Holographic Truths: Activations, Integrations, Ascension and Multi-d

Hey sparklefriends. How goes it?

Discoball in Sparkly-action

I’m not sure of how much I’ve previously been speaking of this subject (ascension symptoms) very much at all, or even, in-depth, or – even in the one posting like this before now; but I will convey as much as I can in my current awareness levels. As I move forward on this earthly linear illusion, I am aware of so much more than ever before, and with each week that passes, my ‘need to know basis’ is accruing facts that are dropping in at random times. This creates huge ‘Aha’ moments in my mind, and lets me drop into a greater awareness level. So, from that point, I wish to share with you in a little more depth, in case the same thing is actually occurring for you – or someone you know.

I am about to attempt to condense my lightbody speed-awakening in the one blog! Whoohooo. And, as you are well aware – I am not the girl of concise word. I even start my sentences with incorrect grammar and make up words to suit my purpose. My apologies if the translation comes across with the wrong meaning – but you know what – you will hear me on a level that is right for you. With your mind, your heart, or your soul and all of the above. Let it flow, sparklefriends and sit back and enjoy the show, as I pour out some inner truths for all to share. On the vibrational highway of the madness that is starseeding in the simultaneous quantum oneness.

Now, please. It is not my intention to bore you. I would probably just like to draw a line under this kind of stuff, and then move on to (maybe…) speaking of other things. Mainly self management of your own energy and why it is super important, as I have learned on my own path. But, you never know – I might harp back to all of this path life real angels soulmates are doing my head in energy Mum there’s a giant vortex in my bedroom etc…just for your reading pleasure. This is a condensing of some important aspects of my awakening, my absorbing and my life path mission stuff. I also wish to save any newcomers the painstaking task of attempting to find pages on this site, which, for me as an IT professional on my 3d life – is unacceptable! When I get some down time to recreate the site index, I shall do so…but for now…Mish mash away in to any label you like. I am sure you are reading here for a reason 🙂 Yeah, Yeah – I know – I don’t have a site index… Oh well Fleetwood Mac-ers.

Switch off now if anything is not to your resonance. Only take that which you do resonate with, and let the rest fall by the wayside. Heart Radars. Always active.

Now people, before I begin again….this is *my* direct experience. I know it’s different for us all and there is a real reason for that. You must always go with your own self-discernment and follow that to your own plan.

If you’ve been reading my previous blog posts, you will be aware of a kind of ‘sub heading’ which I used for certain topics, which was and is ‘Insular Polarities.’ This title refers directly to the polarity laws (duality?) of which we are all subject to, on this planet. The masculine, and the feminine. My perceptions of this have been from a physical and non-physical standpoint, one which I have heard referenced as the particle and anti-particle worlds/realms (insert word that makes sense..here).

For a long time, prior to the end quarter of 2012 I was aware that my whole lightbody system, and my physical body was being ‘re-calibrated…’ but I understand that this was a part of me being what I could almost term as ‘fast tracked’ into being the receiver and placeholder for a different frequency. At that time, over almost what I might say was a 2/3 year period I was sustaining intense headaches, and other such sporadic pains in my body which saw me run away from conventional medicine…and instead just stop almost all chemical use on or around my body, as far as I could anyway. Giving up chocolate though, was just not on that timeline…..it almost assisted in keeping me sane…and, creating a larger body space for me…which did not please me in the least! But hey….

So at that same time, I was receiving intuitions about some worldwide events. Sometimes these intuitions would just drop into my mind, and sometimes I would dream of them. The intuitions about people would be random and often. Sometimes my intuitions would appear as becoming aware of different energy ‘frequencies’ at play in my every day life, and this would allow me to have a wider perspective of reality. However, back at the ranch…my own perception of what was my reality was shifting quick time. I was beginning to realise that my reality didn’t just include me, my workmates and my family etc…it included everything in the Universe…but on my terms, I’d decided it wasn’t just a universe, it was a multi-verse. I knew deep somewhere, that this was truth.

Ascension Physical Body Pains – Ouch!
In this 2-3 year period, I had immense shoulder pain. I would randomly have to lie down for days (which just happened to be lots when I wasn’t called to my every day 3d work) as the pain would radiate from the base of my skull. It was like having some super high buzzing that wasn’t a sound frequency, but at the same time, it was a sound frequency. Nothing saw me deal with it better than to just surrender to it. I started to draw correlations to solar flares. I have no idea how that correlation came about, it might have been guides whispering in my ears. I started to notice that *before* a solar flare would occur, or even a coronal mass ejection, I would have the pains. No kind of pain relief assisted with this.

Therefore, it became a normal occurrence, when it would happen – I needed downtime. I needed to be alone with myself and lie down. I was absorbing frequencies at a mega fast rate. My chakras were coming online. Or, becoming less dormant. Did I mention the pain at the base of my skull? Oucheee man.

I’ve known this for a while now (of course) but I only know this since a) I asked my guides, and b) since my internal visions were super high clarity no matter what the distance. All they said was ‘recalibration.’ You can tell they were not chatty Cathy’s. I did, however develop an ever greater sense of inner knowing. You know if you’ve been following my posts, how my perceptions have shifted from ‘subsidising our own power to other beings…ie angels,’ to my current viewpoint of ‘we hold all the power and always have….wake up beautiful souls and reclaim your god given rights to use it…we are the heroes we have been waiting for.’

In 2009 I was embedded with symbols to enable me to use these for certain types of energy-crisis here on earth. At that time I was in a dream time state, but the dream was so vivid, I wrote it all down, including the symbols and I just let that be where it had to be. I actually had no idea what it meant. But my soul did.

I want you to know that since I had already dedicated myself to develop my intuition that I absolutely knew without a shadow of a doubt that my headaches et al were part of my chakras coming online, and not due to some disease or illness. I held absolute trust with the dreamstate information, and my angelic support team and invisible ones. I also held absolute trust with my own inner knowing. We are each responsible for our own actions, and if your vibe tells you to seek medical assistance, then please do that.

I also wish you to know that I believe that our relationships with others hold the keys to our own ascension paths. Ultimate learning curves and super mad turbulent emotional rollercoasters to be endured.

Welcoming into the 2010/2011 time period, I awoke one morning with an ET directly over me. Oh yes. Yes I did. It’s briefly mentioned somewhere on this website. Somewhere. All I knew was that something was being ‘conveyed’ to me. Hmmmm. Yip. Also during this time, I began to have chest pains. Ooh, I know. I sound ‘pained!’. Will I just throw in here, just for a laugh that I know I have chosen this role? Heheheh. Ohhhh Whyyyy! (The why is very important so let’s get all this boring stuff out of the way) The chest pains would occur whenever I was involved in a certain dialogue with a few particular people. It sounds funny looking back, but this was an awakening of part of my heart centre. It was painful!!! These people are members of my soul group. I refer to all of my soul group as my soul mates, and I don’t use this term meaning romantic. It’s romantic that they even decided to come here to earth and be part of my plan, but it’s equally as romantic that I did it for them too. But, certainly not on a romantic level. If you see what I mean. In between times I was receiving information from other lightbeings from different dimensions (some of which are on this blog using the channelled label) and all of this was actually supporting me on my path.

I began to integrate part of my higher self, and I became totally and completely aware that I wasn’t just ‘me, ‘ I was several ‘souls’ as part of the one me. Now, knowing this completely blew me away, but it did answer a deep longing that I’d always felt since I was a young girl. It took me a wee while to absorb this vastness of knowing, and I started to publish channelings from one of my soul aspects from Sirius, Zion. Some of which, yes, are on this blog site. Zion showed me what he was doing where he was. He was on a mission. He had always been with me. He resides in a frequency higher than where we current are on earth at this time.

Soul-Group Test Track Cycles 
Alongside these shifts (I know! Hadn’t I picked enough to experience??)  part of one of my past lives started to ‘play’ out in my life again. To observe this whilst it is playing out and retaining a neutral observer status, has been interesting. To say the least. But, I also must say that I wasn’t always able to retain a neutral observer status, as I hadn’t reached that level of awareness yet. I was being drawn into emotional drama. It pained me. There were levels of magnetism, yet a deep repelling feeling too. My dreamstate would show much of this past life, and my awareness of the ‘energies’ as still being current in my life, was big. Very big. Confusing, and big.

To understand the reasons why this playing out emotional drama has occurred in my life, is also very, very interesting.

I started to become manipulated on a deep level by one member of my soul group. This manipulation is based purely in fear. However, this relationship held different meanings for us both. Recently, that manipulation has appeared again, and this time I have been able to step out of the cycle with no emotional response or attachments to outcome. I have a deep respect for my soul group. I also have a job to do in both an energetic sense and a life sense, and to retain a level of detachment and boundary in place, is much better for my mental health than keeping a cycle ongoing. For really, and I say this with love – there are only so many times you can forgive someone and expect their behaviour to change. 5th time round, and it hasn’t happened. Oh well. Chances enough. Enough is totally enough. Actually, it’s fairly disappointing, but what must be, must be for all our growth levels. Pre-planned on a soul-u-lar level.

Once you get to an awareness of being able to see the bigger picture, you realise. Only love is real. Love has no place in manipulation. Once you know that – everything becomes clear. Everything. I am grateful though. Grateful to be afforded another opportunity to test out my current awareness levels. Super Cool. Growth in all aspects. For all involved. Even when it seems contrary. Suck it up, and let yourself grow.

Integration of Higher Self
When I started to integrate some of my higher self, I realised that things I always had thought at the back of my mind (but shelved, as no real experience or proof…) were actually now a part of my inner knowing. I also realised that I didn’t speak to my angels as much as I had done previously. There seemed no need. I also started to realise that angels are here to support us, but they don’t hold ‘power’ over us. They are our super support team. Did I mention they saved my life? 

Sometimes, until we reach a certain awareness, we act like they have all the power and we have none. When, in reality we are all just as powerful as each other – but they didn’t contract to coming in and having that whole amnesiac thing going on. Bringing in more of the higher self essence is allowing a huge remembering to take place. Like, I instantly was downloaded with my soul contract in the now time. The whole ‘why’ I had come here, and what I had to help millions of others on the planet to achieve our whole goal – the one where we all had decided to come back here to help each other to do. Big realisations, big sanity checks. Big deal. It’s my mission, and I will comply to serve humanity. Once I accept it, I will announce it online so that others don’t feel alone. So that others don’t feel empty like they don’t have anyone else to talk to about it.

Soul Mate Moments in Clarity
Oooh I hear laugher in the rain….I want to say that I consider all soul-connections as soul mates. Really, the reasoning behind this, is due to the fact that I hold the belief that we are all one. We are all part of some same source group essence. I wish to discuss those moments of knowingness, from deep in your soul when you just have some kind of eternal but fleeting connection with another person.

The reason for bringing this up, is as follows: I felt an immense energetic attraction to someone that I met by complete chance (ahhha! cackles my deep soul resonant frequency) and went on to remain friends with on a very platonic and harmonic level. There was just ‘something’ about this person. Their eyes. Floored me. The reason for this, was this: This person was the identical physical bodily attributes to my 11th dimensional soul aspect Zion. Body shape, hair colour, eye colour and poetic profusion for humanity in a beautiful depth.

So there.

Having never breathed a word of this to that person, I might (in true deep Scorpio style) retain that secret for the rest of my life. I have since received a beautiful pastel drawing and reading by a most talented lady who conveyed to me the most accurate information about my path thus far, including Zion. She described him to me as the soul mate from my physical Mhairi life, and I recognised that instantly.

Connections of an energetic nature are the way forward with relationships on ALL levels. This is part of the change to allow us to come into our full 12/15 chakra system more fully, and signifies moving out of the old physical attraction connections via the first 3 chakras….anyhow…..

Integration of Multi-Dimensional Soul Aspects
I first found out about different aspects of myself (soul self) during a hypnosis session. The first time this happened I had attached energies in my soul/lightbody/me energy. One of these soul aspects was the last attachment to announce their presence. This was like the maddest thing ever. It all makes sense from where I am now, though. I suppose when I think of it, the soul aspect of Zion would almost make my experience like the previously described ‘walk-in’ experiences, except, the Mhairi me, did not leave. Instead, part of the learning was integrated. It is still integrating. Ascension is actually de-scension.

Integration of Polarities – Twin Flame
I have a book in me on this one paragraph. I will paraphrase. This part of my journey was something visual, physical and mental, and emotional. It was occurring on both a particle and anti-particle level.

This is sometimes known as the sacred marriage, or the twin flame. At this stage of the game, my chakras were opened out into the cosmos, and my whole life mission dropped into awareness. This was something I could never have dreamed of. This is something which I saw, heard and felt on an energy level, and changed my whole perspective on not just my life, but the multi-verse. I took this change on board as my whole soul mission. It was as if I could now see in colour where before there had only been a binary frequency. I knew I could now hold different frequencies through my physical body, and I knew that my feminine and masculine polarities had integrated to create another field. The triad. A neutral energy field. The place where there is no polarity. The place where creation lives, is accessed and the place where energies can be anchored more completely onto the planet. Just exactly where they are required. Previous bletherings on this topic here.

If you meet someone and there is an energetic activation in your HIGHER chakras, (heart upwards), this could be the start of your own energetic triad being blended.  Your soul will merge with another aspect soul of your own soul. I’m pretty sure that there is no way you could miss this happening to you. You will be very much aware of it.

There’s probably a lot of us having this experience earlier now in life, than I have – but, and I am going to be honest here – I feel like I had to go through a lot of extreme life challenges before I reached a point where I was ready for this. It can and does feel like a lot of responsibility. Once you accept that, you can get on with it.

If you are triading within your own lightbody – it’s for a reason. It’s for an ascension mission. I know that my mission is to assist in anchoring in energies to allow others to have this experience too. The more we can anchor in MORE of our own soul aspects/lightbodies/soul power – the more we can get this planet back on track to the LOVE zone. Get on it. You can be in awe, but you have to get on with it.

Instant Manifestation
Be careful what you think of. It might just come true.
After my lightbody transformations as noted above – I found that everything I thought of actually came towards me within an extremely short space of time. I do believe that on some level, this was to teach me to become more aware of the power of my own energy. It’s also to do with learning responsibility for your own energy. This stuff, yes, it happens.

Galactic Heart Healing
And so, this was created from all of my shifts. Created from knowings from my very early years. Tiny jigsaw pieces put together to connect to what has to be for now. To support the planetary and human ascension timeline in unity (no polarity) consciousness. Unity Consciousness is Christ Consciousness. Reconstruction of humanity lightbody and physical back into Crystalline. Yeah. I know. Sounds like something I just made up. A bit like speaking light language, but hey! It happens.

Souls Incarnating now to help with that huge shift
The colour of souls of children whom I’ve recently witnessed coming into physical on the planet at this time are of a deep magenta colour. These children are here to assist in anchoring in repaired masculine energies. These are just one of the spectrum of pre-coded souls coming in now. More awareness. Please, don’t shut them down. Nourish and respect them for the power houses they really are. Allow them to grow, and ALWAYS, always listen to them. Respect their points of view. Even when they are just 3 years old. They are so amazing. Let them shine. Show them it’s safe here for them to do so, and that you will always see them for who they really are.

Releasing Patterning of old Energies – Shazaaam!
So. Before I understood about humans being energy anchors and how energies worked and flowed and transmuted, I didn’t really realise about us also being portals of transmutation fields. I learned that I was actually a transmutation point for energy. Oh great. That’s why my chest was so painful! Did I really sign up for this? I really did.

When you seek out your soul mission and wish to know your purpose here on earth, you are raising your capacity for holding vibrational frequencies. You become an energy point/portal/shiny sparkler..and people become attracted to you on some level because you can transmute energy from them, or to them. Sometimes on a very unconscious level. For both of you. When you realise this is occuring, and if it is having an effect on you, you can ask your ascension guide team to clear any debris out from your own chakras that you have been transmuting or frequency-shifting for your soul group…or monad. Just ask them. They like to help. See how different you might feel. Awesomeness all round.
Did you realise why you were seemingly ‘guided’ or ‘stuck’ to be in certain places, at certain times? Well, I’m pretty sure this is one of the reasons.

You are soooo energetically amazing. Celebrate!

Healing of the feminine and the masculine
As you will have read, my own dad passed a few years back. I have coped much better than I could have ever imagined with the loss of his physical presence.
I might be a girl, but I feel very masculine. There is a reason for this. But, let’s not get into that right now. I became aware that a very deep part of my soul was both carrying out, and receiving masculine ‘healing’ energies. In one such healing session I realised that ‘father’ or masculine healing was taking place and it made my body go into a deep sobbing mess. I was held in a state of conscious awareness that I was absolutely in no way, shape or form in any kind of disconnection from either my own biological father, OR, my heavenly father. Sounds a bit strange to describe this, but the experience of feeling this deep energy signature is wild. In a good way.

Feminine is coming back into the planetary balance, in a huge way, and in doing so, masculine is being healed and balanced out too.

I know that many of us are feeling this now. Big shifts are taking place, and it’s all good.

Suck it up!! (don’t doubt yourself…EVER)
My journey thus far hasn’t been easy along the way. It has meant sacrificing things in place of others, it has meant going to deep deep dark spaces and places to discover for myself what is truly happening to me. It has also awoken a different level of healing frequency and knowingness. It has also allowed me to join the thousands of other awakened lightworkers who are here on the planet for the exact same mission.

I know that all I write here is no new subject or information for many. I also know that we are all here together. I know that as I write, it seems to be all about me – but in truth – it’s about you too. If you read this, there is an energy signature in my words, in my being and in my field. It’s emanated since my triad came online. There is something for you here, and I actually speak to the collective field when I do.

If you are reading this and not all of it is making sense, alas, don’t fret….everything in the perfect time for you. And anyway, does it really matter? It’s just my wee journey is the cosmos. You might just want to label me off as crazy, and say that it’s all in my mind. Well now. Of course it’s in my mind!

It’s been the case for me that things have happened at a speed that was just right for me. It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing, saying, being or whatever – we are all in this together. With divine grace, we are the keys and the locks for each other.

If you come up against that old chestnut of feeling overwhelmed by your own inner knowledge, or indeed envious of another’s gifts/mission/speakings/teachings etc – ask yourself why. I’m willing to bet that you would much rather keep yourself small and in the background than speak up about what’s going on for you? Hands up, I had to overcome this too. Better to take that plunge than keep it all in…If one tiny piece of my journey assisted another….that is all that’s good.

In the world today, we have an unfortunate set of circumstances where many are being stifled and they don’t even know it. If you are feeling ‘brought down’ by someone else, just by knowing that they are here – you have to clarity-check your own inner compass, and ask – are we in this mission together? Do we hold the same goals for humanity? If the answer is yes, then just get your ego to back off a little, and get on with your own mission. No one is of a higher value here on earth than anyone else, despite what some may say. Hierarchy is just a figment. An illusion to convey separation. Separation means less. We are more when we shine together.

I also realise that as you access higher frequencies, you are going to be tested. You are going to be tested for your own awareness. Different levels come into play. You will understand, and you will learn and you will know. Nothing should be feared. You will then have to work hard at keeping your own energies in check. You will also do better to have less reactioning, and more responding in a balanced and neutral way.

To my soul mates, soul family and all those who know me: Thank you for facilitating important life lessons with me. Thank you for being alive at this time on the planet with me. Thank you for supporting me, in all that you do. Thank you for being there for me, and allowing me to be there for you, when the time is right.

End of transmission for now.

With love my beautiful soul family, keeping shining your discoball lightfields all over the place, whilst nourishing that part of you which *does* want some deep deep intimate knowing. Get inside your own heartspace, and rock it. Glow it. See what happens in there today?

Allow that breath to create your own infinite flow, and above all: sparkle huge as you could ever imagine. Then, sparkle some more. No limits. Then, get back to your Qi-Gong discipline, which will definitely definitely assist you with coping with these ascension shifts.

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