Breaking Distance

One of the greatest and best lessons I ever learned (from a very wise man) was that whilst driving we should never compromise our braking distance. The reason being, is that, whilst we might anticipate the moves of others, we should always maintain that gap between ourselves and the vehicle in front – even if they had decided to position themselves in our paths just a fraction of closeness too close to our liking. In that situation though, it would return the requirement to slow down somewhat, to let this anxious eager fellow go on ahead.

Ahhh. Life on the road. The lanes of the simultaneum and the path structures in life. Immovable objects, and folks with super bright and blinding headlights. That moment whereby you know that the car in front has just passed that emergency telephone, and that it will take you at least 4 seconds to pass that point. Great – more than a 2 second gap. Perfect. No compromise there then. 
Did you check your rearview mirror to observe which vehicles were making their approach and almost stealing into their own distance between you and them?? If the outer lane is free, I’d make a move for it. Can’t have these chasers on your tail. Don’t they realise?
Now. Can you apply that analogy to your life? Have you left enough room for yourself to come to a complete, unapologetic and ultimately nourishing and required standstill – and not be at the actual point of breaking?

Just like driving though, it can be a constant negotiation and ever defining the shifting balance between the move we must make, and the moves we can make, all in a single moment.
I wonder.
There are certain times in our lives that we rely on others to do the driving for us. This may render our control on a temporary basis, and as such, there is a certain level of trust which is emitted in such circumstance. When we speak about our lives, our choices, and our moves – these lie wholly and completely with ourselves. Thus, I state again: Are you compromising your own braking/breaking distance?
The thing is though, some of us come to a natural stop, whereby we realise that the downtime is JUST as important as the busy driving pushy uptime. The balance is so levelled that we know, with deep inner strength – that the only person who will allow us to become truly and deeply nourished, and make priority for that too: is up to each individual. 
The thing is though, some of us come to a natural stop where there is no room to move or go anywhere – since perhaps our time on this planet has come suddenly and shockingly to an end. There lies a certain level of out of control-ness. In some circumstances, we have no choice whatsoever. Life can appear to be very cruel in that way too. Making the most of your time here, are you?

Perhaps, though, there is a need for the rendering of our own inner control to be projected termporarily onto another, and mirrored back to you through strange means? Perhaps this might be a soul-contract? Perhaps by relinquishing that very own inner compass-control, we allow another to illuminate another path for us?

I ask you this, though: as it’s particularly important: When was the last time you just allowed your self to stop? To stop, and BE? to stop and be alone with that very very important person? Yourself?

The real deal here is that you want to be able to recognise the state of ‘being’ with yourself, to allow yourself to achieve that inner space within you. You don’t want to compromise your own braking distance, and have it neatly presented to you squarely on the chin as a ‘breaking’ point.

Now, please. Do yourself a favour: switch off the TV, get off your computer, turn off your phone, take a break from that routine you so avidly stick to and tune into that wise old soul sittin’ inside just awaiting to be heard. And, love yourself enough to know that this is what part of your life should be. Nurturing, intimate time with yourself. Self appointed, calculated, negotiated and anticipated braking distance from all others. 

With all my love xxx


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