Holographic Truths: Energy Management Part I

Here I go again. I am in a deep, unwavering, perpetual motion field, of learning. Again. For all I think I ever know, I don’t know much, and even then some. There is always more. There are always those intricately tiny pieces of jigsaw puzzle, peppered delightfully through my existence. Sometimes though, the irony is so very very subtle. Sometimes, I appreciate the sense of humour that the universe has.

What I have found along *my* path, is that the old chestnut of *faith* and *trust* are always present. Pushing me (you?) to the boundaries of the limitless limits. And that is why. I won’t apologise for starting my sentences with the word ‘and’, it serves my purpose much more deeply to use the language as it comes forth, rather than abide by all those rules that were once set…..

What I might discuss in my blog piece today, might be too far out for some. You may even disagree with me and that is completely fine. Actually, depending how frivolous I am feeling by the time I get to share my real points, I will quite probably have changed my mind and turned back into secretive Scorpio and you might not find out as much from me as I had initally intended. Oh well. I summarise and speak from my own personal experiences. With this disclaimer I say these words to you “take what resonates, forget the rest.” Again, I harp on about the reason for my writings, and that’s so that we all can benefit from my tiny journey in the multiverse. Maybe. Maybe you will, maybe you won’t, but one things for sure: It’s all happening.

In my past writings I intimated about energy streamers and attachments. Here it is. Multiple Embracement for a multi-threader.

As an energy lightworker, (and I just gave myself that label) – I am aware of energies. You are too. You know the way when you walk into a room and it feels like there are sparkly sparkles touching your face, and very much joyful in your heart? Yeahhhhh. It feels groovy and lovely. You know that way when someone catches you off guard and shouts at you? Mhmmm. Where do you feel that then? I feel this in my solar plexus. It’s all energy.

You know when you learn Reiki or other healing modalities one of the favourite ways to ‘ground’ your energy is to imagine the white light coming in from above, and down into the ground below you? Yes, I learned this too. One day though, I found this wasn’t enough. There’s something to be said for keeping your energy in check, and once you become aware of the effects all and everything has on you – Oh. Shazam. You have to work at this.

At the moment, and for a while now, I’ve not been grounding my energies in the way that I should have been. But, considering that I’d opinionated to myself that it wasn’t working anymore – what did I expect? I’d just commanded the universe to allow me to experience that this technique I had been using would not work for me anymore. Hmmm. Great. I can command things now and they happen immediately. OK. Taking in some deep breathes, Why? Why, would I wish this experience on myself?

Well, you see, some of the background to this blogging is that my energy was being ‘changed/upgraded’ call it whatever you like, I was being transformed, and the transformation was taking place to allow me to host what is now known as Galactic Heart Healing. This was in some ways a very gradual process over the last few years, and in other ways it was a complete heartbeat moment where all in the universe I could see, hear and feel. Visions abound. Feelings and Kundulini rising into the stratosphere, in the photons as I was a photon. Wowwweee man. Ok, I digress, but my points remain valid: Before my heart and body and energy were transformed into being Galactic I had to go through some huge clearings and ‘stuff’ first. I was having an energy crisis with another soul – karmic patterns and ties were all around me. My own energy was in meltdown. I couldn’t cope and it manifested as anxiety attacks.

I went where any misunderstood intuitive starseed would. I went to see my Regression Therapist. In this regression session I learned what my soul was telling my body to do in this instance. I had to sound a sound. Also, I saw the colour of my soul rise up from around my feet and whirlwind all around me, this totally shifted the energies in and around my wee body. Hold on a minute. That was amazing. I sounded a tone throughout my whole body and I was buzzing and vibrating with a tone. This helped hugely. On I went to face the world again. On I went.

So I realise that some of us are not aware of the different energies going around and how they can affect us. One of the places I feel most affected is in large busy environments, for example, on the train. In a theatre. In an office. You’ve got your electrical signals beaming out, the radio waves catching your hair, and the thoughts and feelings of every energy light being in a body all entangling themselves out and about and attaching onto you. Yip, that’s right – you. And, of course, me too. Then, you have the invisible realms entertwined in and around and inside and through the matrix of our reality too.

Then, as if that’s not enough to contend with you also have the words that people say to you. Directly and overheard. As we speak out our thoughts we give them an energy signature a bit like what I would say packet transmissions – they are encoded with your own signature and they have bits on them. Then you also have your reaction to these words. Internally you may feel a feeling, you may also be triggered by those word-energy packets that trigger something in your energy. This may be positive, negative or neutral. They may be all of the above. What happens when you react with a fearsome response? What does this do to your energy field? What does this do to the recipients field? How many people will walk through the space where you said your words today and catch a bit of that energy streamer in their hair, body or aura? Can you imagine?

Whilst leading a small class recently I gave the imagery of wearing your thoughts and feelings like a badge in your energy. Heavy thoughts, light thoughts. The thoughts and words and dreams of others. I believe in that instance I requested the groups permission to work with angels to do the clearing. Knowing that at all times you actually have the power to clear your own energy field if you choose to do it. Angels, however, are great for this, and I advocate their use to do this. But, something I have been doing very much more for myself of late: is learning the consequences of not clearing your energy and why it is my responsibility (and not anyone else’s) to do so.

Around 8 weeks ago I was struck down with a mystery illness which rendered me energetically numb and helpless in my bed for around 6 days. On the weeks leading up to this I felt fine, but I did notice something peculiar: my dreams were not as clear on the visionary level, nor could I recall their detail the same. Whats up with that then? Well, what’s up with that is this: I use my visual cortex abilities and expect to have these amazingly symbolic and interesting dreams, as many of them are actually my travels. I felt something was wrong. Also, I felt that my connection with my guides, angels and loved ones was somehow under a cloud. Stepped back, if you will. Disconnected even. But then, this isn’t true. No actual disconnection took place. There can never be a disconnection, therefore I surmised that this was an illusion I had brought myself to allow myself to understand and work my way through it.

OK, you say. SO what?

Well, so what this: When you live intuitively as much as you can, when you feel like the tap has been switched off – you miss it! Enter internal guidance systems on high powered overdrive. I felt like I didn’t have to speak to my angels any more. I actively observed that I did not speak to them. Why was I not speaking to them? I don’t know, I just wasn’t. It made me think of something from a while back. A really wise woman was advising about angels and she said that we don’t need angels to do the work for us: we can do it ourselves. Now. At the time of me hearing this statement I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing. I was like!!! What!!! A ton of exclamation marks. How can she say this? But now and over the last year, I have come to understand this. We ‘use’ the support of our angels because we don’t fully recognise our own power. This hit me squarely and I had a wee rant on my facebook page:

I was feeling like having a rant, and also to remind everyone of the magical loves that are angels: 

I have to say this: When you try TOOO hard to connect to your angels OR your inner guidance, it almost certainly becomes way too hard to discern what feeling or voice is your own. With this, I mean: let go of the fear of not connecting – you are already connected. You know this. Your higher self i
s always on, and so are your angels. Mind chatter can sometimes blur the edges of discernment. Quite often, it’s the first thought that is always the correct one, in my experience.

Now, take some nice deep breaths and speak to your guides/angels/you own higher self, tell them to keep on keeping on until you get the message. Tell them that when it dawns on you – you will tell them thanks and acknowledge them for the message received. It works. I do it all the time, I do it in the car. I do it in my mind. I ask. Say good morning to your guardian angel and ask to be given a tactile sensation that you are aware of? I like the gentle breezy/fuzz sensation on my temples or cheeks 

For example: Thank you for giving me the right vibe about that situation. (Note it’s in a style of having already received the desired outcome) then feel free to describe in all glory of detail (angels don’t get bored of listening) and just speak like you would your best friend. In all honesty the angels know more about me than anyone else on the planet 

Then, be open, prepared and actively aware of what could be your signal/sign/message: a song your hear by chance, the line in a song, a feeling in your body, a sense of knowing, overhearing a conversation, finding a feather/penny and the thought that was in your head at that very moment, seeing repeating number sequences (these could be ANYTHING, for example 444 or 48 or anything). There are unlimited ways that signs or guidance will be given to you. Be open, and when you notice something that you think could quite possibly be *the* message/sign/feeling – say thanks (cos it dawned on you), and ask for another one if you are feeling like you might need it and just to be sure, until you get the hang of this 

Repeat above process until something drops into your awareness and you just KNOW. Not all signs are accompanied by those sparkly sparkle lights, and – they don’t need to be, either. Your body contains EVERYTHING that you require for your lifetime on this planet, and I have to say it’s a case of learning how it works, properly. I’m still learning. Surfing the gigantic learning curves.

Follow guidance and feelings, sometimes having to take a leap of faith (like the fool) and just getting on it to do it anyway. 
Sometimes we have to speak to angels because we believe that they have a higher ‘power’ than we do. In my experience, that is because we don’t fully accept our own power in the first place. I love angels, they have guided me and saved my life: because I created a relationship with them. They are ALWAYS there, just waiting to hear from you 

Now, please. Don’t misunderstand me here. I LOVE my angels, I love your angels too. I love them all. I love you all too.

You are responsible for managing your own energy. This means: your thoughts, your feelings, your reactions and how you respond and react to others. When you get to the neutral observer stage, I have found that this is *the* most comfortable and preferable place to be in. How do you get there then? In all honesty, I’m not quite sure, but I do know that our relationships and interactions provide the platform for our ascension process and ascending energies. There’s a lot of talk about unconditional love etc going on, and in all honesty – Yes, I did reach that point. It’s very hard to describe what it feels like, but when you get there it seems that you can see shifts in others and yourself on a different level. Some people in the physical have been at the unconditional love ‘level’ (it’s not really a level, it’s an internal shift of your energies) and lots of us are just coming into those vibrations now. So, something dawned on me:

The reason that forgiveness is very important is not only as it hurts you not to forgive; it’s to allow you the experience and freedom to integrate non-judgements into your waking life, and this, in turn assists your ascension and anchoring more of your soul energy and light here in the physical plane

The karma ties relationship I spoke of above, allowed me to truly forgive, as I was able to see patterns playing out and identify the situation for what it really was. I could rise above any seeming negative, and despite all the advice from wellmeaners to chop this person out of my life: I saw an illuminated path laid out before me, once which I will never forget the lessons I have learnt. I decided to forgive as best I could, and I surrendered the outcome to my creator. This was one my experiences of experiencing unconditional love. I was able to understand the actual reasons behind the situation I found myself in, and what it meant for my soul growth.

It wasn’t long after that experience that some very good things started to happen for me, one of these being the Galactic Heart work.

So, back and forward in linear time to now. Right now, I am in the middle of yet what I am labelling (even though I say I don’t like the labels as they limit – but hey – it creates a picture here) as an energy crisis. Yip, you heard correct. Another teaching timeline, another tool for self growth. Another round of you-thought-you-knew-stuff-but-you-still-have-to-work-at-it. You still have to work at it. I still have to work with myself, I am always learning. This time I am experiencing Throat Chakra blockages, tears in my aura at my throat and the tiredness and pain to go along with this. I am alright. I was stranded in my bed again asking myself WHY? Why am I ill again? I pleaded with my guides and loved ones to come closer to help me understand. Silence. Oh for goodness sake! Where are you? Ok, time to get on it myself and stop acting so powerless.

I lay in my bed and I proceeded to use my favourite self-healing lightbeams of Blue light from Sirius.  Mhhhmmm. Nothing was happening. I couldn’t feel a thing. Nothing that my body could perceive was happening. No sensations, no light into my lightbody feeling. Nothing. I did, however manage to see with my eyes closed, the colour of my guardian Angel, swirling around me. I could see her energy in my mind’s eye. Cool. I will just lie here and tell my body I love it. So, that’s what I did. I repeated over in my mind ‘ I love you body.’ I love my body. You should love yours too. Bodies are so totally amazing. Our bodies are brilliant receptors for the vibration of anything we come into contact with. The ability to know or perceive colour through eyes or not is based on the vibrational frequency between our energy and another energy. We are made of light as is everything in the universe, thus, our body radar decodes what that frequency is. We come here to earth with all the tools we would ever need – our bodies.

I lay there quite helpless with my major headache symptoms, not being able to lift my head or body up from the bed for more than a few seconds. Leaving to go to the bathroom was a major effort. I had been thrown headlong into a tiny vacation of memory – back to a time around 17 years ago when I was experiencing at that time, glandular fever. My cellular memories were kicked into action. My observer status was on standby. How am I going to react this time? I decided to trust in my body, and I asked for healers that were 100% from the light to come and assist me with whatever this was going on with me now. I am blessed with the understandings of realisation, through experience that I have to look after my own energy better. I wasn’t sleeping much, but I was laying in a state of just being there.

I began to become aware of some tonal soundings in my ears. Each ear was resonating a different tone, and these tones were changing in pattern, in speed and in frequency vibration. As this happened, I could sense some relief and my headache was beginning to subside. Awesome. I love you whoever that was, you made me feel a bit clearer. There was still work to be done.

In short, I carried out a powerful meditation and in this meditation I was able to remove around 5 energetic entities that had bound themselves to my energy, I saw their differing forms, and I removed them. Honestly – I cannot begin to explain the difference in my body feelings. Whoa. The weight that had been lifted was immense. You know what, I could have imagined it all. What if I did? Oh well then. I mean, for all I have seen or experienced I still question. I still question and attempt to analyse. The difference in my energy is notable. I have been very tired and dizzy, and this still continues. However, these spells appear to be lessening as I realise what is and has been going on with my energy body. Now, please. Don’t be fearsome when you read what I have shared. There is no need. This can be, an every day occurrence (and yeah yeah, I speak of it as if it’s fully a norm), yet we are generally unaware of this being able to happen. There was a regression some time ago which I completed, and at the very start my therapist checked for attached entities. Yes, I had some. Oh my. At that point I wasn’t aware that this could be so. She kindly explained that we are ALL energy and therefore we attract energies for the ride, sometimes. This energy used my voice to speak through me, and my therapist sent this energy back to the light. Wowsers. How beautiful (my regression therapists’s words), and it truly was, as I could feel this energy leaving me and the amount of love that was there was just simply awesome.

Guys, I am not sharing this to be mean. Honestly. In my journey there are more things on heaven on earth than I can speak properly with my current voice, or have the words or language to explain. Sometimes, though, it’s all about the knowing so we can share, and so we can learn more stuff. Oops, I forgot to conclude that my dreams and visions came back with more clarity. Whoop. Whoop.

Some energy clearing techniques:

1. Soul Colour
Take some deep breathes. Ask you soul colour to come forward and make itself known to you. You might see this in your mind’s eye, or you may feel it. Just go with it. Ask your soul colour to come to you. Mine appeared at my feet and began to swirl upwards around me. Go with whatever happens, knowing with your intention that you are asking to clear yourself of all that is not required for you.

2. Elements abound
Take some deep breathes. Delicious. Imagine that you are under a giant waterfall/tree/earth/fire whatever you feel like needs for today. I sometimes use the element that is associated with your birth starsign. Merge with this energy of the water/air/fire/tree etc, intend to clear your field

3. Shielding with colour
Colour contains vibrational essence and has a very clearing affect on our auras and energy centres. I have been known to use the colour of pale silver light which I see platinum, and then call forward the diamond light beams called Aurora which appear as a brilliant radiant sparkly rainbow sparkles, and breath this all in and back out of every cell in your body. However, you may call forward whichever colour you see in your mind or body and call it over your body and aura, covering you all. I like to use Rose-Pink light, as this is very loving when dealing with others who throw out their toxicity all over you (unbeknowns to them, but your heart feels it).

4. Pineal Gland
I am calling this one pineal gland, because instead of imagining that you are calling forward light from an external source – you are using your own light. You have control over your own light energy and vibration, therefore, see in the centre of your mind a beautiful spark of light. Grow it out, make it bigger, fill your whole body up and breathe. Breathe it ALL in and out. Expand it all out and just know how powerful you are.

5. Dimensional Shielding
I used to do a technique on myself where I would be bringing up light from my feet and then up through the top of my head, and then out into the universe up above me. I have no idea why I started to do this, other than: it felt nice. So, give it a try. You can also follow this amazing you tube video from Lisa Renee and try this shielding technique for yourself. And, if you see me in real life, I quite often use a version of this whilst doing my galactic heart work, as it allows the energies to be self-set and grounded by each individual before being connected to in other dimensions.

6. Angels
I am loving Archangel Michael for doing the hoovering in my energy field, and I may also call upon Archangel Jophiel to keep my thoughts beautiful. I don’t want anyone to feel any bad vibes from me! I don’t have any, so that’s so cool, but you know – tempers can be lost, and annoyances arise – especially when you can’t speak up and your body takes the hit instead.

I’ve probably gone a little overboard with the blog today. I am so grateful for each and every one of you my dear readers. I am glad you come back to read whatever stuff I may have to say. Ultimately humbling indeed.

Until next time: I love you 🙂


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