaches many more that way.

Periods of attention span, fuzzy in the awareness of the department of NOW.

I’ve been dropping out of my current consciousness and, yes, I’ve had this in the past, but this time it’s been more ‘sporadically apparent.’ It’s like being time shifted within seconds within the same space of energy. It’s like also, being a bit wobbly in your body, as if that lightbody is being re-calibrated on the spot within a fraction of a frequency oscillation. Maybe its encountering a space of energy which vibrates at a different dimension, slip-screened through into the current tone? Or something like that.

Torus Energy runs like a sine wave. Infinity in all directions. My breath creates infinite flow. (So does yours).

I have mentioned the whole thing about my energies being upgraded, changed/recalibrated etc. In all honesty I am still learning about this for myself. It’s not just happening to me though – it’s happening to all of us. There are no books which tell me exactly what’s going on – but you see, I’ve been drawn inside to learn for such a time now, that I didn’t bother to do much research on this. But, my own research is unfolding in perfect time, just fine.

So let’s speak of these solar flares then. Last year I realised that something was going on with me. For all the things you think you know in this world, there’s pretty much so much that you don’t really have a clue about. And so it continues. My angels guided me (after I asked for help….) on how to look after my teeth. They also know that I am a bit of an overactive analyst and never give up on stuff, therefore they also knew that when I came across what they were hinting at that I’d do the google dance on it. Calcium bentonite clay. Ingested. Bathed in, and brushed teeth with 😉 Known to remove excess heavy metals from the body without being absorbed in any way. Known to remove radiation from the body. Also, pure sea salt. Lots and lots and lots of water. Lots of resting, and not doing anything at all. It helps, and I am still experimenting to see what else helps because that fuzzy head feeling is just mega. Sometimes it feels like you’ve walked into a massive radio wave party, one where the static is rustling all around your head………

Archangel Gabriel encouraged me to write. I love you Gabriel.

It’s probably time I decided to write that heart centered knowingness book of experiences on Galactic Heart Healing, isn’t it?  Ok, back into my shell…..

Praise your own gifts, and your own inner knowing: The next time someone says something that you don’t resonate with – don’t just agree for the sake of it. Speak your own truth, and don’t be scared.

Dear Irene, this is for you: Ravens, all around. I mean! Everywhere……I will leave you a little gift that I know you will put to much use, and I will leave the gift in a special place, where I know you will find it [heartshapeemoticon] Much love to you starsister xxx

Thanks for sticking with me through the sea of intuition, adventures straight from my heart – to yours. Directly as they are encountered. From the space where no ego dares to dwell.

Love you xxxx

PS I saw star trek and I felt right at home on the enterprise. I love you Star Trek!!! and I love you my readers- why do you come back to read my spelling fails? 😀


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