Soul Mates: Heart Chakra Rainbow Bursts

With sprinkles on top.

If I could impart one piece of advice to you, it’s this: always, always go with what your heart FEELS. This is your soul speaking to you, and to continually not listen, or not honor is to cut yourself off from a life of complete bliss, joy and ecstasy. In a painful manner.

I have recently been floored – again! (in strange ways) by encounters from people in my life, some I don’t know very well, and others I know very well too much. I want to share with you this: most humans live in their root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. By this I mean, our lives are directed by these physical rooters. Our security, power, wants and wills and creation. Some humans live with more chakras fully open, and the more spiritually aware or love centred awareness ushers in, these upper body chakras are those which we live by, and not so focused on the material aspects of the physical rooters. 

Even more so now (I mean super speedy and not taking 50 years like it used to), heart chakras are being sparked on in full tilt. In those olden days, I think that only ascended masters achieved an ‘open heart’ chakra in their lifetimes. You’d think though, (especially since hearts are so rosy red and such a lovely shape…except mine, mine is now blue for galactic) that when your heart chakra opens, it’s a lovely nice flowing sensation. Hmmm. Not in my experience. My heart chakra was activated in layers, and in stages. On a physical, mental and emotional level. It hurt.

Was that the ecstatic historically depicted heart chakra-opening-shift I was just experiencing?  ‘NO, dear, it was just those mothballs being blown out from the dusty creaky and extremely dark corridors of your heart.’  

There is an achy pain that occurs with this chakra being brought to life. Like some wheels in an old cuckoo clock, that need a bit of oil before they are spinning up. In fact, if I were to take a measuring tape to my torso, the whole area from the top of the ribcage to inside the top of where you might feel your solar plexus, is the achy breaky heart region. And then, there’s my back. Argggh. Yes, no spiritual book ever taught that this whole chakra would encompass a large painfulness and create your inner radar to just ‘know’ that these shifts are 1) natural, 2) a bit strange (until you get the hang of it) and 3) required.

Alas, allow me to share a tiny morsel regarding the opening of the heart chakra. So, you can read as many books as you like, but until you’ve experienced it for yourself  ‘I ain’t gonna tell ya’ll what it is, but best believe it’s gonna be flamin’. Or similar analogies that may escape my memoirs.

The heart energy is such an amazing field, that when yours is doing a little dance, making space into creating its own energy in a larger and all encompassing pathway – it might feel like something you never experienced before. For example: before my heart chakra blossomed open, I don’t *really* recall what it felt like to do energy work without it always aching in my chest. This might sound crazy, but there’s a certain level of mental difference and thoughtstream processing that occurs when one’s heart is truly open. I’ve travelled deep into my own heart, I’ve had chats in there with certain emotions. I have come to realise (on a whole new level from before) that all is not as it seems, and once this is truly truly known: life appears very different from the different life you were already aware of. I have come face to face with my inner ‘issues’, desires and dreams. Also in my heart were my fears. One of the things I notice the most since my heart sparked a rainbow chakra burst is that my ability to discern energy for what it *truly* is, ie the energetic signature behind the actions or words of others, is even more finely tuned and even more highly perceptible. Before you may have reached a layer or level that you feel is a good achievement personally, but when you break through that level to what seems like a higher attainment, it feels even more so. Your stargate to your own uni-verse has just been super activated, and the universe is all of your own creation. Get on it!
My heart chakra opening tips are perhaps not what you’d think. Yes, be kind to others (if you feel like it), yes, be thoughtful (if it’s your vibe) but most of all – be your most authentic self ever. Follow what your heart feels like doing. This will never steer you wrong. In fact, if you attempt any falseness or do not honor the heart-radar, then there’s not going to be much change occurring.  You might even find yourself back at the door of self-perception, one where the universe (colluding with your soul-mate, soul contractees and contractors) swings you back into another dramatic drama, one whereby your teachings or lessons or rememberings are up the front of the class again. Do you really want another drama? Despite all our social conditioning and laws imposed upon us, the heart always knows. Once you realise life is so much better without these invisible-manmade hinderance, things start swaying so gently in the breeze. Like a beautiful willow.
Part of my ‘spiritual’ activations/learnings/initiations (call them what you will……) was to encounter the same patterns or types of situation, and break them down into tiny chunks, address them, and then deal with them through my responses. Also, facing up to the reasons why you feel a certain way about something and speaking out your truth to others, is also a hugely healing and highly recommended way of shifting and growing for yourself. I realised that I was being given opportunities to re-address a personality trait or emotional brick wall through the relationships I have with others. One of my responses was to create better boundaries. I stood back to see where I was not in the direct flow and balance of giving and receiving. Had I allowed myself to give to much of myself to another, just to live up to their plans, or agenda? Had this led me to believe that I was receiving nothing in return? Had I been *played* into someone else’s plans without my knowing? Where did my true path to happiness lead? What did my heart have to say about my choices; sink or float and soar?? What was the physical sensation of such choices? 
Another of these responses was to truly forgive, and when we can truly forgive, we realise: it’s all part of the plan. Our relationships, on ALL levels, with everyone we come into contact with, all play a certain foundation for what ever it is we are here to achieve. I’ve said it before, but I will say it again (just because I can, and it’s a powerful realisation for me) the following is excerpted from my previous post here.
 There’s a lot of talk about unconditional love etc going on, and in all honesty – Yes, I did reach that point. It’s very hard to describe what it feels like, but when you get there it seems that you can see shifts in others and yourself on a different level. Some people in the physical have been at the unconditional love ‘level’ (it’s not really a level, it’s an internal shift of your energies) and lots of us are just coming into those vibrations now. So, something dawned on me:

The reason that forgiveness is very important is not only as it hurts you not to forgive; it’s to allow you the experience and freedom to integrate non-judgements into your waking life, and this, in turn assists your ascension and anchoring more of your soul energy and light here in the physical plane

The karma ties relationship I spoke of above, allowed me to truly forgive, as I was able to see patterns playing out and identify the situation for what it really was. I could rise above any seeming negative, and despite all the advice from wellmeaners to chop this person out of my life: I saw an illuminated path laid out before me, once which I will never forget the lessons I have learnt. I decided to forgive as best I could, and I surrendered the outcome to my creator. This was one my experiences of experiencing unconditional love. I was able to understand the actual reasons behind the situation I found myself in, and what it meant for my soul growth.
Recently I encountered someone who was searching for the way out of their head, and into their heart. The heart has always been there, and is not a separate part of the body or energy system, as has the head and mind. The thoughts of the mind are the manifest agent for what the heart energy creates. Erm…let me rephrase that one – the heart energy is a creator field, and the mind is the program to run the field. Both working in tandem with each other, but very often – we stifle one out for the other. It is often opinionated that going with the heart is some kind of  ‘soft, unintelligable’ way to live our life. Whoooooshhh. No chance! We can be intelligent and lead with our hearts, as this is ultimately the shift that our planet requires, and as such, many more are coming into their true heart centredness earlier in life. Thankfully!!!
So. My point re the soulmates. Everyone you meet is a potential soul contract buddy. You check out my online profile, and I….Well I……Pause for a breath as I realise I have been waiting such a long time. Or, you might just stop me and stare into my eyes whilst hugging me and proclaiming wildly ‘I know you from somewhere!!!’ as you are kissing my cheeks with sheer delightful vigour. I wasn’t knocking you back!! Or you as a soul contract buddy may even post rainbows to me, as another might stab me in the back whilst I wasn’t expecting, or just because I appear to be ‘too nice.’ Ahharrr. I might be nice, but dim I shall not be. 
Soul mates come in all shapes and sizes, they are all around us, and our biggest support mechanism, despite when it seems contrary. Throughout our lives in a linear fashion they are sprinkled, and some are in slight disguise. Some, as we know, have that *thing* with their eyes, and others, well….others hold our hands and let us be ourselves, so deeply, so truly ourselves. So, it’s the whole contact with others, the way we conduct ourselves, how we allow ourselves to notice. The way we hold ourselves and connect with each other. The way we trust that this is how it must be. The way we let go, and realise; until we let go, the wave on the horizon cannot fully touch the shore. The way we allow ourselves to appreciate another, and truly let them know this. The way we show our love, not just to those close to us, but to all we encounter on our paths. If that is how our path feels. I wish you heart chakra rainbow bursts, and you know what? It’s one of *the* most amazing experiences you might have in a body so beautiful as yours. 
I had a red dragon once. He flew down to me from a star, onto a beach where I stood. My dragon gave me a rainbow inside a crystal ball. He said that he offered me strength and courage, he wished me to follow my heart more. He said “as you feel your passion, you become your true self.” When I received those words, my heart felt a huge release and I cried some tears from the depth of my being. As I type this here now, I realise and am joining the dots of *who* my dragon is. His name presented with a rhyming rhyme, as I now send love back up to him where he currently lives. Whooosh. Another heart centred gratitude moment. Thank you, thank you thank you. 
I wish for us all to become our true selves, discovering our own passions, and following our hearts to the max. If you are unable to discern what your heart wants in any given moment, just take a moment to decide what that happy joy feeling really feels like, and commit yourself to attaining this with your every choice, and thought. 
With Love, to all our soul mates –  past present and future, cos you guys make this whole world seem bright 😀
Mhairi xxx

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