Holographic Truths: The energy of LOVE aka Distance Healing

The name Holographic Truths appeared to me when I received a telepathic channeling from Merlin. At the time I wasn’t quite aware of what it meant, but when I first decided to use the term, it all made perfect sense. It only seems right that I use it here, again. As it perfectly coins the illusory nature of our experience here on planet earth.

I can tell this is going to be a long one. I have much to say. I will paraphrase as best I can, and I might even summarise some points in here for easy reading……..You know me, I like to give you some history on why I feel the way I do. If I just post it up like this: energy healing works because you are energy and there is NO space or time between you and I, you just think there is because it’s all an illusion. You’re probably not going to believe me, are you?

A few years back in time, in around 1998 I worked in an office based environment and a man who worked there was going on about something called a ‘reiki’ healer. He had taken his wife to visit this reiki healer, and the healer had performed some kind of laying hands on his wife, she was suffering from pains in her back. Then he came into our office and was relaying this curious (curious to me…) story of how she was told to lie on her bed at a certain time, and the reiki healer would ‘send’ healing to her. I recall asking a few questions around this from him, but he was in such amazement, as he said his wife could actually ‘feel’ something happen when she was in her own bed, many miles away from the healer. His wife reported to feel better. I was intently interested but at that time in my life I had no internet, and not much in the way of spiritual connections to investigate fully for myself.

As I type this up I am smiling because I’ve just realised that at around that very same time period – (and I’d just written about this a few blog posts ago) a friend of my then boyfriend was encouraging me to get help for my own health concerns but he didn’t want to give any details of what would happen – he just told me I had to go and see this lady…..This was in another part of Scotland, but nonetheless – as I look back over these little coincidences (joining the dots of my path) I see Reiki or energy work has been very prevalent, you could even say this was the foundation of it coming into my awareness. Nice one. Also, a close friend of mine’s sister at that time was experiencing very painful headaches. I think she went to receive some of this ‘reiki’ healing too. Ahhh, it was all around me and I didn’t even pick up on it. Yet.

So. I could pretend to be the best read scientific theory and understanding. I could pretend I have a clue what I am talking about. I could tell you I read all of this from a book, but then – I didn’t. The most authentic ME I am being, is always about sharing what has been my experience, and this is why I know. I’ve learned, and I am still always learning. Also, this stuff resonates with me. I could also tell you I watched Quantum Leap with the greatest of intent and wonder, and in awe about Dr Sam jumping between timelines. I could also tell you that when I watched that – there was no doubt in my mind that the show was completely real. I knew in my heart as an 11 year old child, that what he was doing, was actually able to be done in ‘real life’.

When I was attuned to Reiki II, my Reiki Master had asked us to bring a photograph of someone to swap with the other students to send some distance healing to. I received the photograph of someone I didn’t know, and my Reiki Master spoke us through the steps on connecting with the person to send some reiki energy. This was really my first knowledge of these things, and I didn’t really understand or have enough experience of the energy world to understand why/what/where/when/how, but I went with it.

First Experiences in Distance Healing:
I held the photo in my hand and I immediately received a name, and details and feelings of the person in the photograph. I vocalised these to the student who had brought the picture in, and he was literally flabberghasted at ‘how’ I had just picked up all of that information from holding a picture for a few minutes. So was I, when he confirmed everything I had said. I told him I saw a tiny foetus and other such things as they came to me (lightning fast aswell) and he confirmed that the girl had been trying to get pregnant. Oh. I think my head was buzzing and I was quite surprised too. I felt like the girl at the back of the class who keeps talking, and everyone else feels dismayed that they can’t get that kind of information. And, by the way – I’ve been in plenty of situations where I felt others were the girl at the back of the class, but I realise that those who see and speak at whatever time – are bringing forward lessons for all. Hmmm. What on earth was going on with this ‘reiki’ stuff. Oh my Goodness!!! Distance Healing is much more than I thought it was. Freak out moment!! My levels of awareness were changing and rising. This stuff was real!!!!!!!! Cue some more excited freakout moments. It’s not in all cases that we are able to sense such details from others during distance sessions, in fact, just sending the energy is quite often the basis of the session and if other details pass into awareness, they just pass.

Coming more forward in time. I was aware of a neighbour’s husband who was ill and I wished to send him some healing. As I got comfy on my bed, I started to send the energies out to him. What seemed like hours later, I woke up in my body and I felt the heaviest feeling I had ever felt. It was me. I just felt so heavy. I checked the clock and in reality only 10 minutes had passed. Strange. Definitely more time than that had passed. It felt like hours. I recalled what had happened during the reiki session. I was in front of my neighbour’s husband, and I was directly working the energies I was aware of ‘floating’ around him. Then, I was back on my bed and my awareness was in my own body. This blew my mind. I actually felt as if hours had passed. My check on the clock had confirmed it hadn’t. I felt the heaviest ever ever ever. My arms felt like dead weights. My conclusion is simple: I’d left my physical body to travel and do the work on this man. I had no clue how I had done it, but I had.

A few weeks later this man transitioned to the invisible realms. He appeared in my mind whilst I was driving to collect my Mum one morning. He was appearing in a grey suit, with a pink shirt and a pink flower pinned to his suit jacket. He was ‘speaking’ to me, and I could ‘see’ him. I felt very unsure about what I was experiencing, but I knew it was real. I told my parents what had happened and I think they were a bit puzzled. I could see this man in my mind’s eye and he had quite obviously come to pass on a message of comfort to his wife. I, on the other hand, was feeling too scared and unconfident about telling his wife just what I had seen. I was too scared of upsetting her, and in being ‘wrong.’ I found out later that I wasn’t wrong. Learning and lessons for me. Hopefully a tiny piece of comfort for the man’s wife. Much Love to you.

Anyhows, back to the topic of the morning. Over the years it has been my experience that we are made out of energy (light) and we are in our physical bodies whilst on the planet. Some of us though, also keep working at night when we go to sleep, our lightbody travels out to get some work done. We are in our most powerful ‘states’ when we are not in our bodies. The physical body has to go through some adjustments to get the levels of non-physical body awareness (whilst harnessed into a physical body). More on this another day. That is not why we are here in our physical bodies. I am pretty sure the plan is to become our powerful lightbody selves in our current dense-beautiful bodies. More on this another day ascension lovers.

So, going with me on the ‘you are a lightbody (soul…)’……..You are a lightbody energy being. Your energy surrounds you, is you and is also part of others. We have some of the same frequency beating in our own energies as DNA, as other humans. We are humans. If you were a cat, your lightbody would contain specific codes of DNA that allowed you to be a ‘cat’. Maybe not the best analgy….but….

If you are an energy worker, you are a conduit for the energies which you are attuned to. You are conducting the energies through your physical body to another person. It has been my experience that when energies DO NOT include the physical body, they are much more potent and powerful. Again, only my experience. Please, do not read my words as one is better than the other, no, there is no value difference in my comparisons, only that one is different to the other. You can conduct energies because you ARE an energy. Pure and simple. We are all here to experience and learn and receive in a myriad of ways. What works for you, might not work for me and vice versa.

Back to the plan again. Distance energy is not really distant at all. You and I contain the same ‘light codes’ or particles as each other -physically and non-physically. The intention to send the energy and the recipient allowing the energy to be received is part of the process in letting it happen. I am not speaking of anything other than the transmission of LOVE. Forms of energy healing all contain the vibration of LOVE. Although our physicality locations might be different on the planet, out lightbodies are not. We are all connected as ONE to the ONE source, from the ONE source. Our energy signatures are slightly different (our personalities) but our make-up, in scientific reality is the same. Hence the terminology of ‘we are fixed design.’ This phrase is directly related to the design of us in human form, with our lightbodies and codings.

Ok, I might have gone a bit heavy there, and not really sure how to put it into any other way. This is how I view it. This is how I experience it. This is why I can sit at home in Scotland and beam out energies to all over the world, and this is why those who participate might ‘feel’ something happening. We are all connected. This is WHY the power of prayer has such power. This is WHY your thoughts are REAL ENERGIES. This is why when you tell yourself ‘I am not well, and other such untruths’ Your body reacts to your energetic commands through your voice.

Whilst I was jovially explaining my position on remote energy work to a chance person meeting the other day – I used the analogy of when you think about someone. In every day life, if you realised that your every thought created an energy-vibe, you’d really maybe realise that you should change your thoughts. I said that when you think about someone you create an energetic connection. I know that this is true.

I also know that a very clever and enlightened man, a scientist on the frontier of shifting that old thought paradigm, has advised us, through his research that ‘telepathy’ in not supernatural. I know this to be true. I know this, and I know that we all have the capabilities of doing the energy work ourselves, but sometimes you have to switch off from the outer world distractions, and look inside to see what’s able and capable. Telepathy works (in my experience) on the very same premise – we are all light particles, terms I have used best to describe this is photons: our brains and FULL bodies are transmitters and receivers. Everyone can do it, if they want to.

I’ve said it before, and I will keep on saying it, and this is truly one of the reasons for my blog: I am not special. I am simply having experiences that I know others are too. Some don’t speak of their experiences, and I know deep down I have to. I know I have to so others don’t feel isolated.

Blah Blah Blah.

If you’d like to try some group distance energy work named Galactic Heart Healing (which, by the way – is THE reason I came to this planet) then, please check out the little ‘twitter box’ at the top of my blog, advising when the next session is. You can reply to my tweet, OR you can join up with my facebook page, and leave your comments and perceptions around your experience, or you can just accept, be and get on with your life. I was just checking my journals through the week and I noted that I became fully aware of the Galactic Heart work in October 2012, and the very next week I was trialling the sessions on facebook to my worldwide friends who wished to take part. I didn’t waste any time. I know what has to be shared. Scary in a good way, I guess.

I think I have said enough……I feel like penning my next article, with diagrams!!!!! Thanks for your attention everyone, and if you feel like it – Join me at Purple Dove Studio in East Kilbride, where I am meeting clients for one on one sessions, and holding group sessions of Galactic Heart Healing. Your own space. Your Soul is in control.

There you have it. My experience opinion on how/why remote or distance sessions work. I managed to avoid using any quantum physics theories, but then, I’m not as well versed in those…

Wishing you starlight in your soul, open hearts to see what’s going on, and the courage to speak up about stuff you just have to speak about.

Love you xxx

PS, Yes, sorry about the link colours and crude business contact details overpowering my top page etc. I have temporarily broken my html code…….angels, are on the case 😉

PPS, can I just say that I saw Jesus yesterday, and then this man stood in the spot where I’d seen him, and he then spoke of Jesus very much. No, not on drugs. 😀


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