Open to Return: The personal Secrets of the Universe

Imagine if the ideas that had formed in your mind whilst you were taking daydreamy bicycle rides to the nearest town, or laying on your back mid the giant grass circle that surrounded your high school or casually speaking with another just happened to materialise into true and real form. Only, it took you to get to the ripe and beautiful age of your thirties to enjoy the foundationary propositions that you’d once led yourself might actually, in some verge of circumstance, be real. Oh. Oh so real.

Imagine if you didn’t know how to explain yourself to others (nor feel obliged to either, perhaps) and that even if you did know how to – you wouldn’t bother trying since most of them didn’t resonate on that vibe anyway. There was no need to explain.

Imagine if you found that the one person in the whole universe who shared such many childhood times with you, who, at some points annoyed you as you annoyed them, but was actually such a treasure in your life – but you drifted apart; imagine that you realised that since emerging freshly into ‘adulthood’, you really didn’t have any type of comparable relationship with another that you had once held in those tender, early teenage years. And you feel a heartache where that relationship has never been filled.

Imagine if you checked out the birth charts of pretty much every person in your life, and you realised that there’s a lot more going on than what randomness would pervade us into believing. Random moments of realisation? Activations of momentary silence?

Imagine if you felt that your personality was being shifted somewhat…into what though?….Is it glimpses of ‘stuff’ that never comes out, coming out to be seen? To be rendered into another precise threading of woven silk into our mainframe?

As humans on earth, we have an internal spiritual (lightbody activation and new earth plan) ‘clock.’ It says ‘tick tock, oh mannnn. You reached 33! You are in for a very special surprise.’ and booming boomers, you get one. You weren’t ready for it. You had no clue it even existed. You had no idea that the world actually is completely different to the way it’s been portrayed. Thank God!!!!!!!! Your DNA sparkles with such discoball energy that it lights up your whole sky.

Then when you get to earth age of 40ish (not me yet…..but one day I will), you reach another clock time and it says (yeah, I know – you heard it before huh?) ‘tick tock, oh girrllll/guyyyy! You reached your 40-something magical wake up call! You are in for a huge special surprise.’ and you know what? I know you know.

Now, aside from what I am really speaking of – you get something just so amazingly unpredictable in a knowing way too. You get Saturn churning back through the skies just to be with you. Whoa. You get this superbly powerful life force support system which sees you maturing into something else that you didn’t face last time when Saturn was adorning your every movement with sheer luxurious mustering of life lessons. A dish, best served sometime-when-you-are-actually-ready-which-might-be-never-so-NOW-is-as-good-a-time-as-any. Dot com. I digress.

You know that one where Donnie Darko and all the friends in the movie are walking around with the time ripple space in front of them? Where they are each leading their own path through time? (well, that’s how *I* interpreted it…) all time is relative, even if time actually existed. Well, this is pretty much how the vibrations of dimensions looks to me. Each person has their own ‘awareness’ levels, even if they are not lucidly aware of what this vibrational level *actually* is. They are hooked in via their threadlike (ok, they are actually photons in my mind’s eye, but hey…for the sake of description) to multiple dimensions simultaneously, and some photons are in a greater mass than others on different levels. The levels of the dimensions hold no differing hierarchical value – ie the 12th dimension is a higher vibrational ‘feeling’ than some others, but still – it’s not of any greater ‘value’, you still need the foundations to support any transitions that will and are taking place.

Oh gosh, I think I did it again. I digressed away from my point. Argggh! Ok, when Saturn returns to your chart, he is your taskmaster – your person who says ‘Be all you can be, and by the way – here’s the chance to change what you wouldn’t even consider changing the last time…..You know what you have to do’.

He’s the one doing a wee shimmy shake in the soul activation module, the one which is programmed to self-test. Power on self test. No beeps allowed! Are you with me?

He whispers in your every waking moment….. ‘Do you hear me?’, he gently coaxes you to get out of your bed, get on with your life, make it bigger and better than it already is.

How will you respond? How will you react?

You do realise that its all within your own control, don’t you?

The next time someone responds differently than you *expect*: do yourself a favour and remind yourself that how someone reacts is speaking about them, not you. Don’t be taking stuff all personally – you’ll just go out of your tiny mind with what if’s. There is no need to be expecting anything other than the best, and sometimes that is exactly what we need to do to get out with the flow. If you need to break energy cords with anyone you’ve come into contact with – just do it. If you get a vibe to cut the cords, just do it and know that it is done. No harm is done. It’s all clear and good and well. It’s in your best interests.

The Secrets of the Universe (hey – sorry, it’s only a phrase – I really see multi or omniverses as my reality) are within your own heart. Awwww. How good is that? Well, it depends on how your memories and DNA light codes allow it to surface within you. Are you addressing your DNA and holding some instruction for it? Give it a try, you are going to be so surprised. Maybe.

There have been many activations on multiple layers and levels all unfolding in JUST the right time. This has been my experience of late. There have been folks connecting in with me on a soul etheric level, and many popping up in my dreams completely out of the blue. Also, precognitive impressions and knowings have been showing up and shaking it all out. Pretty amazing and ever wondersome. I am just coming out the other side of some deep and very introspective soul work. I might almost be out of the ashes and into the Phoenix flight sky. It’s been the right time for me to do so. Shedding layers of understandings, to make way for new knowings to take their form in the now. The best way to support this is to just be. Just be, and do what you have to do to let it happen. Nourish yourself in the best way you are able. If it’s laying on the floor staring at the sky (whooo I love you clouds) then so be it. If it’s chomping down some extra choccies, yeah yeah…….Let it flow. If it’s talking to your guides, trees and angels, then get on it!!! Be good to yourself as only you can. Not only are you nourishing the secrets of your own universe, you are nourishing your relationship with yourself. Which, is a very important one, and one that might have taken a while to appreciate, and cultivate with open eyes, heart and mind. Never, ever compromise the relationship you have with yourself. It’s not worth it.

I wonder if you have found that your own thoughts have been constructed now, in front of your very eyes? or perhaps they always have been? I wonder if you know the secrets of your own universe (omni, multi, amazing-verse). Even if you don’t know (and…no matter what you say to that one: you really do know…YES, you really do know) just keep on going. Never give up. Never let things get you down. Sometimes, things get me down. I pick myself up again as best I can, and I get over it. I get on with it, I let it go and I BREATHE. And, to add to that list, I now Qigong. Oh yerrr. It’s been interesting thus far.

I didn’t realise that my Dragons like to come out to play whilst I am in form.


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