Holographic Truths: We are Ascending Masters Part I

And, by that, I mean *we are masters of IN-cension*

I started this piece a number of months ago, and shelved it in favour of some of my other ramblings. But, it’s still relevant to all of our journeys I do believe. But, as with anything I write, if you don’t think so – switch off now 😀

So. Recently I’ve been steeped in some more learning curves. These guys are so curvy, I thought I’d gone all topsy turvey. But, you know weebles, they wobble but they don’t fall down. I guess this is the trick, the coping mechanism, if you will. I’ve been riding inside a giant torus, and it’s all curvy waves in there too.

A few posts back I was going on about being in a bubble, one where-there is no voice. There are no angels right by my side, but they are still ‘there.’ One day, I may eat my words, but for now: this is how it *feels* My guides and Angels side stepped me, as they realised I was wakening up into my own power. Ironically enough though, I felt at my *most* unplugged ever. In some ways, I still do.

Despite all I know, all I know to be true in my heart, and all the knowings and experiences that I have encountered, all my teachers coming in when I need them (and, OH boy they know how to set the path!) all my deepest darkest ‘stuff’ re-surfacing and even some fears coming to pass: This is how it shall be, because as ever, there is another dawn on the ginormous horizon. This dawn, has been integrating for some time now. The time it takes me to accept things is fluctuating wildly.

My own ego whispers wildly in a distant tumbleweed land such things as “come onnnnnn! How can you really believe that what you write about it actually worth something???” It continues to say things like, “huh? You actually believe that telepathy is real?” “Pah” Galactic Heart? Rhymes with Galactic Splat, and you tell people you are here for this mission????” and right when I get the gallantry to kick its ass and face up to it, I decide to hold cosmic energies for a while longer than normal and I kick my body back to the kerb. Whoever knew you could receive sunstroke from holding super high vibes of cosmic energies through your physical earth body??? Welllll. I did say steep learning, didn’t I? That ego is still a whisper though. It’s at its most quiet whisper-like-blether ever. Which must mean something, right?

It’s very quiet inside my head, and it’s oh so awesome.

Look, I know. I know I might be repeating part of my previous posts, but it’s all linked in, you see?

Ok. OK. I know what’s going on here. I just don’t like to admit it. Probably. But then, where’s the power of knowing the knowings and not letting them out to be shared?

I am drawn to a recollection of fleetings from a past encounter whereby I realised that there is NO value difference with the roles we play while we are here. I mean, really. We are all playing (yes, we are playing) out our own authentic heart based selves, and in doing so, we cha-cha-cha people into their own rhythms, to balance out our own. Even when you can’t see that this might be so. It still is. Just yesterday I had been thinking about a friend whose path was very similar to another’s. They were both being themselves, but as one had taken a differing path, it didn’t mean that the other had to stop what they were doing. We are all here for our own purposes, and, when you can see it clearly: There is NO competition. You have to know that. It comes with self worth, it comes with love. Which, sometimes the soul works in tandem with the ego to allow some shifting perceptions to allay the magnification of such traits of personality and character.

I mean, as humans in the physical experience of linear time, we place value on the length of time we are afforded. When really – eternity is happening in the NOW, all is the NOW and therefore my little facetiousness in my song ‘if only eternity were not so brief……every single moment, we’d have to believe. Real love, complete in a moment…..’ everything can occur in a moment. It’s just that we place value on the length of it.

So what would a master of descension be doing, in this lifetime then, eh? Well, we would be hanging out and learning all about our inner selves. We might even be working through a whole load of emotional drama to shift for ourselves and others. We may have given up most of the drama in favour of a perspective that we have finally attained since our awakening to the higher realms. We may then have a heart-opening experience, one where we just know with our inner knowings that that heart has to shift to create, and sometimes it feels like its breaking, but it’s really opening up. All the way up. Which leads me onto the part about having it fully open means we actually feel less pain. Yes, you read me right. More on this in heart chakras part 2, due out in a few weeks time. We may also be feeling the power of our own soul, the energy of the multiverse, and the remembrance of why we are here. Meanwhile, within the energy bodies – a whole lotta shakin’s goin on. It’s all about YOU. And your YOU-N & I-VERSE, in the multiverse, of your dimensional soul. We are all in it together people. Strands of beautiful proton light of love. With a plasma cherry on top.

I’d like to say, to my readers who were concerned from an earlier blog entry – I had great teenage years! In many ways I am still a teenager at heart. Oh to be young at heart. The only trouble was I had gigantic energy problems and emotional issues galore. BUT, I love that this happened. I truly do. I didn’t love it at the time, Oh no I didn’t. What a drain on my resources. It’s been that self-mastery trip, detour from the straight road track. I still love that it happened, as it’s caused me to create knowings and understandings to stand my on good stead –  or else, I wouldn’t be here now, pouring out my very heart and soul to myself. Yawn Yawn, Blahdy Blah.

So, back to this ascending masters. There has been no guidebook to speak of, as such. Although I am sure there are millions of great books out there, all those experiences and learnings to be absorbed: The best learnings ever are those which you are allowed to experience. I can’t tell you that I meditate every day, it’s just not true. (except if you are my Sifu, I am a standing Zen convertee) In fact, now I think of it, my driving time acts like a meditation…….Also, I’ve only just embarked a few months into my yoga journey, and oh my goodness! I wish I’d gone sooner. The chakra clearings and body alignments after even 2 classes are remarkable. I love you Yoga! I love my Yoga Master 🙂 after a few cats and dogs, I have high functioning open chakras that allow more divine wisdom to flow. Ooooh. Why didn’t they have this in school??? Another thing I have just embarked on too and felt very guided to this is Qi Gong. Woweee. I am advocating the use of these physical body movements to assist with any ascension body physical changes you are encountering. How could I have missed out on this before? I have no idea…But you know me – when the moon and the stars are in alignment and the time is always perfect……

Then there’s the whole ‘thank you for being my teacher’ thing. I am certain to praise and credit others where praise and credit is due. I was enlightened by a friend just this last week – who assisted me in my learning curve as he told me how to fix the thing I was trying to fix for him. I thanked him for being my teacher in that moment, as it had allowed me to learn even more. Grateful. Then there’s the whole ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears.’ Very recently a dear friend said to me that they considered me their teacher….Woah now! I don’t consider myself a teacher!!! But, we all teach each other, just by being here and being ourselves. And then, another of my ‘teachers’ magnetised into my life, and for that, again, in more layers than I have words to describe, I am truly grateful.

What I guess I am trying to condense into less than 777 words is this: if you find yourself without your usual visual cues of angels/invisibles/etheric plane beings et al (however you receive them….sparkles, tingles, cool sensations, hazes, feathers, younameit it happens) if you find yourself without the regular chitter chatter of your invisibles as a vibration inside your head (yes, that happens too and you know it) and if you find yourself just ‘knowing’ stuff instead of feeling like you are ‘receiving’ it from an external source….Don’t panic. You have not lost your higher sensory perceptions – you are learning how to fully and completely manage your own energy and conserve all externally received input and your own projections or outputs- because you just don’t need those extra cues anymore. Integration periods are always very ‘integrating.’ More on this another day.

We are ascending masters, masters of incension.



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