Holographic Truths & Insular Polarities: The Twin Flame

Much is written about the twin flame connection, and much is written about how you can meet your twin flame. For the cliff notes version this is a brief paraphrase what has been said: A twin flame is *the* ultimate love experience you could have here on earth. Or they even said how you can meet your own twin so you may flame together in the eternal oneness. This is what has been said. But, what they didn’t say (to a satisfaction that served my curiousity) was what was actually happening to your energy, OR why.

The beloved Rupert Sheldrake coined the term of morphogenetic fields. I wasn’t fully appraised of this term until one day those words appeared in my mind. Thus, I had to google, and then I found Rupert. And then I found that within a few days time, he would be appearing close to where I live. Super.

From my perspective you resonate toward each other when the moon and the stars are in the correct alignment and your soul has already agreed. If this is part of your soul contract for your earth role. From my perspective, your twin flame is part of you. There is no separation. There is no ‘other half’ you are wholes of a whole. Another part of of your main 12 aspected soul self, and your polarities merge at an infinitesimal speed. Bonding takes place on a photon level, and your life will never be the same again. The reason life will never be the same again, is because you are called to function with your Christed energy body, you will be appraised in remembering your life mission, and you will know that you have an important job to carry out. What you might not know is how to ‘deal’ with all of this, and it might throw you into a mental space of madness. Questioning your sanity. Not knowing how to unknow, and certainly not having the words or correct terminology to explain to surrounding family or friends. Oh well, back into the closet you go then. And life goes, on.

Quite probably before you have this shift, you will be resonating out a vibe (perhaps unbeknownst to you?), and you will draw forward others who have ‘had’ this twin flame experience (morphogenetic resonance, anyone?) Those who have experienced this twin flame energy bond, will start to resonate towards others who have had this experience. There’s a little frequency match in your energy packets, you see darling?

So? What of this?

Well you know earth is such a harsh environment something had to give. I mean, on a day to day conversational level: this duality sucks. As energy neutral creators, we have the power to assign an overcast bit as a lightful high vibe send out, Or we have the ability to create a denser more heavy vibe send out. We use this ability in our every action, with the intention behind that send out. Sometimes this can become so heavy that the experiences of hurt are so great, and sometimes hijacked to empower a different source. So, the light-using-creator-masters had a plan that they wished to test out and see how it was received. It has been received well. What was once a seemingly rare occurrence has become the new ‘templating’ for now. Using our simultaneous multi-dimensional, omni-dimensional existence/incarnations in physical and non-physical past present and future in the NOW, we are encoded to create shifts. And, I can’t say before linear time. I think this is what we have been waiting for, huh? It must have been received well, because more of us are taking up our divine missions to change everything, and we are doing it.

Twin flames are ushering in the shift from duality into oneness. This is sometimes written as the shift from 3d to 5d and/or heart centred living. They do so by integrating their energy fields into everything that they do. They do it by being their complete, and authentic selves. This energy field encompasses all and shifts start to occur and awaken in those who come into contact, be it by written word, touch, thought or contact. The work that is done by hosting energy and moving and a-shaking, is ultimately loving and sometimes when you hold deep love for everything, those whose hearts are not opened yet sometimes don’t have that same level of perspective. This is an observation, and certainly not a judgement. My heart centre has only been truly opened for a fraction of my physical linear existence. It’s almost like jumping up to the top of a pyramid, the panoramic vista is one to behold. Once it happens though, you *do* understand. Once you have been removed from the lens of fear, of general everyday chitchat and drama, you can see so very very clearly. No one said you might see so clearly, but you do. This is an awakened integrating phase. To say you see the bigger picture might not be a descriptive enough phrase. You see the multi-dimensionality of not only yourself, but all of those here on the planet, all of those not on the planet and beyond. Glimpses of something you cannot forget. Sometimes this is a struggle. This is part of the ride, though. Don’t forget that part. The journey is quite often the best part. The love that you feel for absolutely everyone, without judgement, is an immense force indeed.

Shifting occurs and catalyses at a time when your own physical body can manage and accept the changes. The physical body is being restructured and changed. This can quite often have an extreme effect with the fluctuations and the sensations and the thoughts. The period of ascension on this physical earth is led by our soul and as our bodies react to the influx of light, we assimilate in our own time. I was advised that even when you think that nothing is happening – everything is. Changes occur at the right speed or level for you in that moment. We are all journeying and accepting at our best levels as available to us in the ‘now’. Progress is in alignment with the cell changes within your own body. I may have said this before, but the ascension energies are really a descension of our soul energies into our physical. We are ascending masters. Masters of descension. Never before on earth have so many of us been bringing in huge amounts of soul energy, to assist. We do so with love. Whilst questioning a few soul family members recently, I posed the question: Did we really sign up for this mission? Abso-freaking-lutely.

The sacred marriage or merging of polarities within the physical body to activate the micro cosmic orbit can sometimes be assisted by code sharing between souls who can support our integration and many have called this a twin flame or alchemical union.

You are in an awareness level now, of your true expanded light-fullness, and in knowing, also, of the power of your own energy field which is not confined to your physical body, nor is it confined in space or time. Please use your intuition wisely to you for the next steps to highest joy. You are each lighting up a section in your area (geographically) which in turn will awaken those who feel the pull, and enlighten each and every one of them to step further into their gifts. There is a huge clearing and balancing taking place, and those who step forward to assist are on a vibrational calling level. 


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