Holographic Truths: The Phonetics of Telepathy

How many times have you heard someone quip the following ironic line, “I’m not telepathic, you know!”

I say it’s ironic, because, they ARE telepathic, but they just don’t know it. Yet.

Remember in Star Trek when Spock put his hands in a configuration to someone’s head and temple space, to allow him to access the other person’s consciousness? Remember when I post up information that I have ‘channelled’ from other entities? Remember when you visited a Psychic to receive a message from your loved one? Remember when your son started speaking about that very topic you were just thinking of? Remember when you knew who was going to contact you moments before the phone rang?

As a living breathing person, I have had the pleasure of experiencing telepathy. Yeah, I know: switch off now if you think it’s a bit farrrr out mann. Or a bit sci-fi. It’s not any of those, it’s perfectly and completely natural.

Another ironic part to my story is that up to a certain point in my life, I’d only ever experienced some ‘versions’ of telepathy. I see telepathy as energetic connections. We are ALL energy, (remember from school – energy can never die, it can only change form….or something like that).

One of my greatest and easiest telepathic connections was with someone who I just suggested to that we try and be telepathic. Imagine my complete shock and excitedness when I realised: This person is hearing my thoughts. I was uber excited, because I knew in my heart that this ‘stuff’ was actually real. I say, I knew in my heart, as the transmissions are felt there too.

When you are aware of being in the light etc, and all that goes alongside the whole energy community and everything: you become aware of sensations in your own physical body that mirror or signal, what is maneouvering at that moment. This is why I rant on constantly about your body being fully equipped for being here. For example, the day that high level light beings by the name of The White Brotherhood dropped in to speak to me, their connection was being broadcast on such a high frequency that I actually felt drunk and in an altered state of awareness. In real life, I had been sitting near my piano. I was just being normal. I actually think I was trying to watch my then favourite TV show (gave them all up…..) But shazaaam: the uber high buzzing fuzzy love feeling was being interpreted by my body as third eye hookup.

The airbrush artist put the blusher in the wrong place. Speech Bubbles. Hmm. 

Photo Credit: Billy Hepburn, MusicPro
A dear friend photographed me at the very moment my chakras decided to light up like giant blobs whilst I was near a large cornfield. I was searching for crop circles, but they were nowhere to be seen. I decided it looked scarily apt for my topic of telepathy.

In my current level of ever changing awareness, there are different sensations of telepathy. I am still figuring some of these out, but in short; some feel more ‘squeezy chakras’ than others. That is to say that some have very little sensation physically at all, but the thoughts are still rendered in the mind easily enough. Some, however feel very energetic and palpable. There is another area of chakra-tastic feeling, but it doesn’t show in my amazing life sized photo above.  That is: the heart chakra, and also that dear pineal mouth of god chakra at the base of the skull; but in all honesty, these are not the main sensation centres of many of my own communications, but they are more subtley appearing- like cameos, if you will.

So I’ve labelled crown chakra at number 1 above. Third eye chakra at number 3, and at number 2 – well, I don’t have a name for it – it’s just a spot of squeezyness when in receipt of a direct telepathic communication, when the person who is sending it, is in a physical body. These are my own observations, and may not necessarily be the exact same for you. This spot though, seems to the right of my third eye, and along my hair line. I’m still pondering what to call it.

When sending telepathic transmissions (ie your thoughts) to another physical person, all you need do is act like you are talking to that person out loud, except, you just talk into yourself and think of the person. Easy peasy. With that statement, I mean purely that there is no effort involved. All you have to do is chat in there. Can I just interject here to advise that this is the same way I speak to all my invisible friends and loved ones?

When you are receiving the communications there are sensations of large energy around the crown, the third eye and the asofyetunamedbyme number 2 in scary photo above.

When you are receiving information from energies that are not in a physical form, it’s more like the communications (in my experience) are felt mainly via the third eye, as a form of fuzziness and gentle pins and needles feelings.

I’m sure lots of you out there know what I mean, and have your own stories to share. It’s just that I don’t think enough of us ‘talk’ about it. Oh well.

And that, is that 😀

With LOVE xxx

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