Holographic Truths: Energy Management Part II

In case you missed it – here is Part I.

Just imagine for a second that you’d been granted complete control over a high functioning, super powered, ultimate precision vehicle, and that its prime mission was to be an explorer, a multifunctional vessel. Whilst in this vessel, you could make commands, you could fire all warp drives on super power, and you could outrun the klingons which harboured your starboard deck. You could utilise this vessel as your home, where it would sustain you in loving protection, it would allow you to run ‘programs’ and give you a lifetime pass into the ‘Holodeck’, whereby you could set some intentional commands, and allow these to be your reality.

You don’t have to imagine too much though: this is the reality of your body. Your body is the most technologically advanced creation. Ever. Your very own spaceship. Lightship. Geometric subspace patterned with high frequency codes, and the ability to learn the owner manual, just by intending to go inside.

I realised something this week (again), as I was pondering a few themes. I know I might be repeating myself, but it’s the same concept in a different vibe. Bear with me……It struck me that so many out there are searching for ‘who’ they really are, the ‘what’ am I here to do, and the ‘how’ will I do it. Many are chasing and saturating themselves in the hunt for a more ‘spiritual’ existence, and are seeking the answers outwith themselves. At one point in my life, I would have said I was quite possibly seeking everything outwith myself. I wanted to learn more, I didn’t understand all the teachings, or the words, or the real power of what others were trying so sweetly to convey. I reckon that now though, where I stand and what I have experienced on my own path- has allowed me to reason with and realise what some were speaking of before. I haven’t searched outside of myself for quite some time now. I have no urge to read any spiritual texts or read the old adages of learning. I am content with the path my own inner learning is providing, and it allows me to ‘BE’ in my own space within our frequency path, and adjust my inner knowings at a comfortable pace for me. But, this is just my experience. It holds no more or less value than you and yours. There is no value difference between our paths, what we have achieved, what we have not – it’s just right for you and it’s just right for me. This is the way it shall be.

We each are on our own levels and our own paths. This will always be a fluctuation of inner resonance, versus external and the many layers of understanding.

One of the things I have spoken about before is the heart chakra opening, and the varied perceptions I have had in relation to that. As we each open ourselves up to whatever is ‘there’ for us, or how we will become more aware of ourselves in our spaceship bodies on this planet, we are all on fluctuating levels of frequency. I often can see some ‘energy’ updates giving advice and perceptions from those beings and humans, on what is shifting, or what is now becoming through on an energetic level to the planet. For example talking of 5th Dimensional frequencies and how this will manifest in the ‘now’.

Sometimes, I don’t resonate with this. There isn’t anything ‘wrong’ with not feeling resonance with what someone else has said, it’s how we can navigate our own truth-path inner knowing (and that is just perfect at all times). You may even not feel resonance with some of my own writings, and that, again, is just perfect too. The reason I don’t always find these energy updates applicable to me at that moment, is that I know that however these energies are going to manifest any changes or shifts in my life, lightbody, soul essence or whatever – is in alignment with my own chosen path. Self discernment.

For the same reason, I don’t always wish to receive any ‘energies’ that others are transmitting. And, yet, on other occasions, I feel vibed towards them, and will allow myself to receive them. To allow any attachment onto the outcome or reasoning of why someone wants the energies you are anchoring versus, why they do not – is not being in true alignment with the love frequency in its purest format. The free will aspect of our make up has to be honored in others, and not judged. Self discernment.

Ok, back to the path then. I was laying on the ground recently at my childhood home, and a sudden sense of familiarity washed over me. I was laying there and almost accessing a time gone by, where I would lie on my bed and just stare up at the ceiling. I used to do this for hours at a time. It was my time. No intrusions, no one to speak to or have to answer or converse with. It was all me in there, alone. Just the way I liked it. I’ve had certain situations in my life where I’ve had to ‘remove’ myself from situations and being in other people’s company. I need my own space. In fact, I am very comfortable being on my own, and I need A LOT of being on my ‘own’ time. It’s just the way I like it.

Whilst on the ground, looking sidey-ways at the world, I remembered something that used to cross my mind, and it sounded a little something like this ‘Is this really all there is?’ ‘SURELY, there is something more than this?’ ‘I cannot believe how limiting this feels,’ ‘Get up, go to school, get a job, have kids and then what? Is this REALLY what is here???’ I can’t shake this feeling I had. I always knew there was more. I couldn’t conceive of a life that just had mundane mundaneness in it. Please, I am not talking of material or physical attributes, or to be sounding ungrateful for the amazing life I have had up to this point, I mean, honestly – the 9 to 5 drone, and the aspects of discordance with my own being.

I was sharing with a friend the other day, that in certain moments I wish I’d done or achieved more before I reached where I am now. It made me realise again, that in my younger years fear was holding me back. Not just the fear of not succeeding, but all sorts of permutations of how a fear might manifest for me. Not being good enough, not being understood, not being nourished for who I really am. Not being brave enough to do things all by myself, not realising that this fear, either internal or external was a complete faker. It’s all fake (read:illusion). Fear is a construct that we can actually break out of. If I’d even had any sort of inkling that I could have been steering my own spaceship in another direction……..Warp Drives on super heart speed!

Can you imagine that if you could see what fear actually looked like in an energetic form – that you could observe it from a vantage point of clarity and then hold a neutral space for it to exist just as you do? What might it look like then?

As I am honoured to serve my higher purpose with more and more clients being drawn to me, I find myself faced with such aspects of truth. The energetic forms that I have perceived, can be and are embedded into some people’s auras. Some of the energy is on its way into manifesting into a physical ailment. And, by that I mean, it’s already in a creationary field within the person’s etheric body (next stage, is to manifest in the physical body). For example, some energy appears as black thread. Some appears as ‘stuck’ flow, and has to be transmuted. Some people require that old dead energy crystals are removed from their energy bodies to allow them to move on and release some of that old patterning and thoughts about situations, or people or happenings in their lives. When you see everything as an ‘energy’ then things shift in your own perceptions. Some people’s energy bodies require to be reconstructed from auric tear patterns to wholeness to allow them to become more balanced. Some require to be nurtured in the highest source light I can provide them with, and some come to me, as my teachers. I am always learning. I am super gratituding.

I can feel as I sit here and type this up, that I am shifting all over the place with what I have to say, and as ever, I have much to say and I trust its all flowing out when the time is right. In whatever order. IN fact, what I was going to write today hasn’t actually properly and clearly surfaced yet…Oh Well.

Today my intention was to create a listing of the different types of situations you might find in your life, and how you might deal with those. But instead, I feel it’s about to come clear speaking of ascension energetic shifts on the planet, and how I have dealt with these. Recent clients show many aspects of their own shifts, and in my distant and remote clients, the ascension frequencies in the pioneer levels is high.

I know that I have come to earth with a particular ‘mission’, and very deep in my knowing I do not have the words that can describe adequately enough what this truly is. But, I can say this much: I signed up for this, and I’m giving it my best shot. I almost feel like I might have signed up for this to be a way shower for others on the same path function. I found out very recently during a crystal healing workshop evening, that one of my recent functions was to absorb and transmute the grief of others. No one told me this. I learned it for myself. I was laying in the crystal energy and I allowed the energy to come to me. As Archangel Gabriel cradled my head, my body was literally sobbing with the feelings that were arising in me. This came as a huge shazaam moment. I needed to know that. At this time, I released a mammoth amount of particles from my aura, and allowed it to be healed and gone. Whoooosh, just like that. So much lighter. So much clearer.

Humans on the planet at this time, have been violated in an energetic sense. If this sounds harsh, yes, it is. We owe it to ourselves to figure out and learn just exactly we are capable of whilst we are here in our bodies, and I don’t mean that you can put 6 donuts in your mouth at the same time and not eat them. Some of us have undertaken the responsibility to hold energetic patterns from our ancestors, and in our daily energy aware lives, we move and shake this out, to change the frequency: not only of our own lightbody/soul quota in our own bodies, but to shift out the lower density pain fields of the ancestral patterning. Some of us, have a lot of physical symptoms and shifts when this happens. Sometimes, it never lets up.

Some of us are here as pioneer experiments for the divine ultimate plan. We have signed up to undergo some huge shifts, and in doing so, we can get on with what is required at this time. It’s all good.

Along the way though, there are some things that can assist with the physical ascension symptoms. And, for those who are striving to increase their ascension rate or shifting – the key is the relationships we hold with others and with ourself. And, the most speedy way to achieve what you are meant to – is to honour your complete heart centred radar at ALL times, be your complete authentic self at ALL times, and don’t behave in any way that you feel is ‘expected’ of you. Just be YOURSELF. It’s all perfect, and unfolding in perfect time.

Understanding the true nature of your inner power, is part of the key to the realisation.

Until next time. I love you and, if you find yourself ‘drawn to’ or even ‘repelled by’ someone, don’t question it. Just go with the flow, and observe. Write down your dreams so that you may refer to them later.

From my amazing technological vessel, to yours.
Keep shining sparkly eyed disco balls šŸ™‚ You are the love that creates your own reality.

PS. Did I mention that Qi Gong is super good for feeling all super good in your own spaceship lightbody vessel?Ā 


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