Holographic Truths: OmniDimensional Reality

Holographic Truths: OmniDimensional Reality

I was having the thought recently that even though at many, many times I have felt that I am straddling between 2 or more worlds, or perceptions; that the truth for each of us always resides deep inside, and with all the bodily and non-bodily perceptional tools at our disposal, we still may never fully realise the vastness of a) our souls, and b) the creation field we are part of.

For a long time now, when I enter into an inner connection (meditative state) with myself, I end up out in space with the planet being fairly small scale in a visual in front of me. Quite often I find myself on top the planet, and there is always a definite hollow channel right through the centre from top to bottom. Sometimes I’ve connected with a beautiful sun at the centre. Sometimes it’s been a crystalline mass, which I do sometimes see as a heart. This is one of the representations in my Indigo Galactic Heart Logo. It is also a representation of my heart having changed energy structure, into what I have perceived as crystalline in nature. Sometimes I just connect right into my own inner heart chamber, and allow all that has to be, just to be.

Over the last few years I have shifted perceptions around my daily life, my spirituality and my wonder of just *what* is going on? What am I accessing that makes everything seem so wondrous and amazing, what have I accessed that I can still access and ride on the waves of inner dimensional reality, and external perceived reality? Keys are in your heart tones my dear.

I have been going through again some massive shifts and changes, and I really haven’t wanted to write about them. But, on the other hand – I really have. However, I noted that I may be falling into complete gloomy day land if I were to speak about such truths. Sometimes in my daily life (not often..) I have the chance to speak of what I truly know to be real, and it’s met with some real resistance from others who have not yet had similar experiences themselves. They shun my truth. It doesn’t sit easy with them. Sometimes what I have faced, realised, or experienced does not sit well with me either. In comes the inner chariot with that whole facing up to armour fully engaged, analysing and integrating the knowledge of what was potentially already accessible: when the time is right.

I have heard and read the online spiritual community discuss 5th dimension, and to me, this dimensional reality has already been accessible: at the time that’s right per individual. Perhaps at my current level of awareness, *I* haven’t seen the full jigsaw pieces, but from my inner knowings, the 5th dimension is accessible to each of us once the heart chakra is open and fully functioning. I know this because, once you have accessed this frequency: your whole world starts to shift. You see things in a way you never knew existed before, or even if you thought it was real, you may not have had a full on glimpse of what it actually means. Imagine for a moment that at each of your chakras you have tendrils or streamers of light: but they haven’t been fully set to *highest open channel says ON* yet. The ones which are activated, hook you in to your current perception of reality. In many humans I have observed, it’s chakras in root, sacral and solar plexus which are the current model of existence. Some have hearts open a little bit – enough to allow a glimmer of what the true delight and softness, and beauty and complete state of *awe* and interconnectedness of unconditional, non-judgemental living could really be like. In others, their heart tendrils are wavering, on and off, depending on how they manage their energies. And some, are fully and completely on, at all times. And, in my experience, the more we can keep these connectional fibres at *on*, we will access a higher more amazing reality than we could have ever perceived was real. And, it’s not somewhere out there on the astral planes, that we have to ‘ascend’ out of body to: it’s right here. On the inside of your perception. Your chakras have to open to allow more of your soul energy to be held, here, in dense-town frequency, and as we each open, grow and allow: more of our soul powerful energy comes down to anchor in. And, as we each allow our frequencies to *be*, fully anchored into our physical bodies, we raise earth vibration, and allow her to fully support our energy lightbodies/souls, with her own energy lightbodies. Critical Mass is going to be an awesome horizon, that’s for sure.

I have often had the harshness of being in that beautiful space, and seeing my reality as truly a rich context and creational space. But, then there are the constructs of what some call 3rd dimensional living. The daily grind. The locked into programmed thinking. The eat, sleep, live, work, have kids, and keep working, and die. Breaking free from this templated paradigm might not meant to have been easy. Especially when you feel like you want to run away screaming as you just can’t take this life any more. Not without something huge and massive shifting.


Did you hear that?

It was the call of the cosmic microwave.


“Dear God, or whoever you are. I have totally had it. There has to be something more, and you know what: when I get it, I will appreciate and use it. I won’t waste my life away. Anymore. Can you just PLEASE help me. Please just show me that all I can see is not the actual reality I will always be actioning in. Please God. Get me outta here.”

Then you stand back, and deal with what’s coming. This time. Shazaam. Face up to the people in your life, face up to life itself. And, in some respects, face up to yourself. Who can no longer be ignored by burying yourself into the whole daily work thing.

All of this occurred for me pretty much fast forward high speed in 2012. At some points I was trying to act ‘normal’ whilst realising that my whole kundlini rising wasn’t going to stop anytime soon, and that the immense blissful love state I found myself in: was real. Freaking real. The power running through my body could have powered the whole of Glasgow for a week. It was intense.

I realised then and there. There is a God. Bloody hell! He is actually real! I am laughing when I say this, because I *always* knew he was real. I say *he*, as that’s how I perceive him. He spoke to me on a reiki table in the year somewhere near 2004, and he told me then and there exactly what my life purpose was. I take long time to absorb these things though, but I still use it in my marketing materials. He said, in no uncertain terms ‘You are here to assist others to shine their lights. Very very brightly.’ Thanks God. I will really try.

Anyhows. It’s a bit like swimming upstream against the power, in some ways. In other ways it’s delightful to be accepted and misunderstood and loved no matter what. Someone shared with me very privately the other day that they had heard of this ‘Galactic Heart’ energy work, and the opinion was that it was very airy-fairy. I really appreciate that comment. I’ve always been drawn to working with fairies, many of my friends call me a fairy. It’s quite funny, in a huge universe-is-having-a-laugh-with-you way. If you realised that the Galactic Heart Work is just one of the ways that you might clear and open up your whole energy system to receiving more clearly pure and divine source energy, of course it’s airy-fairy! Source made fairies as he made us. We are all one. We are all connected. Some channels are fully open fibres of receiving and giving, and some haven’t been gently shaken to awakened states yet. Oh, the magical amazingess of your reality when that shift starts to happen. Honestly. Phenomenally Indescribable. Honestly, If you could see the things I’ve seen, felt, known, experienced, remembered and lived. Whoa.

So, back to that whole idea of omnidimensional reality. It is my belief and experience that our chakras hold the frequency locks to keep us accessing a certain frequency of reality. It’s a bit like the memory address register in computing speak. We are only programmed to run in certain memory address spaces. If we know that this reality is a hologram, and so is our energy, then at certain times we come into contact differing frequencies that affect and create change in our own. For example, as my own heart chakra was opening, it really shifted my inner personality. I could no longer hold any anger towards anyone. Now, this: it felt a bit weird. Not that I got majorly angry with anyone, but those fleeting moments that you feel, couldn’t be sustained with the same power to hurt my own physical body. I think this is the key folks. The heart does transmute energies, and its not so you don’t feel them. It’s so that you become hyper-aware of what YOU are CREATING, and you learn to deal with your reality that bit more differently. For example: I could not stand others making a judgement about someone else. It literally turned my stomach, so much so, that I would avoid people and conversations until I could learn how to accept my own perceptions again. It was literally breaking my heart to observe this in others, but perhaps, just perhaps; it was to mirror on back to me just exactly how I had once been myself. Just with everything in life, we cannot truly appreciate or understand until we have had similar experience ourselves. Own inner knowing. Own inner discernment. Own inner self- actualisation and realisation. Just because I have shifted perceptions again, doesn’t mean those around me have, or even have to. It’s not about others. It’s about me.

In your life, it’s all about you.

Each of us on our own true paths, and from our own current levels of awareness. No right, and no wrong.

But, I felt the most amazing sense of love, and I don’t mean from a physical attraction level. This powerful love and interconnectedness was for pure and sheer joy for every single person I would come into contact with. As if a veil had been lifted and my wee eyes were so superclear, the clarity was obvious, but something that might have been hidden before. I had a deep inner knowing and love for each and every man or woman that I came into contact with. And listen, before you get any ideas: this was NOTHING to do with any mad pre-conceived romantic notions. Completely not interested in any sort of relationships with anyone. Only the relationship I held with myself. It came under intense scrutiny. And, in some ways, it still does. And this my friends is an awakening worth wakening up for. Awesomeness just doesn’t even touch the sides of how to describe this inner knowing.

I also began to be able to see my external relationships with others in a totally different light. My visions within my minds eye shifted to a place of complete and utter clarity, like an HD movie in there. But, as time has gone on, this has shifted again. My inner knowings have taken over, almost as if it takes too much energy to see, and it’s best to conserve it for other things……(Galactic Heart beamouts…to assist humanity in opening their own connections with source?)

I realised I was capable of accessing many streams of perhaps what I might term as consciousness/awareness simultaneously. I don’t even think I have the words to describe it properly, so please know, as usual the intention and energy packets are imbued in my words to allow each of you to know what I mean. Can you think of how you feel that awareness jolt when experiencing a deja vu moment? Well. My dejavu’s have changed a lot. Its almost like instead of having that ‘frozen in time’ moment, whilst you are living it, I have been getting much gentler energy flow while the realisation of the huge dejavu is occuring. It’s like a blend into the current ‘now’. Which, even now, doesn’t seem like the best way to convey what this actually is.

As spiritual beings, we might like to access that meditative place for accessing inner wisdom. Something I really didn’t *get* for many years. I do believe I either gave up too soon, or tried too hard and just didn’t allow any kind of flow to occur. Can I just say, it’s easy, but only once you get out of your own way. But this is another thing, your current level of awareness is always correct for you at that time. Your soul decides how much light frequency your physical body can carry at any point in your existence. Shifts and activations can occur when you very much least expect it, and you don’t have to be sitting all quiet in meditation to receive – it can happen when you’re out deciding which new bread to try. Or, raw cacoa powder to purchase…. Then, your inner wisdom and higher knowing just blend into your daily life, and you get on with it. You anchor these higher-self frequency channels into your current physical body channel, and you access that higher level of awareness on a daily basis, instead of just when the whole world quietens down so you can get your candle on and breathe deeply. It’s all part of the process, and the flow, and all in the time that your own soul plans, handles and allows. So.

Then you accept your potential as a divine conduit, as we all are: and chakras merge into a central core pillar of light.

So. There was a wee song that I’d written alongside my old friend from my past life, when we created music together, and it was called Shell. The lyrics of Shell, have been on my ‘about me‘ page for a wee while, and when I wrote these lyrics, a very special person in my life was the focus of them. With many things in my life, I never actually told her that I wrote these lyrics with her at the forefront of my mind. I had great reason to tell her just how much I loved her this past week. Deep, true love. Like all of my songs, the lyrics are written line for line direct from my heart. Sometimes my lyrics hold unique reference twists, to that which only I know- and sometimes the lines are like a different omni-reality presence, as if, someone might say them to you, or to themselves. Many times, they are my own subconscious singing to me. Yip. To me, messages from my higherself to the me here on the planet. However, they stand true to everyone I meet, there is energy embedded in the lyrics for your activation pleasure.

Here are the lyrics, and when I find that old recording where we sang and performed, your activations will enjoy what they find. Will update the post when I find it šŸ˜‰

Take me out of this shell, I can’t breathe for much longer
Take me out of this well, My tears so high I’ve been drowning
If you could see the things I see – You would only get stronger
If you’d believe in how it feels, Use your trust and get on it
Take a look inside yourself, you would see so much more and
You carve the path, the one you chose- just use the tools you were born with


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