Etheric Body Spontaneous Projection

I suppose when we think of ourselves as only physical beings, we are limiting what we might think we might experience. Or something along those lines.

It has been my experience that whilst in my physical body to know that others are near me and around me. Yes, obviously those residing on a different dimensional vibration without physical earthly dense bodies. Those are the usual. Sometimes though, you might be learning a new Qigong form, and your dragon turns up. But, when you start to perceive the etheric bodies of those in the physical world, you might just become slightly curious.

As more shifting of energies occurs on the planet, and as more of us are opening up, the edges of reality become more blurred than they ever were, and it calls for us to accept what we are experiencing, which in turn allows for a fuller experience whilst here.

I’m almost certain that my first experience of this was around 4 years ago, it didn’t scare me, but I just accepted it as part of whatever I am here to experience. I had conversations with the etheric part of someone who shall remain anonymous, and I learned a great deal about what had to occur for that person, and also the why I had to accept what was being said in that moment. This set me further on my path.

So, it’s all good.

In fact, a lot of the energy work I now do on earth bodies, is on the etheric, or energetic bodies. Now this gives me amazing visuals, and I attempt to convey this in artwork…I need to practise this to show exactly what I see.

However, it’s almost a little strange when someone tells you that YOU were appearing to them. Now, that’s another story. Especially when you were just sitting their at your desk, blethering to co-workers. You didn’t realise part of your energy body had gone a little wondering…….And, it’s been a fair few who have come forward to advise me of this. Interesting.

Sometimes its in dreams when we connect with the soul energy of others. Sometimes its when the moment is right and the moon and the stars and all that. Sometimes its because this is pure connection without any overlaying ego or personality constructs in their hindering way. Sometimes it’s to offer you a further experience on your way.

I do not feel the need to attempt to astrally project at any time. Nor have I ever. I always wondered about it though, but certainly my soul must have a lot to say… invisible land. I have realised that these connections of spontaneous projection are not fuelled by my attempt to do so, but these are happening on another level completely. Particularly with soul contracts date nights of destiny and other such long stories I have yet to tell.

If I appear to you, just give me a wave 🙂


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